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Schwalbe Pro One Microskin TL-Easy Tubeless Road Tyre Set – 700c is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Schwalbe Pro One Microskin TL-Easy Tubeless Road Tyre Set – 700c
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Schwalbe Pro One Microskin TL-Easy Tubeless Road Tyre Set – 700cSchwalbe Pro One Microskin TL-Easy Tubeless Road Tyre Set – 700c

This item was discontinued 11th March 2021.

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Schwalbe Pro One Microskin TL-Easy Tubeless Road Tyre Set – 700c


The Schwalbe Pro One MicroskinTL-Easy tubeless road tyre set includes everything you’ll need to run your road tyres tubeless helping you to benefit from lower rolling resistance, a more-supple ride, enhanced grip and decreased overall weight. With a patented Microskin construction Schwalbe’s Pro One boasts significant weight reduction and decreased rolling resistance while increasing puncture protection.

To make your tubeless setup as easy as possible Schwalbe have put together this user-friendly kit which includes two 25mm Schwalbe Pro One tubeless road tyres, Doc Blue latex tyre sealant, Easy Fit sponge applicator and a practical tyre valve wrench.



• 2x 25mm Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless tyres
• 1x 50ml Easy Fit
• 1x 60ml Doc Blue
• Valve wrench

Mr J Jones Tires mounted up tubeless on Campy WTO wheels perfectly. I did have to use an air compressor to do the initial seating, but a track pump might have worked if I paid more attention to the bead alignment next to the valve. The front tire originally was losing pressure slowly (prior to riding it). I contacted Schwalbe and they said to go ride it! It is now sealed up perfectly. The tires ride very nicely. 25c tires on Campy WTO 45 rims measure 27c actual width, by the way, which is perfectly aero with this wheel.
Ashley Good product, coming in a great value pack, but don’t believe the tubeless easy title! Once fitted though, perform really well. These are replacement for the older version and seem better
Mr Gethings I found these tubeless tyres easy to fit and set up. Out on the road they roll great with good grip. I run them at 90psi for comfort without the risk of pinch flats.
Mr Rycroft Keep replacing like for like as they are so good. I have reviewed these tyres in more detail earlier and still, IMO, are one of the best tubeless tyres and great value for your money.
Mr Shich A sealant is also included, so it's a good first tubeless tire.
Mr Delfs Terrific tyre, very fast and hopefully durable.
Mr Jarrett A very good tubeless tyre, good also for county roads with a coarse road surface.Good grip on tight corners as well.
Mr Felsher I haven't tried them yet, but my friend has used them for a long time and has never had to stop and change a tire. I'm going to try them out this weekend and look forward to going tubeless at around 60-70 psi.
Mr hattan I've bought these as a recommendation by a friend - yet to see how long they last but they are suitably grippy so far. The kit was very easy to use although I had to waste a CO2 cartridge to inflate them.
O. Timothy Unbelievable! This tire tracks! Setting DH PRs without trying. Sweet is all I have to say.
Mr Nistler Great as always and very easy to mount!
Mr Nistler I bought these to have one back up and replace another and promptly blew out both of my old tires while these were on the way. Very glad I bought two! Schwalbe Pro Ones and Merlin were both great choices for me, as always!
Darren Great tyres, easy fitting. Will purchase again
Mark Mega impressed by these. I live in a flinty area and cuts to tyres are a common occurance. However after a couple of months of daily riding with these I pleased to report zero punctures. Kit also includes a fitting kit, which is fantastic too, each tyre on and inflated in less than 5 minutes. Possibly my favourite purchase of 2019.
Mr Ong This is the best tubeless tyre in the tubeless category. It come with the easy install & sealant which make this buy valuable & worth for money. Hassle free for buyer to look for the tubeless kits... if the manufacturer can include the Tubless rim tape, that will make this package to unbeatable & excellent deal!!!
Alejandro Best tubeless tires in the market right now.
Jeffrey Pro Ones are the best tubeless tires I have found to date and installation on my Knight wheels require no tools. They ride great and have shown good puncture resistance.
chase Great tires. Had to mess with one more than the other to seal, but I had them all done in a couple hours. Rides comfortable, smooth, and fast.
Mr Read Great value and came with everything needed for a first time tubeless user. Tyres run nicely and seem to have very little rolling resistance.
Mr Casey I`ve been riding Conti GP4000S tyres for years. Grip wise these are a massive improvement in feedback and grip. No idea on durability yet, but looking good.
