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Schwalbe One V-Guard Evolution Road Folding Tyre - 700c is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Schwalbe One V-Guard Evolution Road Folding Tyre - 2017
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Schwalbe One V-Guard Evolution Road Folding Tyre - 2017Schwalbe One V-Guard Evolution Road Folding Tyre - 700cSchwalbe One V-Guard Evolution Road Folding Tyre - 700c

This item was discontinued 21st January 2023.

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Schwalbe One V-Guard Evolution Road Folding Tyre - 700c
Schwalbe ONE. The name alone indicated how significant this tyre is for Schwalbe. With a new tread design, improved compound and quality workmanship, the Schwalbe One sets a new benchmark in terms of quality and performance.
  • V-Guard Evolution
  • Folding Tyre
  • OneStar Compound
  • Liteskin
  • Weight: 225g (700 x 25mm)
  • 127 TPI
AD Tyres look good, haven't done many miles yet so time will tell how good they are
Spinderella These have been my Go To tyres for the last 4 years - super grippy, & awesome puncture resitance.....and always at the best price on the web from Merlin Cycles!
Mr Scardina These tyres have quickly become my favourite. They are fast, comfortable, and super easy to mount without levers. As always, Merlin offers superb prices and fast shipping even to my home in California!! My favourite online cycling supply shop bar none.
Mr Jones Best tires you can get for the money! I've ridden over 2,000 (admittedly mostly dry) km on these without a puncture. New pair with tan sidewalls looks great, can recommend!
Mr Stamp Great service and tyres look as smart as you'd expect, easy to fit and no issues to date. 10/10 for value for money.
Martin Fast & supple gr8 price
Mr Scardina Love these tires so far! Very comfortable and very fast. As others have mentioned, these are super easy to mount ... without tire levers! No more pinched tubes! -.-
Noel Tan wall version. Looks great and easy to fit. Rolls well, especially with latex tubes. Grips well and wears well. Recommended.
Mildew Brought a third tyre as a spare /rotate in as the other two wear. Very very nice tyres, comfortable ride,very grippy at a steal of a price. Dont seem to cut up either.
Mr Benson Great ride and unbelievable price. I had heavier tyres previously and these are light, easy to put on the wheel and roll like a dream. Would definitely be getting more
Dr Smith Top notch service from Merlin, including advice about suitable tyres. These were recommended for my Mavic Ksyriums (not tubeless), and fitted neatly without the need for tyre levers or swearing (a first). Initial rides inspire confidence, they are light, comfortable and fast. Schwalbe has an excellent reputation for puncture resistance and longevity, and I see no reason to disagree. A bargain at this price!
Barry These tyres where great price . I have found Schwalbe one to have great grip in dry and wet conditions also a great ride
Mr O Brien Bought this with tan sidewalls and it looks great. After a string of punctures, I picked this for the v guard and it's low weight. It rolls well and iit has good grip.
Mr Skivild Looks good on the bike, has a good grip even in sharp cornering at High speed. Have not had Them for Long but so far so good.
Mr Roberts Too early to properly review these tyres although on first few rides they seem to roll well. Can't comment on their longevity but other Schwalbe tyres seem to last well. They are insanely easy to fit - no levers required and look great!
Anthony Excellent value from Merlin for a high-end, lightweight tyre. Straight out of the box, I was impressed with the material compound and light weight. Most importantly it was a breeze to fit to the wheel!
Easy rider Tyres went on the rim with some effort but no worse than other tyres I have bought. They are a step up in comfort from my old 23s, roll quickly and seem to grip pretty well (I've done about 100 miles on them). I have quite a tight old steel frame and I'm glad to say that the tyres are true to size when inflated to ~7bar.
Mr bayliss Excellent tyre roll well easy to get on the wheel
Mr Ali I am new to cycling and don't have a clue what I'm talking about. I went for the blue coloured walls because that's my favourite colour and they match my wheels. It does look pretty good i must admit. In all seriousness, they feel fast and smooth and absorb hitting potholes really well - my arms however, have not absrbed them as well. To be honest, i just want to win the £100 prize draw voucher and this review is the only way to enter. Buy this tyre - 5 star!
