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Rockshox Revelation RL Forks 26" is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Rockshox Revelation RL Forks 2013
Rockshox Revelation RL Forks 2013

This item was discontinued 19th October 2015.

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Code: RS-REV-RL-2014

Full details and technical specifiaction yet to be recieved, with the main difference from 2012 being that all Reba and Revelation forks are going to a new Solo Air system.

RockShox has expanded the user-friendly Solo Air spring system into the SID, Reba and Revelation product lines. Designed to be in-line with RockShox rear shocks, Solo Air simplifies suspension setup with a single air valve that equally balances the positive and negative air chambers. Nothing shy of robust, the new solo air spring lays the foundation for a durable system of superior ride quality.

Choice of 1 1/8" or Tapered Streerer



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Brilliant service for Merlin Cycles as always, delivery was fast so could build bike straight away. Never tried Rockshox before but when they arrived they look brilliant all black which makes my ride look sweet. Easy to set up so out riding as soon as. They are light and strong and are really nice and plush so makes riding a joy. Very impressed with these and a nice price aswell. Thank you Merlin!!!
Received the new black stanchion version which is SICK!! Fork feels amazing, small bump is nice and subtle yet the progressiveness of the preload is perfect. Nice and stiff, light and amazing quality. Stoked with these forks, would recommend them to anyone looking for a 130-150mm travel fork. Easily adjustable through changing the compression rod on the solo air spring side.
The forks are nice and light and easy to set up. For the price you cannot get a better option and I went for the new fork rather than gamble on a 2nd hand fork of a higher spec fork. They are absorbing the big hits excellently, they are stiffer than I expected and setup is easy. They are still bedding in and I'm getting used to the tuning but I do miss the suppleness that a more expensive fork would bring. In short, great value for a basic fork.
Firstly, brilliant price and service from Merlin. The forks are excellent. Replaced older Revelations on my Cotic. They have smoothed out the ride and hugely increased handling. The poploc is a great feature and works really well. Really happy and my bike is tracking like a tank.
Great service from Merlin as always, received in 2 days with free delivery. Well these forks have transformed my 9 year old Giant VT1. It rides choppy down hill sections with ease, put 100 psi in and rides perfectly. The bar mounted poplock is great great for climbing steep hills. Highly recommended product at a great price from Merlin.
I know these forks are great as I've already got a pair. Really light, tough, reliable and easy to set up! Probably my favourite forks. No problems with Merlin either. Recommended.
I replaced my old oil & coil QR9 Pace Fighters with these. The biggest difference I noticed is I don't get diving under braking any more, or when landing jumps\dropoffs. Between air pressure and rebound there is a massive amount of adjustment, so it's easy to dial in for full travel or, if you prefer, leave a little in reserve for bigger hits. No matter where I put it the small bump compliance is perfect. The 15mm axle is a significant improvement over QR9 for 2 reasons; Firstly, the axle slots in more easily and the pre-torqued clamp ensures tension is perfect every time. So no more jiggling the wheel between the forks and re-tightening the QR to get over the dropout safety lugs. It is basically much faster to fit. Secondly, my wheel hardly flexes at all so the steering tracks better. Bottom line, my bike feels more solid, predictable and accurate around corners and over rough stuff so is more fun to ride.
Superb fork, super stiff and light, I purchased a 2013 Revelation RL to use until I got my 2014 Revelation RCT3 I had on order elsewhere. I ordered the fork with next day delivery and got the fork the next day, got it out of the box and it was a 2014 all black Revelation RL. I was absolutely chuffed to bits and could not believe it what a great surprise. I think I was one of the first in the country to be riding one, so that was a bonus. Any way back to the fork, the chassis is extremely stiff and light for a 150mm fork. The new maxle light axle is superb quality and design and super easy to fit, much better than the one Fox use. The knob on the top right leg controls the rebound damping and you get full plush travel with it left open, then just simply click it clock wise with a crisp clean click at a time to stiffen up the fork all the way to locked out. It does have a bloc off though so you don`t ruin the lock out function if you hit a big bump while locked out. The finish of the fork is absolutely delicious and apart from the new Pike (which would not fit on my bike as it only comes with a taper steerer) is the sweetest looking fork around. Setting the sag is absolutely simple as there are marking to show you what percentage you are running on the leg. There`s also a handy little table on the other leg to give you a starting point of how much air you need to put in your fork compared to your weight. It is just up to you to fine tune then. Riding the fork this things feels superb it has nice small bump sensitivity, doesn`t bottom out and can handle any thing else you throw at it, I`ve hit smooth single track and rock gardens and this fork performs faultlessly and has not missed a beat yet and I`m not light either im just under 16 stone. I got this coming for the for CTD top of the range fork and it was the worst piece of crap I`ve ever used. Coming from that to the Revelation was quite simply a revelation and blew my mind straight out of the box. If you are looking for the best trail fork on the market look no further this is it. And Merlin sending me a 2014 model was just the icing on the cake and I cancelled my rct3 order and saved some money.
A very plush and good performing set of front forks, the feel and action of these forks is smooth and reassuring, the lock out is fantastic, the rigidity with the through axle is as you would hope, took the bike straight out down some nice drops and steps as soon as I fitted the forks, happy. As I have not used forks extensively yet, I can only give four stars if they stay performing the way they are they will deserve 5
Very good value forks, tough enough for most things, (my requirments in particular), without the hefty price tag of so called better forks. They look good and are stylish and I would recommend these as they won`t be out of place on any serious mountain bike.
Amazing forks, so light I thought the box was empty!! Pushloc remote works a treat once you figure out fitting it, which is counter intuitive (button goes up when cable pulled) Look the business aswell, vary happy!
Very happy with these forks. They are an upgrade from my Recon Solo Airs 130mm, and aside from the extra 20mm, the overall plushness and response far out weighs the Recons. They don't include Dual Position Air which allows you to incrementally lock the fork down to 130mm, but according to TFTuned the inclusion of this feature leads to increased potential for problems and they actually advised against this feature. So, these lock out at 150mm with a poploc, much easier than reaching down to the fork Crown. I would highly recommend these to add to your ride.
I've had a couple of rides on the revalations now and they feel great. Really easy to fit and set up. Forks feel really smooth and stiff with the maxle. One thing worth noting is that you have to run the push loc remote or the forks will be constantly locked out. It is possible to change but you need to buy a new compression damper. Apart from that the push loc is really good!
I ride a rockshox forks for more than 10 years. Here and there I also tried other forks, but always returned to rockshox. They are reliable, robust, affordable, and there are a lot of information online about how to handle them alone. Since 2005 I ride my all mountain bike with a 140mm Pike. This fork just don`t die. Its amazing in every way. So when I decided to buy a new bike, the decision was clear to me in advance... Continue to ride the same fork, but with 150 mm travel. So I bought the "revelation". I did not think there could be a better fork than the Pike, but the revelation suprized me. it is reliable and even better! It is convenient to use, it has all the settings you need, compression, rebound and change of travel. It absorbs bumps amazingly. Simple and fun to ride on. If you ask me, I highly recommend this fork. I do not think the market today has any better fork for all mountain bikes. ride on.
Unbeatable price, very lightweight. Great stuff!
Excellent slick motion and a real confidence booster. Great fork and really light.
Love these forks. Had to do a little bodge as I thought I was getting the crown lock out and I had already trimmed the steerer (my fault I guess). Would recommend these and the service from Merlin. I ordered at about 3pm, 30 mins later I had an email saying they were dispatched and they arrived next day. Winner.