Praxis Works Wide Range Cassette - 10 Speed
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Praxis Works Wide Range Cassette - 10 Speed
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Praxis new Wide Range 10 speed cassette is made for the MTB rider that needs just a little deeper climbing gear, but refuses to give up performance. Smooth shifting is sacred so we focused on the integrity of the shift all while extending the gearing in a fully finished comp level cassette. No awkward gearing steps, no unpleasant missed shifts… simply a proper, 10 speed Wide Range cassette. This is a full cassette and NOT an ‘Expander Adaptor.’ The goal was great shifting, no sacrifice, no compromise ‘Wide-Range’ 10 speed MTB cassette, that you could use an unmodified 10 speed MTB rear derailleur with. The 11-40 gearing allows this.
  • 10 speed MTB 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-34-40
  • 11-28 are steel and 34-40 are hard anodized 7075-T6 Al
  • For 10 speed Shimano/SRAM Mid or Long cage MTB derailleurs only
  • For 1x10 or 2x10 MTB drivetrains only (adjust chain length accordingly)
  • Avg. Weight 322g +/-
  • The goal of this cassette is a no sacrifice, no compromise 'Wide-Range' 10sp MTB cassette that you can use an unmodified 10sp rear derailleur with. 11-40 gearing allows this all while using your existing 10sp wheels. No modifications, No adaptors.
  • 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28 stamped steel construction
  • 34-40 7075-T6 machined AL with hard anodizing
Compatibility / chain:
Shimano & SRAM — Must be MID or LONG cage 10sp rear derailleur. Always use new 10sp chain of your choice, and set the length depending on if you are riding 1X or 2X drivetrain. Chain length is also a preference for your personal setup. Adjust the rear derailleur B-Tension screw down so the upper pulley clears the 40T cog.
C Klaey Heavier than the SRAM XX 1099 but shifts better. It was either this or upgrade to a 2x11 system which is even heavier. This cassette shifts excellently and gives me a bail-out gear for my 29er with 2x10. Over all I am very impressed with this cassette from Praxis, as I have been with their other products.
Mr Yates Great piece of kit. Real smooth shifting on a dedicated 10 speed wide range cassette. Loads better than an expander rotor set up I was running. Lighter as well, mine weighed in at 326g. Looks to have good durability to. So good I ordered another for a different bike.
Eugene Light and accurate, very pleased with this cassette
Graham Simple to fit on Shimano style freehub, quick adjustment of B tension screw and high/low limit screws, shifts very smoothly. I fitted a new KMC X10 SL at the same time, very happy with the results.
Hans L While I can't comment on durability, this cassette shifts beautifully and chain doesn't drop off the big cog when backpedaling, like it was doing with the Sunrace 11-40 that it replaces. I'm actually using it with a SRAM X1 11sp chain, which seems to work just fine too.