Mr O'Hagan Tyres look good. Easily fitted. Only out for two spins but so far so good. Really good value
Mr Sharpe Excellent speed and surprisingly grippy on corners. Love the tan walls too!
Mr W Fast rolling,. Went on a breeze.
DavidC Great tyre, reasonably light, tan walls look great, grip seems up there. Not sure if it's better than the Corsas it replaced, time will tell , but at that price it was worth a punt.
L D I've been using the ONE range for quite a few years now. Very Happy with the ride quality and believe they are one of the best for fast rolling. Great price and service as always from Merlin
Harumi 以前から気に入ってこればかりを利用します。
Mac Great value from Merlin. Arrived on time. Schwable tires are top quality and I don't expect any issues with these either. I bought these as an alternative to the Continental GP 4000 which are discontinued.
Mr Butler After many years of contemplating adding tan tires to my bike when I seen the latest offer I had to go for them, they have transformed the look of my bike and surely by this rationale I should be much quicker!!! After 200+ kms I can't comment on longevity but they grip really well and do feel marginally quicker than the Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II's they replaced.
Mr M Absolutely amazing tire. Fast, good longevity, puncture resistant. On two bikes I have about 16000 miles with one puncture. I rotate tires at 1500 miles and put new ones on at 3000. Amazing price at Merlin. Tire is better than its newest formulation re: rolling resistance, so I will stay with it as long as I can. Better than Conti GP4000 IIs against which I compare it. Only downside is very slow deliver to Canada (3 weeks+).
Mr palmer Good quality. Easy to fit. Great feel when riding and good wear period.
Mr Walker Nice tyre for sale price. Rolls nice and I bought tan wall version which looks smart on my black bike . Recommended to a friend who also purchased a couple.
Mr James A very light tyre. The usual Schwalbe quality and no problems so far.
Mr Hughes Excellent tyres at a great price. Got the tan wall version, look stunning on the bike. First ride on them was 108 miles over some dodgy surfaces, no punctures but time will tell. At the price you can’t go wrong
Mr Casimiro leves e o "grip" muito aderente e confortável
Mike China Rolling better than my previous Schwalbe ultremo ZX, unbeatable price from merlin.
Stephen Second purchase of schwalbe one tyres. Did about 5000 miles on last set without a puncture. New ones are great and are a real bargain.
Michael Tyre is easy to fit, lightweight, wish I had switched to folding tyres sooner!
Marlow Cyclist Excellent light tyre for the price, fitted easily to my rims which many other tyres did not. Not done the miles yet but time will tell on puncture resistance.
Mr Davies Excellent tyres! Switched out worn Michelin service corse 4’s and really pleased, profile looks a little wider than the corsa but roll fast and feel grippy.. don’t know about puncture protection yet but seem built very well.. great price and quality from Merlin
Mr Rowe Definitely adds some style to the bike with the tan side walls! Roll well but plenty of grip pushing into fast corners as well, have a lot of confidence I'm these. Never punctured with them and don't last to bad for tyres with great grip levels.
T Meagher Fasted tyre I've ever ridden. Very happy with it.
jack Great tyre, so much grip over my old continental's in the dry and the wet. Worth the money at this amazing price and would strongly recommend to anyone.
MARK These are superb value at under £20 each and my retro Guerciotti only takes 23mm so perfect, seem to roll very very fast, did a back to back rolling test down hill against my old Conti 4 seasons and was amazed that even over 0.2 mile they were faster by about 10% from a zero start, added latex tubes to get the rolling resistance down to about 11 watts at 100 PSI which is almost tubeless levels. Very pleased so far, you can research them on bike rolling resistance . com which gives them a top rating.
Nay Grips in dry and wet, rolls very well and very cheap compared to conti
Mr Hewitson So far so good. In the dry they roll well and feel grippy when cornering. Next stop is wet riding; plenty of opportunity for that in the North West.
Mr Hough Great trye.Look the business and and service is five star.Would definitely purchase again.
KSV Great tyres, very smooth over rough terrain and no puncture yet after 500 mile.
Mr B Great value, far more comfortable than the 23.s I had to begin with. Seem to roll better and hold pressure longer
Mr Marcks von Würtemberg I love these tires and with latex tubes it makes difference!
