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RockShox Reverb Stealth Seatpost is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Rock Shox Reverb Stealth Seatpost
Rock Shox Reverb Stealth Seatpost

This item was discontinued 30th June 2016.

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Code: RSP80050

Please note that the Reverb Stealth model has the internally routed hose so your frame must have the provision for this for the post to fit.

Featuring identical functionality as traditional Reverb, the significant difference of Reverb Stealth is the hydraulic hose’s exit point from the post.
Stealth’s hose exits the bottom of the post, routing internally through the frame, creating a non-moving, clean hose-routing solution,
that will yet again set a new standard in the adjustable height seat post category.
Now available with the Connectamajig hydraulic quick-release for the remote control hose,
making it a breeze to route the hose into the frame when assembling the seat post on a bike,
and allows for several disconnects and reconnects before a system bleed is required.

When you're ripping through rolling terrain, cranking the pedals one minute and getting off the back of the bike the next,
no seat height is "just right." The all-new Reverb gives you infinite seat-height adjustment and control of your return
speed in a hydraulically actuated remote package.
A custom sealing system means the plush and consistent feel of this seat post won't degrade, no matter how much the weather does.

Weight:100mm: 560g, 125mm: 570g, Also available in 150mm., *Weight based on 355mm length, 31.6mm diameter, MMX remote with shifter hardware and 200mm hose
Length:380mm (100mm travel only), 420mm, 430mm
Material:shaft = 3D Forged 7050 Alloy, Head = 7050 Forged Alloy
Other:Zero Offset
Reverb Remote Actuation : Adjustable speed at the handlebar remote
Reverb Remote Actuation 125mm: Descrete or MatchMaker X

Please note that the Reverb Stealth model has the internally routed hose so your frame must have the provision for this for the post to fit.

