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Schwalbe Jumbo Jim LiteSkin Addix Speedgrip Fat Bike Tyre

This is especially true if you want to cycle in deep snow or loose sand. In these conditions only large volume combined with extremely low air pressure can help. Schwalbe‘s Jumbo Jim is an extremely light-bike Fat Tire. PaceStar compound. Alternatively, it is also available in extra wide 4.80 inches.



The easiest option. The LiteSkin MTB tyres forego the SnakeSkin but still have a reinforced bead core. If you don’t mind the extra effort, these tyres can also be converted to Tubeless by using a sealing fluid. However, we cannot guarantee that LiteSkin tyres used with commercially available sealants will be safely and permanently sealed.



  • Approx weight: 990g (26 x 4.0) - 1190g (26 x 4.8).
  • Compound:  Evo LiteSkin, Addix Speedgrip
Nice, big and great flotation at a decent weight and great price
Best 4.8" Fat Bike Tire. Has a tendency to get cut by sharp rocks though.
Nice tyre that rides well and light weight. Never had a flat in 2,000kms.
These tires are fantastic, roll well, the grip is solid and ride very enjoyable. I am very pleased with this set.
Light and easy. They are solid tires. Real grippy when they need to be and still fairly light. No durability issues so far but it is arguably early into my testing. They were a massive upgrade from my stock Kenda Sports and lighter despite being 0.3" wider. So far so good!
Love these tires, lightweight for a fat tire, and great control
Schwalbes Jumbo Jims 26" x 4.00" fat bike tires feel incredibly light and are well made. When on the local trails the tyre performed well. The rolling resistance on the tarmac and off road is very good, maybe the best tyre for hardpack conditions. This is one of the lightest tires on the market.
Excellent tire! Made a 100% improvement on the ride of my Mongoose Dolomite fat bike. Buy these tires, you will not regret the purchase!
Great fit, fast rolling, superior traction.
Just upgraded to these (4.0) after I wore out my VEE missions...These - are- so - fast. My normal singletrack time at a local loop was 40-45 minutes geared, and I ran a "no shifts allowed" session last weekend on these tires and did it in 25 minutes! Felt like a totally different imagine if I was in shape! Also- Merlin has the best prices around.. Cheers all the way from Michigan!
These were great tires - I used them to replace the extremely heavy ones that came on my Mongoose Dolomite. This shed several precious pounds off the bike making it *MUCH* easier to lift and move around as well as to cycle with it. Took it to Burningman to truly test the desert terrain (soft sand as well as packed sand for miles on end) - held up great!
Big, light tire! So far, my experience in fluffy snow tells me I need to really air these down to get the same grip offered by a Surly Bud. The 4.8 Jumbo Jim measures about 4.3 inches on my 83mm rims, which is just 2mm shy of the Surly Bud/Lou on the same rim. But, saving nearly a pound per tire has some tradeoffs. Really well constructed tire, very high quality.
Best snow tires ever!