Schwalbe One Folding Tyre
Schwalbe One Folding Tyre
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Schwalbe One Folding Road Tyre - £50.00 a pair The name alone indicates how significant this new tyre is for Schwalbe. It is the fastest and at the same time most reliable competition tyre they have ever made thanks to their new OneStar compound with the added protection of V-Guard under the tread.
The new racing tyre is called Schwalbe One. The name alone indicates how significant this new tyre is for the bicycle tyre manufacturer based in the German town of Reichshof. It is produced by Schwalbe in a high-end factory set up exclusively for the manufacture of this new top-class tyre. The Schwalbe One has been used by many Pro teams including AG2R and FDJ.
With its Schwalbe One the company is underlining its major objectives in cycle racing. The Schwalbe One is the fastest and at the same time the most reliable competition tyre Schwalbe have ever produced.
The new triple compound: Minimum rolling resistance, maximum cut resistance
A completely new compound, the OneStar triple compound, was developed specifically for extremely low rolling resistance. With Advances in recent years there have been major developments in compounding, without which such rubber mixes would not have been possible. As a result Schwalbe has achieved a great improvement in the familiar trade-off between rolling resistance, wet adhesion and durability. The technicians have subjected innumerable rubber mixes and more than 50 prototypes to laboratory tests and practical trials.
However, the OneStar triple compound is not only faster, it also delivers the good grip we all appreciate and it is also more cut-resistant than previous compounds. This makes the tyre significantly more puncture-resistant. The tread contour with its more robust tyre shoulder also helps to make the tyre more reliable. 
With its 205 grams the new racing tyre, due to a slight increase in the amount of material used, is just a little heavier than the Ultremo ZX. But the technical benefits more than offset this supposed disadvantage: thanks to the innovative triple compound, rolling resistance is minimized. At the same time the compound, the V-Guard and the new tread pattern make the tyre extremely puncture-resistant.
Jens Voigt from Team RadioShack Leopard Trek confirms this fact: "I am very satisfied with the performance of the Schwalbe tyres. I never experienced such wet adhesion, such great cornering with traditional, hand-sewn tubed tyres in the past. And I'm thrilled with Schwalbe's persistence and the way the company is putting its heart and soul into constantly improving these racing tyres!" 
Top Features of the Schwalbe One Folding Road Tyre
  • Schwalbes fastest and at the same time most reliable competition tyre
  • Manufactured in a separate facility built exclusively for the production of this new tyre
  • Schwalbe One has been used RadioShack Leopard Trek, AG2R and FDJ
  • Available in 700 x 23, 25, 28c
  • Weighs: 225g
  • Evolution line
  • V-Guard puncture protection
  • OneStar triple tyre compound
  • Folding tyre
  • Max PSI ratings: 85 - 130
  • Road Tyre : Yes
  • Tyre Bead: Folding
  • Puncture Protection: V-Guard
  • Wheel Size: 700c (622)
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Best ever! For those that still want to use a tube with their clincher tyre. Rolls fast, feels good and good puncture resistance.
Very pleased with this tire. As best I can see it lives up to the claim that it has less rolling resistance. My daily 22 mile ride has easily improved by .5 to .9 mph for the ride. The cornering seems excellent and the "feel" of the ride is very satisfactory at 110 psi.
What can you say, fast and sticky. For me best to have best grip and not interested in stuff like this tyre lasted three seasons. That said good wear and durability for a fast sticky tyre.
Got this to replace a Vitttoria Pro Speed G tire that ended up having a ruined carcass after a small cut in the middle of the tire. Personally I like it so far. Feels a lot stouter than the vittoria tire. Only have about 50 miles so far, but no cuts as of yet. Not even a nick. Tire seems to handle and ride very well. I will probably end up switching loyalty from Vittoria to Schwalbe.
Supple feel. As fast as continental GP4000 II and as light but feel less rigid giving nice flow over small bumps. Can't vouch for longevity yet but superb ride so far
Well, no it's not as light as a Michelin Pro4 25mm, but it does seems to roll a bit better. And it may be in my experience the easiest to mount of any.
Great tire. Switched to Schwalbe from Conti GP4000, and not looking back. Just as light, better grip, about same rolling resistance and stronger sidewalls.
Light, Fast rolling, excellent grip in wet and dry. What more could you need? Reasonable puncture resistance. Best of breed. Suited to those that ride for performance.
Fantastic value. A performance road tire that gives great feel and is long-lasting.
Great tyres havent had a puncture yet and have been riding on them for a year, they feel sticky on the road fast and comfy.
Super tyres, feel fast and very surefooted, look to be very well made
Removed my GP4000 and put these on. One word - stunning. I can't say it rolls faster than the GP4000 literally, but the smooth feeling is noticeable. Also moved to 25mm from 23mm. It really rolls better! So far this is the tire I think I will keep using
Excellent tyres. Smooth rolling and provide a great ride.
I maintain that these are the best all round 'performance-based' tyres for this kind of money. They're relatively light and puncture resistant but the main thing is their road feel, which I`ve found superior to everything but Ultremos and tubulars.
These tires were by far the easiest tires I have ever mounted. No tire levers needed and the beads popped with minimal pressure. They are not directional which was a little different than most tires I have run in the past, but most have gone to some kind of a tread pattern on the shoulders, where these are slick all the way to the bead. I have rode them several times now and they seem to have a good rolling resistance and solid grip. It is quite cold here right now so can only imagine that as the temps go up, the tires will perform even better. As far as durability, I can not say, since I have not been riding them long, but from all indications, they are a solid tire and you can't beat the quality for the price point Merlin was offering them at.
One of the best tyres I have ridden. Extremely fast down hill with super cornering ability. Wear factor is excellent and better than most other tyres I have used.
