Sorry, this product is no longer available!
SealSkinz Merino Cycling Glove Liner is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 3rd July 2019.

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Code: 1211430
Mernio Wool Glover liners, ideal to be worn under SealSkinz waterproof gloves.


Every cyclists knows that to have cold, wet fingers on a ride can be uncomfortable to say the least! Not to worry you think; you have invested in waterproof gloves – awesome you’re all set - not quiet! Halfway through your winter cycle, your dry fingers are still feeling the chill, step in the Merino cycling glove liner.  They hug your hand perfectly to fit inside waterproof gloves and made with merino wool for complete comfort.  Ideal to have on hand, just in case!


What can you expect from the Sealskinz Merion Cycling Glove Liner?

  • High Merino wool content for extra comfort and increased moisture control
  • Full finger for added warmth and extra weather protection
  • Close-fitting allowing them to be worn under any SealSkinz gloves
Dermot Warm and snug fit :)
Mr Brunner As an inner glove a good product for very cold days.
Ms Penlington Good for inside an oversize glove or on their own.
Mr Abitbol Used these all through the canadian winter as an underglove to simple cross country gloves. They provided added warmth! There's no humidity with these! Not disappointed!
Jimmy Nice light weight liner to wear in addition to over gloves for cold days...
Stephen Keeps hands warm even during sub zero temperatures
Mr László Very comfortable gloves!
Sebastian Very warm liners with a very nice feeling on my hands. No sizing problems as mentioned in other reviews (normally using size L gloves).
Mr Dettorre I bought a pair of merino warmers from Merlin last year but my wife got cold hands on the last ride so I gave mine to her. These are MINE! I wouldn`t say the liners will keep you extremely warm but it really depends on the outer layer gloves. I wore a pair of UA fleece with the liners the other day. Felt a little chill but temps were in upper 20s F. I pulled the liner out of one glove and after about 5 minutes decided to put it back in. Felt about twice as warm :) I suggest using them with looser fitting gloves as the extra space allows warm air to stay in the gloves providing more heat. The liners can`t beat chemical hand warmers but are more than adequate for temps in the 20-40s range. Lower 20s with medium weight windproof gloves I`d go with the liners and chemical handwarmers.
Mr marten I wear these gloves every day since they arrived from the UK 10 days ago. Together with the sealskinz highlander gloves they keep my hands warm in freezing temperatures (35 degrees) on my 20 mile daily commute. They just work. Delivery was fast and price was better than any seller in the US. I'm very happy with this purchase. Thanks!
Mr cho This liner glove is thin but warm, -7 degrees use with the wind proof gloves, I kept dry all the time It's cheap, but it's a good product...
Mr Le Jeune Prima te gebruiken in combinatie met de Sealskinz All Weather Cycling Gloves voor de echte koude dagen.
Cath I have Reynauds so need to keep my hands warm all winter. These are great, a little big for me but work well as a liner under cycling and running gloves or on their own.
Thomas Good gloves, good value. A little tight but OK.
David Lynch Fit is good. Expected too short in finger so stretch is good. Fit well under other gloves though a little thicker than silk liners they replace.
Kenneth Very warm and nicely made
Mr Durant Good liner glove, keeps my hands warm and non intrusive. Still plenty of feel for gears and brakes.
Mr D Was looking around for a glove liner (preferably merino) when I ran across Merlin cycles - price was less than amazon for the same item (including shipping) so I took a chance on an overseas order. Merlin did not disappoint. Shipping was held up in NY (due to a winter storm) but gloves came today. Fit well, thin but warm. Happy with purchase - merino wool rocks! Breathable, comfortable and warm.
Jon Great glove liner that seems to be sturdier than liners I've had before (Icebreaker Merino liners) although with that sturdiness comes a little more bulk. I wore these under a pair of medium Craft Siberian Cycling Gloves and it was a snug fit, but after a hour of riding there was no discomfort. The merino material seems to stop excess sweatiness and is very comfortable for riding, with no loss of sensation on the handlebars when changing gears, braking or handling the bike.
Paul Good added warmth for cold mornings
Janette One size glove liner. Easy to wear and fit snugly underneath outer sealskins waterproof gloves. Long fingers suitable for men or women with long fingers. Long cuffs to fit snugley on the wrist
Carol Very nice tight gloves, warm and windproof, bargain price as well off Merlin
Mr Robinson Ok for liners but a little tight for a size large. I don`t have hands like shovels but I'd recommend XL for most people.
Trudgett Really excellent value for a great performing inner glove. I purchased these great merino wool gloves to use as a liner or 2nd glove within my winter gloves. They are thin, but work really well without becoming bulky or losing feeling on the controls. I would highly recommend.
hudson Good liner to wear under regular or winter gloves as weather turns cooler or cold.
Tiago Vieira Very nice, perfect for use under my summer gloves.
Mr Jackson Good fit inside other gloves. Maybe not as warm as expected, but OK