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Schwalbe Durano Plus Smart Guard Folding Road Tyre - 700c is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 19th January 2018.

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Code: 47258/14
Schwalbe Durano Plus SmartGuard Dual Compound Tyre in Black (Folding)

Maximum puncture protection for race machines! The Durano Plus has a SmartGuard belt for extremely effective protection against penetration punctures. The strong, highly elastic, special rubber layer is not as thick as in the Marathon Plus. Nevertheless it has a level of protection unparalleled in racing cycle tyres.



  • Folding Tyre
  • 23mm or 25mm options
  • SmartGuard / Dual Compound
  • Weight: 340g 
This is the best tyre on market for puncture resistance, I have been using these for the past 7 years and I have had 2 punctures. I normally get at least 6000km before I change. Highly recommended. Delivery from Merlin was excellent.
Absolutely amazing rolling resistance and puncture protection.
I've used these tyres a couple of times on my winter bike. One ride was a 170Km trip from London to Wiltshire. I noticed the tyres didn't roll as well as other brands and there is always a sense of slight resistance. However, I didn't buy them for performance or weight gains, I bought them as tyres for winter that can protect me against punctures and hopefully last me a bit longer. So far so good. One thing to bear in mind, although I got the 23mm versions because of the extra puncture layer they fitted more like a 25mm on my bike. I have SKS Race Blade long mudguards fitted, the front tyre cleared the fork/guard with no problem at all but I had to remove the back section of the mudguard that extends from the rear brake to the seat tube. This meant that my Front derailleur fixing got covered in grim but I can live with that. The main section of the rear mudguard that surrounds the wheel was fine. No rubbing whatsoever. Hope this helps
Price was excellent, have used and swear by these tyres for years
Have received and mounted these for winter use. So far have about 90 miles on them and think they will serve well for the winter months. Ride is better than I was prepared for, and am most pleased with them.
Just received it on time. Looks good. A little more bulky than my previous foldable. I carry it with me on the ride rolled up in case I have a blow out. This one is a little bulkier than my previous one but still fits in my bag.
I have been using these tyres for some time and these are a replacement for the same make which are worn out after 5,000 or so miles with no punctures in that time. Whilst they are heavy I think they are worth it for their resistance to punctures. Obviously this does mean you are slower but at least I dont have to keep stopping to repair punctures. They can be quite difficult to get on and you do have to check to make sure they are properly seated before pumping to full pressure. Highly recommended.
Excellent tire, ordered a spare back up set of. Have been using for commuting and group rides.
Perfect puncture resistant tyres. Been riding these for 10 months through littered streets and no punctures. Confident enough to simply leave my saddle bag with the inner tube at home now. The only negative aspect I can think of is wet traction isn't good. You've gotta remember that when riding in the wet.
Excellent commuting tyre. I have dug a few bits of glass out of it that would certainly have led to a puncture with lighter tyres. Not too heavy and pretty decent road feel. Highly recommended.
Highly recommended. Absolutely puncture proof! I ride all year round (1200kms + per month) & these are the most reliable tyres I have ever had.
Best training tire I've ever used. I run a Mr. Tuffy tire liner with mine and I've not had a puncture to date. These tires wear well and provide good grip in the wet.