Mr Hayes Fit easily good grip and give that perfect retro look to my modern steel bike
mark alan Bought these tyres as I have been impressed by Schwalbe’s durano range as my winter choice. These are every bit as good and at a great price, would recommend highly.
Mr Mason Excellent summer and race tyre, moved up a size to 25mm to improve ride comfort and reduce rolling resistance as per current trend
Mr Shoesmith Great tyre, rolls well and is easy to fit.
Andrew great price, low rolling resistance
Mr Packer Bought 2 of these tyres for my road bike cant believe how easy they roll compared to previous Michelin tyres grip seems really good considering there semi slick 28 mm width seems fast and comfortable. And merlin were/ are much cheaper than anywhere else I looked
Mr Greenhough Great tyres. Low rolling resistance. Great price.
Bruso Not the most recent model but keeps on the top of the list for budget tires. Faster than the latest Pro One clincher which is around the same price.
Mark Great tyres - have found schwalbe to be more reliable than other brands and these tyres are a great balance of performance and puncture resistance - grip well in dry or wet conditions and so not feel too heavy on the wheel.
G Skin I've ridden vredstein tricomps for years and thought to give these a try. I like the look of them and feel good about the rubber, grip, but I did get a flat on my third time out with them, so I'm hoping they don't lead to a lot of flats.
Mr slegg Great tyres and a great price. Super fast delivery, just like the tyres!
paul Good price for a top quality tyre that last along time if inflated to the correct tyre pressures. Fast rolling with reasonable puncture protection.
Jeremy Nice tyres, no punctures yet. Prompt delivery
Alison Super tyres the best I’ve used.
Mr Saunders Need a new set of tyres as I put 5000k on my gp4000s and they were worn out so I went with these because of the price.all I can say is WOW compare them with my last two sets of tyre gp4000 and Michelin pro4 service course they are very quick tyres set a few p.b in the last few weeks. As for ware they still look like new after 500k I've put on them so far if I get 3000/4000k out of them I be happy . Will definitely be buying schwalbe one's /pro one's again.
francesco I rode with this just 100+ miles, they feel solid and with amazing grip to the tarmac, at the same time rolling resistance is minimum, they look untouched so far, very good deal
Damon Brown I purchased a couple of these tyres at the bargain price of £17.99 each. Incredible value for a first rate tyre. These are the third pair of Schwalbe One's I've had since the tyre was introduced and they're the first with a light tread pattern instead of the previous slick version. As before the 'One' is an excellent tyre for my abilities being fast and grippy whilst also being good at warding off punctures. Yes, there may be other faster or lighter tyres out there, There's also more substantial tyres that defend against punctures but the Schwalbe One is, in my opinion the best all round fast tyre I've come across and at is a complete bargain when offered for less than £20.
Mr McMenamin Easy to fit. Grippy and wears well.
Iain Excellent and under-rated. At least as zippy as Continental GP4000. Rarely puncture in previous 1000s of miles' use. Currently a total bargain at Merlin.
Mr Redding Excellent service and good price for tryres. Been using these for several years and wouldn’t choose to use any other at this time
Mrs Moores-Brown Fantastic , have been using for a few years
Mr Kukard I have not used these yet but tyres are not clothes, one can easily research comprehensive tests, and I believe that personal experience varies greatly with your road conditions and your weight - and how often you use patched inner tubes! Objectively, now that GP 4000s are less available due to being replaced by GP 5000s, these tyres are a really good option. They are a bit more puncture resistant than GP 4000s, just as light and rolling resistance is very good. For the money, you can’t do much better.
MICHAEL Good tyre so far, nice balance between weight, grip, paired with some latex tubes they inspire confidence.
Gareth Bingham Comfortable, grippy, quick, can't comment on how robust/hard wearing they are as only done a few hundred miles...they do however look stunning.
Mr Noorman I've been riding on these for a number of year and they've never let me down and they're well priced.
Stefano Bellote Great tires! Just installed and still have a lot to show, but the feel is really good and although they're just 25mm they're really comfy, rolling is good too I'm a lot more confident on my ride with them.