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I am extremely happy with the service Merlin Cycles provided, especially with their price. The seatpost came perfectly packaged. With the order, the package included a bleed kit with it. So installing it to my Tallboy was extremely easy. This is the best seatpost on the market. I would recommend this to anyone looking to build a trail bike or just an extremely fun bike to shred the trails.
Good item and the hose now has a detachable joint at the post end for easy servicing which is nice. This kit included the bleed kit and other accessories which are good quality items. Just be aware that these posts need a service annually or you are going to experience problems later down the line. This item is a replacement for my current one which has now failed and is no longer cost effective to repair due to neglecting the service.
Installed the 380 mm / 125 mm drop on my 2016 Giant Trance 27.5. Had to remove the bottom bracket to fish through the lines and then bleed the system for it to work. Bleeding the system was tricky and had to be done several times for the seatpost to drop. Now that it's installed and working, I'm very happy with it and the price I paid for it through Merlin.
I like this dropper post, it looks great once installed, however mine developed a fault straight away which was dealt with extremely fast by Merlin Cycles! The replacement post is working perfectly so far but it is sensitive to the seat post clamp being too tight, it can impede the operation of the post so I have dropped my review to 4 stars
It's the benchmark dropper post that all others are compared to. Get it.
This is a must have for mountain biking. The amount your pay for it is well worth it when you consider the price of a shoulder surgery when you endo because you did not lower your seat for the steeper downhill sections. Merlin has always delivered on time and they have great customer service.
Love this post easy to install and works great. All the parts for installation and maintenance are included in the box
A quality product that works perfectly, good installation instructions and easy fitting.
Dont hesitate, if you have the readies for one of these posts buy it now before the wife needs another pair of shoes or a handbag :) I was sceptical and replaced the 3 position post with the reverb stealth, it cleaned up the lines of the bike eliminating a flapping external cable and puts the seat just where I need it when it needs dropped not where the generic 3 position one dictates .. I love it, its easier to use than the old post and hasn`t failed to return on demand after a quick drop. I love it and won`t look back, Its made the whole ride experience safer and more efficient .. very happy with it.
I ordered this product for my husband who is an avid mountain biker. I live in California and thought there was no way it would arrive by Christmas. Well, I received an email the next day after I made my purchase letting me know the seatpost had already been shipped. It arrived in plenty of time from Europe! Regarding the product itself, I am a novice mountain biker (if that), but my husband has let me use his previous bike for rides that had a similar seatpost. All I can say is that it is so convenient and awesome to have the ability to adjust for any situation mid-ride. Once I got a taste of this, there was no way I'd go back to manually adjusting my seat.
Got it very fast, and arrived will packed. It came with the bleed kit, travel limit clamp, and other accessories. After my first ride with it; I don't know why I didn't get one sooner. Great product!!!
So far very happy with the post. I think shortening the line at all necessitates bleeding, and that needs to be done properly or the post won't raise well, if at all. Be sure to test with a few drops and raises before resuming full assembly of any shifters, levers, etc. The bleed hole must be at the highest point of the remote system. I had a few failed attempts at proper bleeding until I hiked up the front end of the bike about a foot higher than the rear. This forced all air in the line to the bleed hole. Then a few pumps of the bleeding syringe pulled it out. Can't speak to long-term durability or ease of maintenance, but now that the post is set up it works like a charm. Only the slightest amount of rotational play in the post. Nothing worth bothering about & barely discernible.
Works great! Love the infinite positions instead of only three spots for seat. Would definitely recommend this seat post to everyone.
Still the standard to go by. Smooth action, nice lever and decent weight. Went with right hand lever mounted on the underside of the left hand side of the bar for a cleaner look.
I've used the standard reverb for the last couple of years with no problems, the stealth works really well a very fast response from the button, also really easy to shorten the cable length.
Brilliant product, excellent quality. Bought the opposite hand to the one I use to place under the bars for thumb access. The bleed kit is included, arrived in reverb packaging too. Very happy with the purchase. The instructions re fitting are easy to follow, the bleed instructions on the website were non-stealth at the time I was fitting. The bleed ports are within the seat tube! Take care not to make the cut too short to be able to take out and bleed easily. You will need to bleed once the cable is cut to size. Watch out for the mbr tips video, very handy comments and instructions re only bleeding controller end in first bleed! Very happy with purchase!
Bought this to replace a cable dropper (KS) as I wanted a stealth version to keep everything tidy. Fitting was very easy (after watching a youtube vid)but through carelessness when shortening the hose I did spill some fluid so I had to bleed it (bleed kit supplied)This was a very simple process and I mean VERY simple. The action is far superior to my old dropper, very smooth. It's so easy and quick to use I find myself using it far more than my old one. Great piece of kit that will transform your riding style.
Havent used for long but first impressions are excellent. No more stop-start and solid post with very little movement when fully extended. Perfect cable routing on my Scott Genius. Brake/gear lever position had to be adjusted, but after a bit of fine tuning you get used to that. Only complaint is quality of manufacturers instructions - installation is straight forward enough once you know how, but manufacturers instructions are incredibly poor when you consider the price paid to them...
I was looking for the Stealth Reverb to complete my 2013 Genius 740, and when I saw the correct size one for my bike and me on the Merlin Cycles website I nabbed it. (The price was amazing too!). I received it in the post within a couple of days and fitted it, with ease, straight away. I shortened the control hose with no problem, fixed it to my bikes routing points and that was it. It works silky smooth without having to bleed it, (although a complete bleeding kit was included with the post). I ordered the left hand remote which I under mounted on the right side. As many people have found, this leaves a cleaner line and keeps the control knob out of harms way. Having the post fitted improves my riding experience no end. Being 6'6" my seat is set very high, and with a fixed post I had the seat up in my chest when I was hanging off the back just making it a bit more awkward if I needed to move around over the bike. NOT ANYMORE !. I just hit that button and the seat drops up to 150mm. For flat Cambridgeshire riding I lift the post body out of the bike frame by 25mm and then clamp the euro collar 25mm up from the seal cap and drop it to this setting. This lessens the flexing stress on the post. I have not taken too much notice of some of the negative reports about some of the earlier Reverbs, but am trusting that Rockshox being a big player are addressing these issues on their newer models. I accept that my new dropper post will need servicing but this is a small price to pay considering how much more fun it makes my riding.
Excellent product,just what you need to get your weight over the rear of the bike on steep descents. No stopping and adjusting your post, push a button and go. This is my second post from Merlin, can't beat their price and service. Keep up the good work.
This product was easy to fit , extremely well engineered .
My first Reverb, but I love it's quality. Stealth... I really don't know if it's worth the trouble with the hose. Every service will be a pain in the a... For now I just love the clean look and no cable slap.
Accept no substitutes, the Rockshox Reverb Stealth is the only dropper post on the market that anyone should be purchasing! 5 inches of smooth travel and the ability to place the post in any point of those 5 inches makes it extremely useful on the trails. The stealth routing takes a bit of of time to set up and a bit of basic bike knowledge like bleeding but once fitted it's forgotten. No extra cable flapping around making noise and scratching your frame, it's something so small but it makes a world of difference. Couldn't recommend it any more