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Selle SMP Dynamic Road Saddle
The DYNAMIC model is the ideal seat for intensive training or free time cycling. It uses the structure of the Forma model joined with minimal padding. It is covered in real leather in the black versions and microfiber in the colored versions. It has excellent “all-around” features and is particularly suited for the medium-wide pelvis. The Dynamic model has foamed elastomer padding where the ischial tuberosities and rear rest. The patented features by Selle SMP, such as the completely free central channel, the original eagle-beak nose and the raised rear give these models an interesting aerodynamic touch. In virtue of its very small padding it is particularly suited for thin people with medium-wide pelvises.
  • Weight: 260g
  • Dimensions: 274 x 138mm
  • Padding: Foamed elastomer
  • Body: Nylon 12 filled carbon fiber
  • Covering: Real Leather
  • Frame: AISI 304 Stainless steel tube
Greg Upton This saddle is awesome. Without doubt the best and most comfortable saddle I have ever had.
Darren Using the SMP Dynamic for the first time felt a little strange but after a few ride, I really like the saddle. Having recently had a top bike fit carried out, this was recommended, I tried the test saddle for a few weeks and felt comfortable with it right away. Not the lightest of saddles, there are lighter saddles in the range but it is very comfortable and keeps you in the right position for maximizing your efforts. I regularly ride over 100 km with no issues at all...
Sanh I'm still ending up using this saddle brand. I had a Selle SMP Extra before than decided to change another brand (Fizik) for a try but I had been hurt from my sensitive part. Switching back this model, its sweet! No more trouble. Had feeling I hadn't sit on this saddle on my 50+ miles ride! Great saddle & perfect fit my body geometry. Recommend this to whoever has sensitiveness on a bike saddle.
Dr Anderson I haven't had too much time to really get this saddle broken in yet. However, this is already by far the most comfortable saddle I've used. This was replacing a Specialized Toupe saddle on my Tarmac (which is a widely liked saddle itself). The most noticeable thing about this saddle is that due to the anatomic contours, there is more surface area contacting your body. Simple physics would tell you that with increased surface area you get a reduction in pressure. Kind of like a snowshoe in reverse. For this saddle, you really stay more or less in the same position when changing handlebar grips, but instead of adjusting on the seat forward or backward, its more of a change in the tilt of your pelvis/hips. Overall a great concept.
Chris Prax On long rides I found that I was losing feeling in my genitalia (if not all feeling!). This was quite a concern and after a bit of research and advice I purchased the Selle SMP Dynamic Road Saddle. I am very pleased to announce that this has resolved all my issues + I have found the seat to be extremely comfortable and thoroughly recommend it.
Mr Nelson Very pleased with this saddle. Been on a couple 40-50km rides and all appears well. Saddle is well made and looks great on the bike. Very impressed with the delivery to US in 6 days.
Rickard Seems to be good craftmanchip with good quality and a scent of leather. Was looking for a saddle with a wider center channel than my beloved Romin PRO 143 mm because of a lump that arose between my sitting bones after a infected wound. Aprox 4.5 cm wide channel on this saves me with this specific problem. Compared to Romin Moore rocker and a bit narrower but I Will be able to go far with this as well. Approx 265 grams heavy otherwise it would be 5 stars!