Prologo New Nago Evo Pas 134 Saddle with Tirox Rails
Prologo New Nago Evo Pas 134 Saddle with Tirox Rails
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Prologo Nago Evo Pas 134 Saddle with Tirox Rails

This semi-round saddle design is suitable for medium to long distance riding, completed with TiroX Rails made from alloy steel, resistant to traction and torsion.   The PAS (Perineal Area System) is the channel which has been created down the centre, to eliminate pressure from the pelvic area, for optimum comfort and avoiding numbness.



  • Size: 273x134
  • Suitable for medium to long distance riding
  • Semi-Round shape for added comfort
  • U Clip Ready
  • PAS - Channel
  • Ergo Shape Design
  • TiroX Rails
PAS: Perineal Area System: this special cutaway technology eliminates pressure spikes and numbness in the pelvic area. Unlike regular cut-outs, the particular shape of the foam mold leaves the base intact and ensures that the saddle remains durable over time. This ensures a continuity of the pelvis movement even after many kilometres. The result is comfort and performance over long rides. It’s compatible with both male and female anatomies.
TiroX: Lightweight alloy steel rail. This is an aerospace grade metal, with a high resistance to traction and torsion. Well suited to the stresses of a performance saddle, it offers a good alternative to carbon Nack rails. It has 7mm rail clamp diameter.
ESD: Ergo Shape Design: This is a refined saddle shape, developed as a result of biomechanical studies done by Prologo over several years. ESD saddles feature a slender front area and a short rear area that quickly reaches maximum width. This permits a round pedal stroke, allowing the rider to maintain a natural position.  The legs of the cyclist have more space during all phases of the pedal stroke, reducing friction and increasing alignment and performance. Finally, the opening swift of the rear part of the saddle helps the rider to find the correct support and support of the ischial bones. This prevents sliding forward and any rotation of the pelvis.
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