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Schwalbe Hans Dampf 'Super Gravity' Folding MTB Tyre - 26" x 2.35" is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evo 'Super Gravity' 26 x 2.35
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This item was discontinued 7th January 2019.

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Schwalbe Hans Dampf 'Super Gravity' TL-Ready Folding Tyre in Black 26 x 2.35"
  • A revolutionary new tyre construction. Developed for Enduro competitions, but also ideally suited for Freeride and Downhill racing.
  • Snakebite protection is as tough as in Downhill tyres. The tread surface remains very flexible for excellent riding characteristics.
  • All-around SnakeSkin protects well against cuts.
  • Tyres are Tubeless Ready. Save the weight of a tube and maintain the weight level of a Freeride tyre.
  • Compared to a Downhill tyre and tube there is a weight saving of 800g per bike and of the rotational mass!
  • PaceStar, TrailStar and VertStar compounds
  • 26 x 2.35"
  • Super Gravity Tyre
  • PaceStar - for MTB Race, All Mountain and Tour. Super-fast with a combination of low rolling resistance and durability. The tire shoulders were made appreciably softer to improve handling on rough terrain.
  • TrailStar - for Enduro and Freeride. Triple Nano compound was unsuitable performance-wise and the rolling resistance of Gooey Gluey was too high. TrailStar has substantially more grip, better damping and handling control. Nevertheless, the compound is not overly heavy, making it suitable for climbing too.
  • VertStar - for Downhill and Freeride. It is a further development of the Gooey Gluey compound, but now even softer with extremely good damping properties.
For a perfect trail ride. Everything has been tuned for control and maximum riding fun. The tread functions with absolute poise and is well behaved in every situation - like difficult terrain on singletrack. Grippy TrailStar compound or faster rolling PaceStar as an option for the rear wheel. Light and robust SnakeSkin sidewall. Easy to fit Tubeless Ready. Enjoy the flow!


More grip than a set of vice grips!! I kept blowing the beads on my maxxis high rollers so have gone back to these. Not the most durable tyres, but the predictability and awesome traction is worth it! I did 60 awesome skids in half an hour the other day and they are real good at doing that.
Just done Mont Blanc tour with these tyres. Perfect, gripped well, up/down, wet/dry, rock/mud. Brilliant.
These tyres offer unworldly traction with minimal pay-off in terms of rolling resistance and noise. The option to choose 3 different tread compounds allows a softer, even grippier front tyre giving a really pointy front end and even tyre wear (rather than the rear wearing faster than the front. The only negative is that the beading is very stiff making the tyres tricky to mount on the wheels without breaking tyre-levers. Quality tyres are expensive but Merlin were selling them at about half price, which made them great value.
Good grippy tyres. I powered thru the wet soggy mud /roots sections of The Freeminers trail this week!!
Seems very grippy, happy with the performance
Simply the best all round tyre there is at the moment. Super Gravity carcass so no worries about pinch flats or slashing the tube, I run trailstar compound on the front and pacestar on the back. Occasionally swap to a spike on the front if the going gets very muddy but otherwise this is a year round setup for all types of trail.