Panaracer Gravel King Folding Tyre - 700c
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Panaracer Gravel King Folding Tyre - 700cPanaracer Gravel King Folding Tyre - 700cPanaracer Gravel King Folding Tyre - 700cPanaracer Gravel King Folding Tyre - 700cPanaracer Gravel King Folding Tyre - 700c
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Panaracer Gravel King Slick Allroad Folding Tyre - 700c
Need a fast tyre with a bit more bulk for comfort, sportives or even cross riding? Go almost anywhere with the Gravelking, the tough semi-urban tyre from Panaracer, designed to give you speed on the road but grip the towpaths and cycle tracks, and toughened with PT protection will keep you puncture free.
  • Suited for gravel and off road riding
  • Natural rubber construction
  • Integrated puncture protection
  • Aramid beading for durability


Rob Looked good but the puncture protection is non-existent, had a puncture almost every time I have ridden out on these (on road and footpath). Would not buy again.
Zokko Wanted wider semi-slick tyrefor autumn and winter use around the, at times, rough Cheshire lanes. Going well so far running at 65 and 70 psi with cheap Decathlon inner tubes on damp and sometimes muddy paved surfaces.
Mr Tibbits Awesome. Just awesome. Fast rolling and mega grippy big volume road tyre.
F Satira Nice looking tire, I love the brown sidewall. Seems supple for a gravel tire. Using it on my road bike for winter. Fit to a 15C rim. Needed to use one tire lever at very end of seating. Purchased the 700c 28mm. After inflation they are at 26.5, waiting to ride to see if they widen more. Will update after riding.
Mr Finch Good quality tyres. Easy to set up on the rims and grip appears good.
Jordan For gravel, Panaracer is king, and these are durable, ready for any surface and very comfortable yet fast tires. I rode these through winter in Canada (Urban setting) and didn't have 1 slip. I know for a fact these saved my life without me knowing. Worth every penny.
Rjparry Really good tyres. Found them easy to fit on 19mm rims (I've gone for the 32mm version). Set up with tubes, but may look at using them tubeless in the future. Fairly supple compared to the previous tyres I had, and a huge improvement in rolling resistance.
simon Not used in anger yet but quality looks good . Fitted to Hunt rims and boy they were tight to fit ! Couldn’t inflate without an additional air tank.Once seated on the rims though ,retained air without Issues. Difficultly fitting still makes me wonder if tubeless is worth it for general road use !
Mr Krivicic Classic tyre at this point, light and rolls well. Tubeless setup is a breeze, using it for a mix of road and off-road, so far zero punctures.
David G Been using these tyres for 4 years now 26c front 28c rear with mudgards fiitted. In summer with mudguards removed 28c front and rear. Using them on Hunt 4S 17mm I.D. wide tubless ready wheels with latex inner tubes @ 55psi Front & 65psi rear for a cushty ride, YMMV. Used on a Alu. frame rim brake bike. Recommended.
Mr Randall Extremely pleased with these tyres so far, have used them for about 200 miles so far. Going from stock cheap 32mm tyres to the Gravel King 34mm has made a massive difference in smoother ride and no drag, in fact I think they are faster on the road. Overall a very worth while upgrade, highly recommend these tyres.
Mr Marchessault I'm on my second pair on Gravel King. Love those, perfect for pavement and gravel, cannot recommand them enough !!
Mr Davenport Came tubeless ready in the 32mm width. Roll beautifully, and having them set up tubeless means you can dive off on to well surfaced gravel tracks and byways.
David I really like this tyre. It is on a 17mm wide rim (internal) and actually measures 30mm on that rim despite being a 32mm tyre.I had 28mm Conti Grand Races on before and they were OK but these tyres seem to run better, have more grip and corner well. I have noticed some improvement in comfort too but then they are wider tyres so I should. I am running them with tubes at the moment but will go tubeless with them when new wheels arrive. I cycle on back lanes (broken tarmac/ gravel) and some packed gravel roads. Seems perfect for that. It is not a gravel tyre as such but great for the less well maintained parts of the UK road network. Definite improvement on the Michelin Pro4s I ran last winter.
