Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evo Folding MTB Tyre - 29"
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Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evo Folding MTB Tyre - 29"Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evo Trailstar Folding Tyre 29er 2.35"Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evo Folding MTB Tyre - 29" x 2.35"
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Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evo Folding Tyre 29" - Choice of PaceStar or TrailStar compounds
  • The latest creation of German tire technology.
  • Ready for the ultimate trail ride.
  • Amazing grip.
  • Incredible control.
  • TrailStar triple compound.
  • Lite but tough SnakeSkin sidewalls.
  • Perfectly easy tubeless ready fitting.
  • Folding Tyre


  • For MTB Race, All Mountain and Tour. Super-fast with a combination of low rolling resistance and durability. The tire shoulders were made appreciably softer to improve handling on rough terrain.


  • For Enduro and Freeride. Triple Nano compound was unsuitable performance-wise and the rolling resistance of Gooey Gluey was too high. TrailStar has substantially more grip, better damping and handling control. Nevertheless, the compound is not overly heavy, making it suitable for climbing too.
Great grippy tyre not too much drag easy to set up tubeless, my go to tyre for autumn winter on my singlespeed
Great confidence inspiring tyre. It's the trail star version set up tubeless very easily on the front. It grips well in the sloppy clay and wet rooty winter trail conditions we're currently enjoying. Rolls and handles well in firmer conditions and on tarmac. Too early to comment on the wear rate. Good value when discounted!
Mounted on a 30mm internal width rim, the HD takes on a confidence inspiring, rounded profile. I like the traction and low-ish rolling resistance. At 90k riding weight, and over the hill in age, I'm not tearing knobbies from these as others report . As a front tire, I get over 3 seasons of use.
Really good quality tread and "sticky" on the trails. Used to be a Maxxis fan but have been swayed
Love the Hans Dampf. I have these on my wife's 29er and my 27.5. Hers are the 2.35 size. They look great and roll nicely on pavement. When we go off road they work really well especially when it gets soft or muddy. They don't pack with mud easily. On hard pack the rubber compound sticks pretty good. I haven't found a surface that gives us any issues. I'm running them tubeless and they are a breeze to mount up. This set is for my new 29er build.
NIce tyre... knobs are of a soft compund very flexible. This seems to help improve the grip and feel on the trail. Knobs are on the short side and do not stand very tall off the tyre. This helps with reducing rolling resistance but also contributes to shorter tyre life. They say "the good die young"... seems to fit this tyre as well
Gotta love the Hans Dampf's! Coming off of Minion DHF's in 29x2.4 I am saving about a pound in weight off the bike and maintaining the same amount of grip. The only possible downside of this tire is the fact that they are a soft compound which means they won't last quite as long.
I ordered this tire for wet traction. I went with the trail star compound on the front and pacestar for the rear. This combination has worked out great! The front end has much more grip on wet rocks then my previous setup. It was definitely a nice upgrade..
Nice tires (oops, I mean tyres). Pretty much all they're cracked up to be. I went with the firmer rubber compound and it seems to be similar to all of my other all-season tires, so don't think it is extra firm. 4 stars because they were a right bugger to mount tubeless. I finally managed by mounting with tubes first, carefully removing the bead on one side and removing the tube and remounting tubeless, but still wasn't happening with a floor pump, needed CO2. Price from Merlin can't be beat.
Great tire. Probably my favorite all around mountain bike tire. Not fast, not slow, great traction!
I bought these to replace the same front tire so I do like them a lot. They are large volume tires, which you can run pretty low on tubeless on my tubeless converted rims (15psi). They are very grippy, and light and fast considering the width. Tire looks good except side knobs are starting to give way after 15 months packed with riding. And they'll probably last another 6 months. Sub par longevity on a front tire and expensive, but since I got these for $39 on Merlin, a very good option!
Thanks to Merlin for fast shipping all the way to California! I use the HD pacestar as a rear tire, it rolls and grips great.
Great tire that won't require a ton of leaning to get side grip on. Larger width/volume enables me to run lower pressures.
This tire is nice & sticky. Got it on the front. There are tires that roll better but this has the grip you want
This tire is awesome for trail use. A little burly for xc, but not full on dh tread either.
I love this tires. These tires grips well on any kind of terrain. Grips even better on wet trails. This site provides the best price in the planet. Very fast shipping as well.
Best 29" tire I've tried for all mountain and technical riding. Great traction, sidewalls hold up well to rocks and knobbies stay attached (some soft compound tires tend to have knobbies tear off).
This tyre is great for grip in all conditions as the compound is soft. Hooks up to most things. I thought after a couple of months riding it was going to fall to bits and the lugs were going to rip off as a lot have shown signs of tearing off. However 12 months later it's still hanging in there and performing after all types of terrain. I would say however if you're riding rocks every day as your local trail get the pace star version, but for where I ride the softer compound trail star is perfect.
Excellent front tire. Great control on wet surfaces, especially roots. Easy tubeless
Great tire! Corners really well.
Great tubeless tire for loose gravel and sand
I have mixed feelings about this tire. On the one hand, I have the same one that did 2000k as a front tire on North shore. Not a bad distance. On the other hand, knobs do not wear out by getting smaller, they snap off making a used tire more unpredictable and outright sketchy....But when it is new, traction is outstanding. I wish knobs did not snap off like that....
Very good tyre, especially for traction gripping in one direction and stopping when braking in the other.
Fantastic Value Great tyre !! super grippy & very knarly ! Not the lightest tyre ! Waggon wheels Roll
Threads are great for cornering on hard or soft surfaces. Best tire currently on the market.