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Schwalbe One V-Guard Evolution Road Folding Tyre
Schwalbe ONE. The name alone indicated how significant this tyre is for Schwalbe. With a new tread design, improved compound and quality workmanship, the Schwalbe One sets a new benchmark in terms of quality and perforamance
  • V-Guard Evolution
  • Folding Tyre
  • OneStar Compound
  • Liteskin
  • Weight: 225g (700 x 25mm)
  • 127 TPI
Mr Canavan Bought to replace same tyres supplied with bike from new, can’t comment on longevity, but the seem to roll as well as originals, which where good.
Mr eldridge Fast supple tyre this in 25mm gives a smoother ride than a 28mm I have been using waiting to see how the vguard holds up
Gary Lovely tyres, 3000 miles for the front, the rear a bit less, can suffer with small cuts, show me a fast road clincher that doesn't. grips well in the wet and dry and seems to roll very similar to Conti 4000's II, heard a rumour they maybe stopping production of the non tubeless clincher, maybe worth stocking up....
Takis Excellent tyre, very light and durable at the same time, with great grip overall.I'm on my third pair now, very satisfied.
Anthony Great tires! All I need for this moment. Puncture protection, fast and durable.
Civic_numbers Only done a couple of rides with this on, around 150 miles but it was easy to fit, grips the road well and no marks from road debris yet.
David Great tyres. Grip well and low rolling resistance. They don't do high mileage though!
Barrie I purchased these tyres to try on my e-bike. They arrived in good time and well packed. They were easy to fit and roll well. I'm interested to find out the wear rate and puncture resistance as the e-bike is twice the weight of my road bike. On my road bike I am able to achieve 3500 miles with the odd puncture with these tyres.
Mr johnson Very nice tyre to ride, smooth & supple and they feel 'light'. I've had no punctures so far...
Robert Great all around tire. Good handling and long lasting. I have been using these for the past 2 years and will continue to use them.
Mr johnson Great tyres - light, fast and tough
Alwin One of the best clincher tyres I've used. Im on the 28's. Fast rolling, good grip and very good puncture resistance. On top of that Merlin's shipping is super prompt. Thank you.
Mr Watson Great grip even in the wet and a very durable tyre. Good price too!
Mr Gorcey Love these tires. Best I have ridden and they hold up well.
Paul Fantastic tyres no punctures thus far. Had them on over 6 months, great wearing tyre
Mr Gurganus Great tires. Light, ride good and last about 3k miles. No punctures!
Mr Vink Best all round road tire I have used
Mr Crowther Great Product! No punctures so far and feel super fast, best clincher I have used and I have tried all brands.
Mr Rue Awesome product, blue colour is a darker blue. Can not fault and fast international shipping to Australia
Peter Superb tyre. Light but strong enough to avoid most punctures.
James This is one of my most favorite tires for training and racing. Always fast and reliable. Wish sometimes that I got more miles out of them, but I am a heavier rider at 200+.
Ronald Awesome price for my tire of choice. Rolls well, corners great, and wears okay.
andrew Fast, durable tires. Best price anywhere and delivered to the USA quickly.
rohl99 Great tyres, love Schwalbe. I use them on all of my bikes and the One is the best road tyre out there. Merlin is great seller, good pricing, fast shipping and outstanding customer service. Thank you.
Greg 8000+ miles and only one puncture all year! Use them both in Summer and Winter, best tyre out there in my book.
Miss Zien I bought these for my ride from Copenhagen to Berlin and I didn't have any punctures, which was my main aim with these. Put them on with no problems, after riding through gravel, mud, cobblestones, glass in the city they show almost no signs of wear which I was very impressed with. Good grip in pouring rain. Would buy again.
Ryan I swapped out 28mm stock Espoir Sport tires with 300 mi on them with the 25mm version of these for the summer. 200 mi in, I find them to be a slightly smoother ride at 125 psi than my Espoirs at 105 psi and faster acceleration. I'm not riding these on gravel roads like I do the Espoir.