I love these tyres. 2,000 miles and counting on my first set. Great handling, fast, confidence inspiring and as a bonus, no punctures to date. I don't need a new set yet, but with a great deal at Merlin I stocked up on another couple of pairs.
Great tires, first time upgrading to these over the stock Luganos, I recommend around 90 to 100 psi for great rolling resistance and comfort. Wish these came in a box.
Grippy in both wet and dry, haven't gotten a flat yet in over 300 miles. Cant beat the price thanks to Merlin!
These tyres are light and roll really fast. Only time will tell how well they last but from first impressions I am really happy with how these tyres perform.
This tyre is not noisy. Very silent and smooth ride. More light weight, further gain most high grips than usual, cornering feel that easy. Big sale price very nice! But,somewhat short life. Rear tire used 2500km, degradation has occurred.
Quality long lasting tires that stand up to all conditions that I ride in. Ridden for 6000 kilometers this season and no flats, lots of life in them yet. Bought 3 more while the price was right
These came fitted to my bike as standard and ride really well. I've had no punctures and no spills as the grip is great. So of course I had to get a new pair to have reday for when they wear out.
They are great tyres. I bought them after my Lugano's wear off and I felt the difference from the first ride. They are fast and relatively have a good puncture protection. And Merlin's delivery was superb!
Very easy to get on (and off), supple feel, great grip and rolls smoothly over almost any surface despite the traditional 23 mm size I ordered. Perfectly happy.
Superb tire, happy so far. Used it in wet & rough asphalt conditions at a technical HIM ride. Lots of flats for other riders, none for me.
On using the latex tube, the tire are both light traveling feeling and good grip. Softness of the side shoulder to produce a cornering grip, but it is a trade-off between risk of side cut puncture.
Bought these tires to replace 23mm. I had no idea how much of a difference 2mm would make but it's very noticeable. Cornering and ride comfort are much better. Very easy to mount.
Rolls very well and feels pretty supple. Can't comment yet on puncture resistance but my other Schwalbes have been good. Bargain price for a top spec. tyre though.
I have been sweeping up old Ultremos but the day finally came to move to the Ones. Very like Ultremos, nice crumbly sticky rubber compound that saved me last weekend, and just as quick. These tyres just roll past all the Contis etc. on the downhill sections. Merlin's service was great too.
I have been using Schwalbe tyres for the last four years and haven't been let down by them in all that time. I have covered almost 3000 miles on the Schwalbe 1 since buying the first pair last year and haven't had a single puncture yet. They also saved my bacon last weekend when I came around a bend in the wet and hit some rocks. The front tyre gained traction after I bounced in the air and kept me the right side up. Fully recommend this tyre.
After my order, it came to istanbul - turkey in 11 days. It's fast and has low rolling resistance. Max tyre pressure is 145ps1.
Second set of these tires. They roll very well, handle even better and for the road conditions in southeastern Pennsylvania are more durable than I was getting out of my Continental gp4000s's. No significant cuts after roughly 3000 miles and they still have many more to go. You cannot beat the price so give them a try. You won't be disappointed.
Confidence giving - I always use these tyres (I believe Schwalbe 'One 'replaced the 'Ultremo' version). I find them very grippy, quick and good value. I ride them in winter as well as summer and dont seem to get any more punctures than anyone else in my club. Bits of thread sometimes to come away from the casing but I have learnt that has no effect on performance or longevity. I ride at circa 100psi, weigh 63kg and typically cycle 80miles per week. They are easy to take on and off.
I have been using Schwalbe durano plus, but wanted to change to a lighter faster tyre so went for Schwalbe one and found them fantastic, they are super fast and so far haven't punctured or even marked or cut and I have been over lots of gravel a few times. Happy happy happy.
Impressed with the speed and handling. I have used schwalbe for ages and a devout Ultremo fan. These are as quick (maybe quicker) ride is more supple, but they are more puncture prone. Handle and grip well in the wet, I had a puncture in the first week, despite never having one in the Ultremo.... could be bad luck as they have been problem free since. Tread is thin so ideal for the Sunday blast as I don't expect high mileage from them
Very nice tire, low rolling resistance and good traction. This is a race tire, it won't hold for more 1500 - 2000 mi, so be aware.
Best tyre I've ever bought
The delivery was very quick. I cannot fault the service. These tyres are brilliant. For such a fast tyre they do not puncture that easily although you won't get Durano type protection. Grip is excellent, even in the wet. Very happy with this purchase, thanks.
Great product, great prompt service Super Price buy with confidence :o) 2 x Schwalbe One Folding Road tyre. So much smoother ride with much less drag much more grip and confidence for cornering, climbing (the Hardshells literally were that, hard shells slipping on dry rough road, now no slipping when giving it all climbing out out of the saddle without slipping). Easy fitting on Krysurium Elites, bare hands from new
Great tyres for all road cycling rides (Crit racing, long distance and climbing/descending). Very durable too!
Very fast tire, not as durable as the Continental but built for speed.
Replaced the tyre that came with my bike, which were beaded, so a lot lighter. First thing I noticed when riding was the smoothness of the ride and also quieter. Only had a couple of rides but one in the dry and one in the wet and the tyres performed very well, so no complaints yet. Will see how they get on when I tackle the Alps at the end of May.
My favourite tyre. Allot softer than Continental Gator Skins but rolls really well.
Superb tyres, run really fast.
These tyres are fantastic, fast, grippy and a supple ride. Better than the Ultremo.
Only 300 miles in but no signs of wear, upgraded from 23 giant specific tyres to these at 25mm, noticiably more comfy and grippier without being slow. I`m a 25mm man now!
Fast and grippy! Have had one puncture, which probably puts it below some others (eg, gatorskins) for puncture protection, though still very good!
Fast rolling, very grippy tyre.