Sorry, this product is no longer available!
PTN Rokkline Pepi's Tyre Noodles - 27.5" is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
PTN Rokkline Pepi's Tyre Noodles - 27.5"
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PTN Rokkline Pepi's Tyre Noodles - 27.5"

This item was discontinued 20th December 2021.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

PTN Rokkline Pepi's Tyre Noodles - 27.5"
Created and developed from the needs of Enduro, Marathon and E bike riders but this insert benefits all. This insert  is suitable for use in a tubeless MTB tyre. 
Rokkline differs from the lighter race line series of noodles in weight but also in its firmness and  resistance to cutting. Both inserts save the same function but Rokkline can take more of a battering from rocks. So greater impact resistance for gnarlier trails. Due to the increased fitness of Rokkline the insert will allow even lower pressures to be run. It support your tyre sidewalls better with a commensurate effect on the bike handling.
  • This product is used in World Cup Races and by riders just having a fun ride. Numerous race wins by elite riders.
  • PTN will make you think your on wider tyres than you actually are. The bike is more controllable over rough terrain and through ruts. 
  • Less rim damage (that does not mean you can be more wreckless) as the PTN is firmer than air. 
  • Improves grip and comfort as PTN allows you to ride with a lower air pressures. This normally results in being able to ride faster so be careful. Too low though and you risk damage to the PTN.
  • If your tyre/rim combination is prone to burping then PTN will stop the burping. 
  • Reduces risk of pinch flats but if your a regular tyre shredder it probably won't stop that.
  • No changes needed on the rim/wheel or tyre.
  • Can be used with all aluminium and carbon wheels if  there is not an indication against this system.
  • Allows you to continue/ finish your race run in case of a flat tyre like a Run Flat System but don't expect the PTN to survive but if your careful your wheels should.
  • The coating prevents absorption of sealant unless the PTN gets damaged.



  • 2 x Pepi’s Tyre Noodles (pair for front and rear tyres)
  • 2x PTN Tubeless Valves (40mm)



  • Small – Suitable for tyre width 50mm / Rim width 23-32mm
  • Medium – Suitable for tyre width 60mm / Rim width 27-38mm
  • Large - Suitable for tyre width 70mm / Rim width 35-48mm
jbako I installed the PTN to the rear wheel. It was easy enough. Now waiting to see the durability.
Stephen Glad I ordered the small size for my 30mm outer width rims and 2.3 inch tyres. With a larger size I think I'd be riding on the insert at my usual 24/22 psi. Easier to fit than I expected and the supplied valves appear to be good quality. Note that synthetic sealant is recommended, I'm using CaffeLatex. Ride is noticeably firmer and faster over trail chatter. The red (race) version might be a bit softer and more compliant but this one should provide better protection for the rim.
Mr Alcala Fantastic addition to my bike! Super easy to install, just requires patience and lots of soapy water. Now I'm able to run 10psi (0.68 bar) without any issues and have grip for days. Highly recommended over cushcore at half the price.