James The brown sidewalls look brilliant against a set of black rims. Fitted without hassle to a set of Prime Baroudeur disc wheels. The nominally 32mm tyres come up 30mm on the 19mm internal width rims.
Marcin Brilliant tyres, very good grip, running them tubeless.
NBee Lovely set of treads. I didn't want the knobbly grip that the replaced tires had. Lightweight but still appear to be sturdy for the beating they will get. The tan sidewalls look sweet
Mr Cadogan Surprisingly light and fast semi-slick tyres. They're grippy and comfortable and puncture protection is good too. Perfect for broken roads and light gravel but you'll need something with more tread on wet mud.
Mr Mynett Fabulous tyres very grippy and light
Mr Lings Look very smart - 32mm with brown side walls. Took about 15 mins to get each tyre onto Hunt 4 season disc rims. Inflated with a track pump first time. Sizing was about 30-31mm on 19mm rims. No problems so far.
Mr Layson Great training tires for my road bike! Very durable and surprisingly fast for “gravel” tires!
Mr Arnold Bought these to replace hardcore touring tyres. These are far lighter and more supple but you do pay in puncture protection.
Mr Indy These are great all-road / winter tyres...bought them in 38 mm width to go on a hybrid, they're much lighter and more supple than I was expecting. Hopefully the puncture protection is still good...ridden through glass accidentally once or twice and nothing so far. Gear service as always from Merlin.
Gaz Used these tyres for quite a while now in 32mm tubeless. Be in no doubt that these are the best tubeless tyres for UK roads, very light 287g, cheaper than rivals, seem impervious to glass cuts, very robust tyre. Now comes in a variety of colours for folk riding garish Cervelo or Trek bikes 👍🏿
Gergely Tamas Comfortable ride, durability is not tested yet.
Mr McDonald Great tyres. Straightforward to fit to wheels if you part inflate the tube before fully fitting. Grip is great and they look fantastic.
Mrs Cleary Bought as a gift, recipient very happy.
Roberto This is one of the best slick gravel tyre in the market . The 28 is like a 25 . If I only knew I could have gone to 32
Statt Bought the 32x700 to fit in my 2015 Croix de fer. Measures exaclt 32mm wide on my calipers at 60psi. Any larger on the rear would be getting close to the Fmech arm (wouldnt be an issue on the new style shimano FD). Was a tight bead, but used a large tyre lever on the final section to easily fit the tyre. Didn't inflate automatically with my flash pump but used an inner tube to seat the bead, then inseated one side and refitted the tubeless valve and both tyres went up and held air using this method & 60ml sealant. Bought mainly cos they're a silly colour! Don't have a direction/rotational arrow that I could see.
Kevin Fantastic tire. Fast rolling and great traction on loose roads
MAMomIL Haven't used them yet, but excited to try!
Will Awesome Tyre. Fitted and seated onto Easton Alloy wheels with ease. No issues with sealant. No punctures yet...Fingers crossed.
Mr Willis These 28c tyres only came out at just over 26mm compared to the previous two pairs of continental tyres which seem much truer to size. The tread seems like it will be good for the coming winter riding though. Tyres are light weight but still feel tough.
Jordan Panaracer truly has elevated themselves to the top of the tyre game. I rate these along side Conti and Schwalbe in all aspects and provide even better durability, grip without sacrifices for speed. A++++
Jordan Normally I run on Schwalbe tyres throughout my collection of bikes, but have gotten really into Panaracer as of late. I first put gravel king's on my cross bike, and decided to buy this (another pair) for my mid-clearance road bike. They are hyper grip'y and offer huge durability / longevity. You truly cannot go wrong with them plus they ride much more comfortably than most of the big brands.
sean Ordered 38mm. Smooth and fast rolling. Went on easy on my oval carbon rim. Have not tried tubeless yet.
