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Rock Shox - Bluto RCT3 - Solo Air 26" MaxleLite15 - Black - Fast Black - Motion Control - Crown Adj Alum Str - Tapered - Disc - (includes service kit) - 2016

You’ve probably observed more and more riders are on bikes that look "different" on your trails. Bikes that have wheels and tires of gigantic proportion – and we’re not talking about 29ers here. The thing is, even though fat bikes were created to float on top of sand and snow, they’re just too damn fun not to ride on dirt. So how do amplify your fat bike adventures even further? With a supercharged, ultra efficient, first of its kind fat suspension fork called BLUTO.



  •     Travel: 100mm or 120mm
  •     Weight: 1,796g (3.96lb)
  •     Damping: RCT3
  •     Available Springs: Solo Air
  •     Adjustments: Rebound, crown lockout, Remote Lock out (Oneloc) )
  •     Steerer Opitions: Tapered
  •     Crown: Forged, AL66 TV aluminium
  •     Upper Tubes: 32mm aluminium, Fast Black
  •     Lowers: Magnesium
  •     Maximum Rotor Size: 200mm
  •     Axle: 15x150mm Maxle Lite, Offset: 51mm, Brake Type: Disc

(Shock pump not included)



This is my second Bluto. My other one is a 100mm RL. My initial impression is that this has a more plush feel. That could be down to the extra travel or the fact that it is new, or has a different damper. I don't get why this RCT3 version is cheaper than the RL.