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Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evolution TL Ready Folding MTB Tyre - 26" is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 1st August 2019.

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Code: 1352
Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evolution tyres TL ready ( Tubeless ready ) 2015
  • Spirited grip.
  • Devilishly fast.
  • Nobby Nic combines the incompatible: It has devine grip and goes like the devil.
  • How is that possible? Triple compound - an MTB tire first -, combined with the super-fast Evolution carcass.
  • TL ready
  • Prices can vary depending on selected size
butcher Great all round 'go -to' tyre, hooks up very well in most conditions in my experience (the exception being only 'greasy' mud just after heavy rain). The are very light and surprisingly tough considering the weight. As always Merlin offer best price and delivery, many thanks!
Mr McLellan I bought the 2.25 and it came up looking like a 2.25, easy to fit , been playing around with the tyre pressures they roll just fine and as you'd expect from a new tyre they cut in good on the corners. I'm really happy with the tyre and Merlin's service so I'm ordering more Nobby Nic's for some of my other bike's.
Mr Vasey Good tyre, tried in light mud, roads and wet conditions and so far work perfectly. However, not been in deep mud yet so cannot comment on how they perform.
Mr sawicki Great all round tyre for trail riding at a great price. Lots of grip relatively few flats.
Mr Conley Hands down my favorite all around tires. Light, low rolling resistance and great traction.
Mr edmonds Ordered to replace a previous Nic tyre as I've never had an issue with them. Great grip with the evo compound, I run a Hans Dampf up front and find the combo perfect for 99% of my riding, only very deep sticky mud where you would need full mud tyres is an issue
Greg Great all Rounder! Using on front replacing a Maxxis Advantage. Very confident in corners and under braking providing grip on everything from road to moist, loose soil. Not used in really muddy conditions but grips and rolls well on most surfaces so far. Wife not too happy about the name, she's Nicola! Great price and fast delivery as usual from Merlin.
Mr Carter Great tyre, rolls fast and grips well. Great price and quick delivery
Mr Wright I've been riding these for a few years now and even managed to ride them through the winter albeit slippy slidy! My favourite tyre specially when tubeless
Mrs Worswick Had this tyre before and bought it again because of its durability
Mr Brown Brilliant tyre, a good all rounder I run 2.25 both ends and they have never let me down yet.
Mr Cooper Good, grippy tyre considering it is just 475 grams, but be warned they will not fit on DT Swiss rims, they are ridiculously tight, if you ever did get them on you certainly would never get them off again! Had to use them on a different bike where they fitted perfectly without even needing levers - weird.
rheyes On the rear these are a surprising fast tyre while still having some excellent grip. Very good in dry, loose, wet and slippery conditions, but not very good in mud. On the front they are a different story. If put on the right way around they just don't inspire any confidence in the corner, they just feel as though they want to wash out. By putting them on the wrong way around things improved, but were still not right. But the biggest problem I have had with these is getting them on and of the rims. I don't use especially wide rims, ZTR Alpine, but they are so tight it takes 2 of us to get them on.
Mr sewell A fantastic tyre. I use 2.1 as a rear tyre for uphill traction on the looser and muddier surface and it out performs any other. I may consider up front but currently use a 2.25 Ron and have not tried a larger Nic. The wear seems better than performance range too despite warnings - most likely as its harder and softer wear it needs to be.
Mr Marques Garcia Great all around tire, casing seems to be really thin but at that weight, 475g, it should be expect.
Mr Dykes Good lightweight fast rolling tyre
Mr Thompson Great tubeless tyre. Good grip with quick rolling.
Michael 4 stars - it's a very grippy tyre up front and never let me down yet but I do worry for the thin sidewalls sometimes but they haven't ripped or split on me yet after a year of training rides and races. Expensive tyre but it sure keeps your you on the trail and you can really rail some of the lines you pick with this tyre!
Mr Thompson Great product as cheap as I could find it and delivered quickly.
Mr Evans Ordered after positive reviews. Excellent all round tyre and red stripe looks good too.
Mr C Great tyre with surprising amount of grip and traction in deep mud. Still to try in dry conditions but would recommend it as a great all rounder
Mr Hartstone First ride out on these (around Cannock) they seemed quite sketchy, but after a couple more rides since then they seem to be coming into their own, and appear to be especially grippy in the wet. Its still early days and need more time on them but they are a super lightweight tyre and great value at Merlin prices. I have had a couple of punctures though so will be converting to tubeless asap and see how they fare then..
Mr Aston Great tyre for all year round use. Brilliant service (ordered one day, delivered the next) from Merlin and a great price too..
Mr ROBERTS Excellent Delivery ordered on Friday arrived Saturday morning Just what I wanted as well Thanks Mark
Mr Saunders Great tyre for Xc trails. Grips well and a good price.
Mr Hartley Great prod and fast delivery :)
Mr H. Cantanhede, Rio, Brazil Bought this tyre to replace a heavier Schwalbe that came standard on my new bike; its grip is excellent, especially in dry conditions such as mine; I ride them hard pumped, at about 32psi.
James266 Good grip tyre during cornering and off camber with low rolling resistance on the flat, but the side walls are EXTREMELY thin. I will be buying the snakeskin option the next time round.
Mr morris great all round tyre
Epictrail A great all round tyre thats now even better as its now TL ready!!
Mick Great all round tyre, best price I could find on the net and fast delivery, what more is there to say?
Mr Downer Order these from Merlin in their sale, amazing tyres, great allrounders, they roll really well and have superb traction and cornering grip in nearly all conditions. They are a bit aggresive for dry dusty conditions and can clog in really sticky mud but show me a tyre that doesn't!! amazing price and super quick delivery
Mr King Atfer ttying some Continental Rubber Queens, I have gone bavk to Nobby Nics as they offer gteat grip, rolling resistance and give me greater confidence in my riding. The price was good too, in a time where the sports popularity is driving up prices. Its a shame a pair or bike tyres can cost as much as a pair of car tyres!! Merlins great prices help the consumer tremendously and the delivery time is amazing.