Mr LED しなやかな乗り心地、軽い乗り心地は相変わらずで良いタイヤと思います。普段履きのタイヤにするにはおしいくらいですね。
Mr Schmidt This is the longest lasting most smooth riding non tubeless tire I've used. Combined with latex tubes and these are hard to beat.
Mr Bagnall I find these tires very good as I only ride group rides, they roll very well. There is a lot of glass on the roads but very few punctures which is good to know, I do around 170 km on the week end they are avery good tire
Mr Stuckman The perfect tire for me, less resistance and extremely durable. I will only ride these tires!
Mr Cooksey After reading the reviews on Schwalbe tyres, it was time to try a pair . After nearly 500km's later I can certainly recommend this tyre for both performance and comfort. Definitely worth trying these as I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
Mr Canavan Bought to replace same tyres supplied with bike from new, can’t comment on longevity, but the seem to roll as well as originals, which where good.
Mr eldridge Fast supple tyre this in 25mm gives a smoother ride than a 28mm I have been using waiting to see how the vguard holds up
Gary Lovely tyres, 3000 miles for the front, the rear a bit less, can suffer with small cuts, show me a fast road clincher that doesn't. grips well in the wet and dry and seems to roll very similar to Conti 4000's II, heard a rumour they maybe stopping production of the non tubeless clincher, maybe worth stocking up....
Takis Excellent tyre, very light and durable at the same time, with great grip overall.I'm on my third pair now, very satisfied.
Anthony Great tires! All I need for this moment. Puncture protection, fast and durable.
Civic_numbers Only done a couple of rides with this on, around 150 miles but it was easy to fit, grips the road well and no marks from road debris yet.
David Great tyres. Grip well and low rolling resistance. They don't do high mileage though!
Barrie I purchased these tyres to try on my e-bike. They arrived in good time and well packed. They were easy to fit and roll well. I'm interested to find out the wear rate and puncture resistance as the e-bike is twice the weight of my road bike. On my road bike I am able to achieve 3500 miles with the odd puncture with these tyres.
Mr johnson Very nice tyre to ride, smooth & supple and they feel 'light'. I've had no punctures so far...
Robert Great all around tire. Good handling and long lasting. I have been using these for the past 2 years and will continue to use them.
Mr johnson Great tyres - light, fast and tough
Alwin One of the best clincher tyres I've used. Im on the 28's. Fast rolling, good grip and very good puncture resistance. On top of that Merlin's shipping is super prompt. Thank you.
Mr Watson Great grip even in the wet and a very durable tyre. Good price too!
Mr Gorcey Love these tires. Best I have ridden and they hold up well.
Paul Fantastic tyres no punctures thus far. Had them on over 6 months, great wearing tyre
Mr Gurganus Great tires. Light, ride good and last about 3k miles. No punctures!
Mr Vink Best all round road tire I have used
Mr Crowther Great Product! No punctures so far and feel super fast, best clincher I have used and I have tried all brands.
Mr Rue Awesome product, blue colour is a darker blue. Can not fault and fast international shipping to Australia
Peter Superb tyre. Light but strong enough to avoid most punctures.
James This is one of my most favorite tires for training and racing. Always fast and reliable. Wish sometimes that I got more miles out of them, but I am a heavier rider at 200+.
Ronald Awesome price for my tire of choice. Rolls well, corners great, and wears okay.
andrew Fast, durable tires. Best price anywhere and delivered to the USA quickly.
rohl99 Great tyres, love Schwalbe. I use them on all of my bikes and the One is the best road tyre out there. Merlin is great seller, good pricing, fast shipping and outstanding customer service. Thank you.
Greg 8000+ miles and only one puncture all year! Use them both in Summer and Winter, best tyre out there in my book.
Miss Zien I bought these for my ride from Copenhagen to Berlin and I didn't have any punctures, which was my main aim with these. Put them on with no problems, after riding through gravel, mud, cobblestones, glass in the city they show almost no signs of wear which I was very impressed with. Good grip in pouring rain. Would buy again.
Ryan I swapped out 28mm stock Espoir Sport tires with 300 mi on them with the 25mm version of these for the summer. 200 mi in, I find them to be a slightly smoother ride at 125 psi than my Espoirs at 105 psi and faster acceleration. I'm not riding these on gravel roads like I do the Espoir.