Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evo 650B 27.5 Tyre
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Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evo 650B 27.5 Tyre
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Schwalbe Hans Dampf SnakeSkin 650B 27.5 Tyre, Choice of Compounds
  • 650 x 60B / 27 x 2.35"
  • All-around SnakeSkin protects well against cuts.
  • Tyres are Tubeless Ready. Save the weight of a tube and maintain the weight level
  • PaceStar - For MTB Race, All Mountain and Tour. Super-fast with a combination of low rolling resistance and durability. The tire shoulders were made appreciably softer to improve handling on rough terrain.
  • TrailStar - For Enduro and Freeride. Triple Nano compound was unsuitable performance-wise and the rolling resistance of Gooey Gluey was too high. TrailStar has substantially more grip, better damping and handling control. Nevertheless, the compound is not overly heavy, making it suitable for climbing too.
  • VertStar - For Downhill and Freeride. It is a further development of the Gooey Gluey compound, but now even softer with extremely good damping properties.
  • Super Gravity - The tire walls are more robust. The cap is more flexible. The tire is lighter. Or in a single sentence: Downhill ruggedness at Enduro weight!
For a perfect trail ride. Everything has been tuned for control and maximum riding fun. The tread functions with absolute poise and is well behaved in every situation - like difficult terrain on singletrack. Grippy TrailStar compound or faster rolling PaceStar as an option for the rear wheel. Light and robust SnakeSkin sidewall. Easy to fit Tubeless Ready. Enjoy the flow!
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Super do all tire, I run them both front and back on my Haibike All Mt. Pro. Excellent traction and cornering on rocky, loose or hard pack surfaces.
Very good tires, nice grip, feel more confident on loose dirt and turning on switchbacks. Worth buying.
Hans Dampf is one of those tires you hear about. And then, you get to ride one. It really tracks well and seems to be predictable in its grabbiness. I don't know how close I am to its edge, after being trained to be cautious with previous tires. I hit a soft patch, and it grabbed post slide. I actually ordered two at once, and am glad to have the extra for when I eventually wear through this one. So far, it has done well on hard pack and loose sand, as well as scree. I had my fastest time ever down a scree stretch on the new tire. It seems to be a dramatic improvement.
Turned up the grip on my carbon 27.5 straight away going over varied rocky & muddy terrain I think I did notice a slight increase in rolling resistance but hey it's worth it for the confidence you gain. It was a doddle to fit and looks the business
Great tyre, easy tubeless set up, rolls suprisingly well and awesome grip, coming from trail King and this is a better tyre, especially for winter. Currently running on the front
27.5 by 2.35 has a big volume with reasonable weight. I'm using it on the front of my hardtail because although the snake skin side walls are thicker than some tyres, I still prefer to have something a little thicker in order to protect my rims on very rocky trails. Tyres fitted onto the rims without any problems and running them around 28 psi they've got fantastic grip so giving you confidence and trust in the bike. Unless I hear about some wonder tyre that runs on rails I'll be sticking with this tyre in the future.
Riding these tires in sunny San Diego, California. Conditions here are loose rocky over hard packed with some technical single track, technical up and downs, and lots of switchbacks. Depending on the trails you ride. I had these tires in my 29er and now 27.5. My personal favorite. Best all around tire I've had. Hooks up great and predictable in the turns. Love the soft, sticky rubber. Never had any knobs tear off but I don't do aggressive downhill or big jumps.
Hans Dampfs - if Carlsberg made All Mountain Trail Tyres, they'd make Hans Dampfs! I've ridden these for the last two seasons up here in the Highlands. I ride them when biking in the Lakes too. Without doubt, I can honestly say, these are probably the best tyres I've run ALL YEAR ROUND - without changing to mud tyres etc. Most confidence inspiring tyres I've used in years, bar none! As a stubborn 26" die-hard, I built-up a Spitfire trail bike in 650beez, but had to wait 5 months until Merlin managed to get some H.D.'s in Trail Star Compound, 2.35 that I could run out front to take care of business, & Pace Star out back for better roll & wear. I'll be back to get another set before Summer trips to Fort Bill, Kinlochleven & the Lakes come round. I prefer these over the Super Gravitys purely from a weight POV. Tried a set of SG's HD's but they were way heavy imo, scales reckoned another 4lb on the bike! These are no where near as heavy, but also, don't have the same level of protection as a set of SG's. I ride knarly wild rides mostly, but even hitting up Glentress or Inners, HD's are just soooo good, I personally don't go anywhere else for my tyre needs. The WTB Vigilantes I ran for the last 5 months are good tyres, but these HD's beat them hands down for grip in all MTB trail conditions. I love them!
Great tyre at a great price, suberb grip