Joseph Great tires. Relatively lightweight without sacrificing sealing performance. All tubeless materials included in box.
Stuart First time using tubeless and new wheels (Prime 38mm carbon) so my experience my not be typical. Very tight to put on, the container of Schwalbe Easy-On really didn't help. Nice that you get the sealant and tires together. Time will tell how they function
Gregory I didn't believe that tubeless tyres could make a noticeable difference until now! These are subtle, compliant and very, very fast creating a sense of confidence!
Darren Been running the Pro One tyres for quite some time and covering a reasonable amount of km's each year. Very happy with the performance, loads of grip and good feedback when descending. Wear rate is acceptable for this softer compound tyre but not alarming, I much prefer to have the grip than the extra km's. Mounting the tyres onto my Giant SLR wheels is a bit hit & miss, even using the Schwalbe fitting kit! I suppose it very much depends on the wheelset...All in all, great performing tyres and at a decent price from Merlin for the kit!
Mr Heathfield-Eliott Firstly I would like to thank Merlin for the speedy delivery. I was in desperate need of replacement tyres and got them in the nick of time. As for the tyres, I cannot say I have put them to the test yet. I have done one 200km ride in soaking conditions. The tyres performance was first class. They handled the tricky wet conditions extremely well. No slipping what so ever. I was extremely pleased with how easy they were to fit on my rims. Having read many reviews about fitting tubeless, I was quite apprehensive about this process. Well I can say that I fitted both front and rear tyres without any hassle. So far I am very happy with these tyres.
Mr Chan Moving to these tubeless are a revelation. Very low rolling resistance make it easy to reach top speed and hold it.
Mark This is my second set of Schwalbe Pro One 25mm tubeless tires. I am going to replace the rear soon as it is starting to get a little bit flat (instead of the normal rounded contour when new) from wear. Mind you, this is after nearly 4000 miles of riding on this tire. Pretty good I`d say. I ran this tire tubeless on a set of. Zipp 303 NSW wheels. Installation was easy.. I never got a single flat. My wife also has this tire in 28mm and also has not had a single flat. We both use Orange Seal. These tires ride really nice with excellent grip on cornering. Look for the 2-pack when purchasing as it represents the best value.
Andrew Accurate description as these were easy to set up tubeless. Tyres were super tight on the wheels but not sure if this was the tyres being small or the rims big. On wide rims these tyres came up about 27mm wide. First 100km has left a good impression of on road tubeless.
Mr özdamar Used this tyre in an ironman race and a granfondo race. It rolls well and also sticks well in technical descent turns. Very good price point!
Adam Was nearly reduced to tears mounting these to a set of 35mm carbon rims. Apart from that hiccup, I`m very happy with these tyres. Fast, grippy, look good.
Mr Lutz This is my 4th set of these tires. They hold up well on regular roads, but wear fast on gravel roads. Very fast and smooth. No issues mounting or inflating.
Michael Super tires. I've been using them for years.
Mr Rycroft Been using the Pro One tyres on both my bikes now for quite some time. Love the feel of these tyres compared to my earlier Giant Gavia tyres. There is a trade off as the Gavia's were harder and therefore lasted longer but with less grip or feel. The Pro One's are softer, grippier and therefore wear faster but give so much more feedback. This transpires into more confidence when cornering or descending, this is a priority for me, more so than the extra mileage!
j.c Brilliant tyres, reasonably easy to fit, easy to inflate. Feel good
Yeomeo The reason you stay with tubeless once you've made the switch.... Increased grip (particularly good), comfort (tubeless) and peace of mind that a thorn or a pinch won't get have you calling the "fun moderator" for a lift home at 0630 on a Sunday morning. If you hit a piece of flint with less than 55psi, expect to have to use an "innovations"-"sticky anchovy/thingy". Anything but a sidewall slice should otherwise be ignored and cycling continued. I now carry a small bottle of sealant in my repair kit (59ml) and innovations "anchovies" instead of a tube, CO2 & inflator chuck. Yes, I recommend these tyres.
Velo Phoenix Only fitted tubeless during my mechanic training so this was a 1st doing it for myself. Went really well and was straightforward. Was a bit concerned not having a compressor for the inflation fit. I do have a good track pump and this worked a treat. No issues so far 1 week after the fit.