Mr Powell Bought two. Front tyre survived some very harsh gravel paths on the Avenue Verte over 5 days of cycling in France. Rear failed after a cut to the sidewall. Think I was just unlucky with the rear and have ordered another as a replacement . Very comfortable and seem to roll easier than the Schwalbe G-One Allround Performance RaceGuard that were fitted as standard to my Merlin GX-01
Mr Sutton I've put 38s on my BMC Alpenchellenge and it's transformed the bike. Gone through loads of tyres in the four years since I bought it. Really plush ride and fairly low rolling resistance. Very comfortable.
Mr Karskens (is my father) These arrived in 7 days (to Sydney Aus) so can't fault the delivery time. Tight as heck to get on to CX rims but got some tips from my LBS and no problem once you get the knack. They run super smooth and look great (tan sidewalls). Only on for a week so can't comment on puncture resistance, no complaints yet. Highly recommended.
Mr Olver Great - nice alternative for jumping from streets to gravel - little more slick but have had no issues with grip so far
Mark E Great looking tyre, grips well and when set up tubeless rolls well.
Nick Fast rolling, tubeless ready, easy to install. Would recommend!
Mr Marcotte I went from 23c size to 32c size tires, what a difference it makes. I have them install on Belgium C2 rims which are wider than most rims so they do not bulge out at all. The look and feel like a quality product. Made in Japan. Very happy so far.
Martin Great tyre, comfier on road and can handle gravel and lower PSI if needed.
Vic Used these tyres in both wet & dry road conditions for less that 100km. Love them already. Rims measure 22mm int. And tyres end up measuring 37.5mm installed and inflated to 40psi. Great commuter tyres! Can't comment on wear, keen to see how long they last.
Adam Quite disappointed with these. They feel absolutely fantastic and perform well when it comes to grip. However, in the wet they seem to be utterly useless in terms of puncture resistance. I have had 3 punctures now in 70km of riding. Unacceptable. They are very difficult to get off the rims too.
Mr Knapp A great tyre, easy to set up and rides brilliantly
Theo Great tyre, faster and more comfortable than the rubino G+ on there before and big enough to tempt me to take my caad12 off road!
CZ Best all condition tire out there, saves the trouble of switch between gravel and pavement tires
Mr van kessel Tight fit on rim but could pump up tubeless tyres with a foot pump. Realy smooth riding tyres which have good grip in wet or dry conditions. We be interesting to see how they wear.
Mr Sumpter Great tyres, quick delivery once again from Merlin. Using these predominantly on the road as a 'big volume winter tyre' without sacrificing speed, they feel smooth and fast. IMPORTANT NOTE: despite no mention in the product details, these came in tubeless (TLC) for me (color edition blue/brown - not sure if strandard black ones are tubeless tho)
Mark Changed from Conti Gatorskin Hardshells to these and have seen an instant improvement in rolling resistance. I changed to the Gatorskins from GP 4 Seasons at the end of last year after a spate of punctures but couldn't deal with the "dead" feel. No issues so far on grip or puncture resistance, but they have survived ~80 miles of rubbish, cold, wet Chilterns roads without issue. Really tight to get on my Zonda disc rims so not looking forward to a roadside tube change.
Ian Wow these are so much better than I ever anticipated. I tried them on the cycle path this weekend (30km) in snow, ice and mud and was totally blown away by the grip and security they offered. They are comfy on the road too (28mm) Excellent.
Mr Sharrock I got the 38mm 700c versions. They went onto my 19mm internal rim width rims with some difficulty, and my impression was that int of the 4 beads was quite a lot tighter than the others - indeed I did get a pinch flat:( once this was replaced the tyres are great, seeming to roll really well - in fact to roll in a similar fashion to an 'endurance road' tyre - the michelin pro4 endurance 28mm has very similar ride - the main difference being that you can drop a fair amount of the pressure. I can''t comment on puncture resistance. My 2 tyres are within a few grams of the published weight. The casing was supple and felt well made. Lastly, the set I got ARE tubeless compatible. I haven't tried this out yet. I had asked merlin out of interest whether they would be tubeless compatible before buying, and was told no. In fact looking at the website there doesn't seem to be gravelkings in this size that are not tubeless compatible, suggesting that if you order these you can expect them to be tubeless compatible - no matter what merlin says.
