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Park TS-8 Home Mechanic Wheel Truing Stand is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Park TS-8 Home Mechanic Wheel Truing Stand
Park TS-8 Home Mechanic Wheel Truing Stand

This item was discontinued 27th October 2015.

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Code: QKTS8
  • Accepts wheels sizes from 16 inches to 29 inches, with or without the tyre mounted
  • Innovative sliding dropout allows quick and secure wheel installation, accommodating hub widths up to 170 mm
  • Dishing (centring) the wheel is performed by simply flipping the wheel in the stand with no need for a separate dishing tool
  • Constructed from heavy gauge steel to resist flexing
  • The TS-8can be used freestanding or bolted to a bench for extra stability
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I purchased the TS-8 to learn how to true my own wheels and save money in the process by not having to visit the bike shop too often. I have to say that this is a very useful tool. The build and quality is what you would expect from Park Tool. It is strong and sturdy even with heavy touring wheels and also gives you the option to mount the stand onto a bench via two screw holes in the base, which is a useful feature. Truing on the TS-8 does take some time as it only allows one side to be trued at a time. The gauge is set on an articulating sliding plastic cradle which is secured on a spring mounted arm to allow easy manoeuvrability. You can true a wheel both laterally and radially on the TS-8 to within 1-2mm, which is enough for me. Dishing the wheel thoroughly would require an additional dishing tool to ensure accuracy. The instructions and guidelines provided were very helpful in getting started and overall this stand offers great value for money to the amateur mechanic or DIY cyclist. I take away one star as it only allows you to true one side at a time. Having a second gauge to true both sides simultaneously would give it 5/5 no question.
A great truing stand that will last a life time of hard use (its very well built, heavy solid steel construction),it took me seconds to find a bent spoke on my wheel causing it to need replacing and the wheel trued which now is not a problem with the new stand. Great service from merlin Cycles as all ways, I ordered Monday night and received item Wednesday morning at 9am, a 5 star service as always.
Having built many wheels over many years, (about a dozen in the last 12 months) without a wheel stand it was a revelation to use this equipment. Centralising and roundness setting was much quicker than hitherto, but the final truing probably takes longer because a higher degree of precision is possible - with or without the tyre fitted. This is an excellent piece of kit, I should have bought one a longtime ago!
Easy to assemble and solid when built. It remains stable so there's no need to clamp it down to a workbench when using it. Does the job very well.
Very good delivery turn around and very well packaged. Item is as described which is perfect and a big improvement on previous attempts at truing wheels! After years of truing wheels crudely this stand makes the job a pleasure to do.
Great for home use. I've wanted to true my own wheels for a while and this seems to be the only entry level stand recommended by everyone. I can see why, it's really sturdy as you'd expect from Park and will even do basic dishing as well as lateral and radial trueness
Great piece of kit, I've started checking wheel tension and truing - just cause it's so easy.
I bought some Ultegra wheels. My back wheel buckled very quickly. I was able to accurately true my wheel using this great bit of kit. So far no more problems. Very sturdy, well made. My only complaint is that there should be another slide indicator on the opposite side to save having to turn the wheel around.
Nice and solid for the most part, and usefully hefty (you can screw/clamp it to a workbench for stability, but its weight means it's hardly worth the effort). Easy to assemble, and will handle truing, dishing and roundness. The only slight issue is with the moveable pointer which is a bit sticky/jerky in its slide - but nothing insurmountable.
Solid build and easy to assemble. Looking at other reviews the sliding chrome arm is a little loose. Overcame this with a cut up plastic milk bottle (4 Pinter!) on two sides. This now sliders easy but is snug and without unnecessary play. Sorted.
Cracking little stand dead easy to build up needs bedding truing marker a little stiff at the moment. Look forward to building some wheels.
I have used the truing stand on 4 wheels so far (two 16 inch, two 26 inch) and found that it works fine; a lot easier than trying to true them while they are on the bike. The main problem during assembly was with the carriage bolts and nylok nuts holding the uprights to the base. They did not fit well and one bolt sheared off while I was trying to tighten it into place. Fortunately I had some carriage bolts (with ordinary nuts) which fitted much better and so I exchanged them all. The gauge is a bit low-tech but does the job well enough. Overall, good value for money for the occasional user.
Ideal wheel truing stand, wheels all round and true now, building a pair from scratch too. Very solid peice of kit would recommend
This is a really easy to use and handy piece of kit. Got loads of wheels and now its a really simple matter to get them trued up. Well worth having