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Selle SMP Well Road Bike Saddle is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 13th December 2019.

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Selle SMP Well Road Bike Saddle
The Selle SMP Well Saddle is made with an ample dose of padding, along with the brand's proven pressure-relief design to ensure newcomers to the sport remain supported and comfortable on their bikes.
The Well is best suited for cyclists with medium-wide and wide pelvises, as it features a longer and wider body, with more padding, than other models in this range. At the nose, there's the characteristic "beak" shape designed to provide a flat base while sitting, without excessive pressure on the genital area. SMP's pronounced central channel was also incorporated, which further reduces pressure on the pudendal nerve and surrounding soft tissue. The back of the saddle is raised for an enhanced seated pedaling position, where body weight is divided between the rear and lower part of the ischial tuberosity region. This shape also helps reduce overall pressure on the coccyx while riding over rough surfaces.
  • Use: MTB, Road
  • Dimensions: 280 x 147mm
  • Padding: Elastomer
  • Body: Nylon reinforced with carbon fibre
  • Cover: Synthetic
  • Rail: Steel
  • Weight: 280g
Mr. McLennan Definitely the most comfortable saddle I have ever used--and great for the endurance events and sportives I do. I put my review of this saddle on hold until I had sufficient time to test it,and I can say that after finishing a 206 mile double century, everything hurt except my back side--and I had no numbness, aches, chafing or discomfort of any kind in the nether regions during or after the event. As everyone knows, saddles are very personal and there is no one size fits all, but for me, this one really seems to work a treat. Looks great on my bike as well....
Mr PADRE The saddle is good, gives more comfort for long rides, no numbness issues. Great price in Merlin.
Mr Clyde Looks great and very comfortable. I should have bought this a long time ago.
Ms Colmo One of the top line and most comfy type of saddles in MTB. I love it
Mr Popelier Bloody awesome seat, very comfortable with padding or without, wish I had bought it first and not wasted time buying others.
Mr Fritz Fits me well, less load on the soft tissue and more on the bone and you tend to slide unwillingly much less, looks really good is a bonus
Ken Matheson The usual disclaimer for saddle reviews - it's very personal. I've tried quite a few SMP saddles in the past, as well as other saddles with cut-outs, troughs etc. but never got on with any of them. Eventually I settled for a rounded saddle, with a dip in the middle (Fizik Aliante or similar) and believed that I felt better with pressure distributed over a wide area. Recently I've had to ride more slowly, and on flat roads, so more pressure and time on the saddle. The result is some discomfort and numbness which caused me some concern. I hadn't tried the SMP Well before but it met my needs in terms of shape, size and padding - and I was also attracted by Merlin's price. Well I'm glad that I tried it. So much so that it is now my saddle of choice - and I can even manage an hour on the turbo trainer with no problems. If your preferences are similar to mine, and you're looking for a different saddle, give the SMP Well a try. Delivery from Merlin was rapid as usual.
BK Nice seat, good fitting options, but not as padded as what I was hoping for. Hopefully once the seat and my butt have broken in a bit more it will be more comfortable!
Wigmore A very comfortable saddle. Just what the doctor ordered, literally due to my medical condition.
Imseih Unlike the photos here on Merlin, this saddle is now stamped "Well" on the side, not "Hell" (I got my saddle in Jan 2017 but there is older stock out there with "Hell" on the side if you look hard enough). This saddle is a very different cycling experience. They hold you up along the pelvic bones running between your thighs, not only by the 2 sitbones at the very back of your pelvis (which most other saddles would rely on). Some people have complained about bone soreness but SMP recommends waiting for 2-3 weeks of regular cycling for the nerves to de-sensitise. I must have been pretty de-sensitised already because I didn't think this was uncomfortable, just a bit strange (in a really good way). I've tried the Drakon and Dynamic and I'd say this saddle is closer to the Drakon but with a bit more padding on top and the sides. The overall profile is very similar to the Forma line of saddles (which includes the Drakon and Dynamic) so it makes an excellent entry saddle for the SMP range. It's a firm saddle. The body flexes a bit when you hit bumps which is good. One advantage of this saddle over the more expensive models is that this saddle is better suited for commuting in regular clothes. I found the leather SMPs too grippy on cotton or denim whereas the material on this saddle lets you fall into the dip really easily and get comfortable quickly. Also, there's a bit more padding on this one - not so good for extra long rides but great on shorter rides of 10-20km. I'm using this saddle on a fixed gear track back with steep frame angles and find I have to run it level for it to work for me. The other SMPs didn't work at all at any angle - I just kept sliding forwards. SMP recommends running their saddles level to 5% nose down so you should experiment on your own bike to be sure. Compared to the 10 other saddles I have, this one has a big advantage - takes most of the pressure off the perineum and soft tissue so no numb nuts or other weird tingles.
Steve Rowe Awesome saddle. After learning a few years back that a saddle is not just a saddle & beginning the search, I have been riding Specialized saddles. When I put flat bars on my Specialized Roubaix I decided to try the SMP. Well. Can't say that it is better, but it holds its own and I would not think of putting another saddle on this bike. Nice width for my borderline medium to wide sit bones and thank you Selle SMP for making a saddle that is not leather saving me a great deal for something I don't care about.
Johnson I've struggled to find a saddle for road cycling for years, but finally I've settled on this. It's extremely comfortable and very supportive. The channel goes from front to back and really help reduce numbness. I now have the same saddle on both my bikes.
welsh Great price, quick delivery. This saddle suits me fine. I have an enlarged prostate so I need maximum pressure relief which this gives me.