Shayne Wow. I can fit these on my old road bike (2006 Giant OCR C2, long reach calipers etc) without problems. Roll much much better than I was expecting. Actual width on 19mm (internal) rims is about 33mm and I think I'm going to settle on 60psi front, 65psi rear.
Mr Isaac Very tough to fit, but it looks nice and it rolls nice. No punctures yet. My 38s run a fair bit narrower than 38mm on a 19mm-wide rim so I guess if you are worried about clearances it's safe enough to assume they run narrow unless you are ballooning them up on a very skinny road rim.
Mr Lieu Excellent puncture resistance and relatively supple. A poor mans Compass Tyre, but better suited to gravel application with a thin layer of protection. Excellent grip and control all gravel surfaces bar mud/grass or more technical single track. Much better feel on pavement or gravel/hardpack than other small knobbed tyres.
s. jun Rolls well on asphalt and smooth gravel. Light and feels fast while maintaining comfy riding feel.
Joris Really nice tire. Rolls really well on pavement and hard packed dirt and very supple and comfy....
Luis Miguel Pretty nice tires with great attention to detail. Fast rolling and good grip.
Ben Absolutely fantastic tyres, but damned hard to get on! Prepare for bleeding fingers, scarred hands, and expletives ringing from the mountains as you try to get the bead seated properly. Once they are on, however, you might well - like me - be so smitten by them that they might just be the only tyre you buy in the future. I don't think I could ever go smaller than 38c now! Having just got back from a 10 day bike packing adventure in the Highlands and Islands on them, they provided fantastic rolling speeds thanks to almost no tread, but loads of confidence in the wet and dry, and the volume to soak up a tonne of bumps. I didn't get a single puncture in my 10 days of 10h of riding, and took them on some pretty shoddy 'roads'. Cant wait to get them back out again and go for a spin tomorrow. Remember to ride them with a low PSI to really feel the benefits of the volume though.
Gareth 38mm tires at low psi is great. The gravel king slicks are super soft and roll fast. This was a good addition to my gravel/commuter bike
Mr Burchill Roll really well on tarmac and gravel, grippy on the corners, faster than my slicks good buy!
Will Contrary to other comments, these tires are easy enough to put on. It comes down to technique. I found it quite hard the first time but after watching a video about mounting tires without tire levers, could do it just with my hands the second time. This tire replace the Compass Bon Jon Pass tire. Definitely not as supple as Compass but good enough for half the price.
bryn Great tyres, super light weight for their size and an awesome option for mixed surface riding
Romany These are excellent. I've used them in 32mm and 38mm and they're fast-rolling, grippy, comfortable, durable, puncture-resistant, cheap and lightweight. The 38mms I've got now are tubeless and only weigh around 320g. Highly recommended.
Drew These tires are fantastic! Where I live the roads are rough. The extra air volume and supple rubber add quite a bit of comfort to the ride.
Peter Tightest beads I can remember in years; I guess this should reassure most above and beyond the added hassle of fitting. Sidewalls not as supple as the tyres they make for Soma, Compass, etc. - this is the only disappointment, although I guess their partner companies would be pretty pissed if they were selling equivalent tyres at almost half the price. On a positive, there's no leakage, personally i'd rather suffer adding extra sealant and the faff that comes with it. Come up to size and weight as per manufacturer claims
Ian The black/tan tyres look great & they roll well in the wet & rough. As mentioned in another review they are difficult to put on & I was unlucky enough to get a glass/flint puncture on my first ride......but they do look great.
Andrew Lovely tire, only he few rides in, but loving the supple feel and grip. Fast enough for rapid commuting and general riding on varied surfaces. Not a "gravel" in that it would grip on really loose stuff, but good enough for what most roads bikes will see.
Mr Gabrillo It has been a real struggle fitting these tyres but it was worth it. Good quality, gets you through rough patches, dirt and gravel of your commute smoothly