Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Polar V650 Cycling Computer with Heart Rate Monitor is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 9th May 2018.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

Code: V650
The smartest cycling computer you’ve ever seen, GPS enabled with Heart Rate Monitor. For the devoted cyclist who wants to analyse every aspect of their riding and boost their cycling performance.

The smartest cycling computer you’ve ever seen, GPS enabled with Heart Rate Monitor. For the devoted cyclist who wants to analyse every aspect of their riding and boost their cycling performance.

Intergrated GPS

  • Fast, accurate speed, distance and pace
  • Back to Start:  feature that guides the user back to the starting point of the training
  • Route Tracking

Training Load and Recovery

  • Shows how much each training loaded you and how much time it takes to recover from it in Flow web service

Training Benefit

  • Gives feedback on the effect of each training session

Smart Calories

  • Calculates the number of calories expended in training V650 uses altitude compensated calorie calculation when altitude information is available

Target Planning Tool and Polar Training Programs

  • Available via Flow 2.0 update
  • Instant data sync, analysis (also offline) and sharing via Flow app
  • Data analysis with graphs, route and reports (in Flow)
  • Access for your coach to create plans & analyse your data (Polar Coaching Solution)

V650 Specifications

  • Altitude barometric more accurate for cyclists ascent/descent
  • Inclinometer
  • Temperature
  • real time VAM (average ascent speed)
  • NEW! altitude compensated kcal


  • Touch display NEW!
  • Colour display NEW!
  • Bluetooth smart sensor support
  • Polar or 3rd party (more coming)
  • Seamless connectivity to Bluetooth Smart
  • Heart rate, bike speed (needed for indoor use), bike cadence, bike power


  • 12 hours with GPS + BLE sensors on
  • USB cable for charging


  • Choose how much information is on screen choose information on any row on the display

LED light

  • Front LED light for cycling when dark
  • Intelligent LED light turns on automatically while luminosity is low – safer cycling

Data transfer

  • USB cable

Future proof – updatable

  • Free firmware update
  • Safe choice for consumer who wants to be sure that V650 always has the latest features

Bike Mount new style

  • Solid and easy mounting

Location based features

  • V650 has integrated GPS and pressure sensor for location based features


  • Fast GPS signal acquisition
  • For speed, distance, location and route (map view in Flow)

Route tracking- V650 tracks your route all the time while riding

  • Back to start – find back to saved location (POI) or starting point
  • Pressure sensor
  • For altitude
  • Can be calibrated manually

Pairing - HR sensor

  • By using heart rate when training, you get the most out of Polar’s unique Smart Coaching features

Why Heart Rate?

  • Heart rate data shows how fit you are and how your body responds to training
  • This helps you to understand the effect of your training and enable you to fine-tune your plans to reach peak performance

Head Unit - instant training summary

  • Training benefit
  • Start time, duration
  • Speed (average, max), distance
  • Heart rate (max, average, cumulative heart rate zones)
  • Fat burn % of calories, calories (altitude compensated)
  • Altitude (max), ascent, descent
  • Cadence
  • Lap details
  • Power

Polar V650 Features:

  • Screen
  • High resolution colour display, like a mobile phone interface
  • Touch screen
  • LED light for low light conditions
  • Location based features
  • Route tracking and Back to Start via integrated GPS
  • Smart coaching
  • Data interpretation based on world class physiological research
  • Training load, Training Benefit, Calories
  • Total training system seamlessly connected with BT Smart
  • Head unit, sensors, mobile viewer and web service
  • Updatable software to extend the use and add value over time
  • Export into Protrainer 5 and Excel for data manipulation (date tbc)
  • Sensors
  • Power sensor compatibility coming
  • Polar Coaching Solution coming – coach can set training plans and monitor athletes remotely

In the box

  • Polar V650 with heart rate V650 cycling computer
  • Polar H6 heart rate sensor
  • USB cable
  • Adjustable bike mount
  • Polar V650 Getting Started Guide
Nice computer. Love it
It did all that it was advertized to do on the road. The installation of the attending software was a bit of a sticky wicket, though. Polar flowsync just would not install on my (6 yr old) computer even after two 2 hour go rounds with Polar help people trying to sort out. ( finally installed on work computer : / ) Only remaining minor gripe is the display is woefully dark in bright sunlight, even at max brightness. That coupled with finger smudge marks from swiping display, make for difficult reading at a quick glance. However, I will admit at those times, I properly should be paying more attention to the road than to the display. ( you know, plenty of time to gawk at the display in hospital )
Unbelievable is an understatement. This product isn't even available in Australia at the moment and when it does, as per usual, we'll get ripped right off. When I fist saw the price from Merlin Cycles I thought it was only for the Polar V650 Cycling Computer. The big two (you know who I'm talking about) one of them doesn't offer it whilst the other is charging $60 more and they're out of stock at the moment. The product arrived quicker than I thought it would and was packaged very securely. The Polar V650 with Heart Rate Monitor is a brilliant piece of kit. Very easy to setup, extremely accurate and works flawlessly. I couldn't be happier with my purchasing experience (this is my first) from Merlin Cycles and I'll be back many more times in the future.