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Shimano 105 5700 Groupset - Black is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Shimano 105 5700 Groupset - Black
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Shimano 105 5700 Groupset - BlackShimano 105 5700 Groupset - Black

This item was discontinued 11th December 2015.

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Chain Options
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Groupset includes:

  • Chainset - 34/50 or 39/53
  • Bottom bracket
  • Front mech (Braze-on)
  • Rear Mech
  • STI levers - now with consealed cables
  • Brake Calipers
  • Cassette
  • Chain
  • All cables
  • All components in black
  • All parts are aftermarket boxed
  • Excludes hubs

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105 truly is the best shimano group, and only getting better. If I was upgrading my bike I wouldn't think twice. If I was buying a new bike I might push for Ultegra, but really no need. A joy to maintain, repair and replace.
This came well wrapped and it was like Christmas opening up the box. The components look fantastic. I got the black and it looks unbelievable on the bike. I love 105 so I don't have to sell it but it is smooth and shifts great every time so far. I am in the US and the price is crazy for where I live. No one could touch the price. It was a great upgrade move.
Excellent groupset. A massive step up from the Sora which I replaced, and not far behind the Dura-ace on my other bike. Shifting is crisp and precise. The trim feature on the front derailleur is very useful, and brakes are light and strong. Great value compared to Ultegra and Dura-ace. The only negative is that the levers are tricky to install as the attachment bolt is at the top of the lever and it is difficult to get the rubber hood rolled back far enough to get access.
Excellent value for money. Used for nearly a year daily and no maintenance problem. Brakds and gears work as good as any. I have raced on this bike a few times and found no difference in my performance.
All parts are top quality. Shifting feels so smooth. The derailleurs were setup and adjusted once, after that they were indexed and stayed that way.
The Shimano 105 5700 Groupset is fantastic. It has transformed my bike.
A great mid-level groupset. Easy to install and dial in out of the box. The grips feel on the larger size so small hands might want a smaller hood. The 39/53 in the front and 11/28 in the back is ideal for hilly riding/commuting. I really like how streamline the cable are coming out of the levers but it doesn't come with barrel adjustors for the braze-ons.
Great product at the right price, setting up the gears was a breeze & too easy to maintain.. 105 has come on leaps and bounds and looks good in black.
Excellent groupset and love the way the components look in black (I previously had silver - constantly looks dirty!). I can really feel the difference between this and my old Tiagra 4500 - It's also nicer to have upgraded to a 10 speed from a 9 speed because there's a smaller difference in number of teeth between two of my most commonly used gears. Comes with everything you would expect - the only other things I needed in my basket were tools and bar tape.
Really smooth shifting. I am very impressed, having only riden ultegra and sram red before this is every bit as good.
Excellent kit and an excellent price. I think Shimano 105 is the sweetspot in the Shimano range in terms of price/performance. This is the first full and new group set I've ever had and it hasn't disappointed. I'm just looking forward for a break in the weather to put more miles on it.
I purchased this to upgrade the out dated and rather clunky shimano sora that came on my bike. I'm really impressed. It didn't make much difference to the overall weight of my bike but the brakes are better and the gear are a vast improvement over the sora. Highly recomended
Great group set, easy to fit. Has put new life into my bike.
Having had the sora groupset I thought long and hard about this relatively expensive upgrade. Having purchased and gone ahead with the install - it is like having a new bike. Brakes are tight and gear shifting is smooth and quiet. Chain was a bit of a faff - but I ended up using the old quick link on my previous chain. Gear ratio is good too! Especially as I live round Edinburgh. My only negative was the instructions given by shimano - but a quick google found them for me :) Excellent service by merlin too!
Great really smooth shifting and light to use, big leap forward from 5600.
This is my second groupset from Merlins!!!!!!! Extremely happy with purchase and excellent product
Installed last week and tested over the weekend. Everything works perfect! Thanks again merlin! From Houston, TX Nathan
Looks great, well made and for a good price.
Excellent customer service when I had a query and very fast delivery. Thanks
This product was just as described, It is one of the best value for money groupsets on the market
Really good group set for training. Easy to install and adjust. Everything you would expect from Shimano components.
I bought this to upgrade my Ridgeback World Voyage from its Shimano 2300 shifters and deore/alivio cassette/crankset so consider everything I state in this review to be a comparison against the old components. The build quality is very impressive, the levers in particular are very well built and inserting the brake cable is much easier than in 2300 shifters. The brake leavers lean out slightly which makes them easier to grab and they are very ergonomic. Everything look solid and has a high quality finish. The weight of the parts is noticeably lighter (just by holding one in each hand) especially in the crank set. The hardest part to remove from my bike was the old BB this is why, in my opinion external BBs (hollowtech II) are so much better. As they sit outside of the frame you can really get some good leverage on the cups and remove them much easier. I have ridden with these components for over 100 miles now and the shifting is still fast and smooth, much more so than my old groupset and the levers feel much better. I am also enjoying shifting while down on the drops as my 2300 levers only had thumb triggers for shifting. Overall its a very solid groupset which I trust to last me a long time, its also worth mentioning that me and my friends tandem has most of a 105 groupset (except cranks) on it and it performs excellently there as well.
Excellent deal, amazing product very happy with this company
Excellent performance / value for money - great on line price. Using on my winter bike and it's seems to be a good weight + shifting is spot on.
All groupset parts in stock, next day delivery, best UK price on the net. Merlin delivers the goods again. (Get it?) Sorry..
Outstanding quality and the best price in the UK. These look great and work like a dream
Great groupset, really good value for money all components work smoothly, feels good quality when you use it. I can't fault this groupset!
Awesome delivery time to Australia and the best price I could find. Stoked with the groupset and will be buying from Merlin again.
Great group set. Quick delivery and had everything well packaged as expected. In fact, fantastic groupset. Recommended!
Everything came as described, my new bike rides great! It was the first order to arrive at my house in the US, faster than everything else that was shipped within the country. This was the absolute lowest price I saw anywhere for this groupset!
i bought this group a fortnight ago to build myself a winter bike. recent rain has seen me get lots of use from this bike already. great groupset, I've owned a number of Shimano groups in the past including 5600 a few years back, my summer bike is running 7900; this is one of the best. whilst the finish is not quite so polished as the 7900 the function is excellent. it is actually running better than my 7900 bike. i guess this could be as a result of better set up or simply the fact that it's newer, nevertheless at a third of the cost of 7900 you can't go wrong here. i've already put 400 miles on it. it runs smoothly and it looks fine, i am particularly impressed by the brakes. previously i've always spent out on kool stop/swissstop pads but the 105 pads brake just as well. a minor point i suppose, but a good sign. my only regret is buying it in black as this appears to have been achieved through paint rather than anodising. therefore, any scrapes will show up bright silver. buy this in silver and i don't think you'll have anything to criticise. 5700 may well be a little heavier than 7900, but i'd suggest that one less piece of toast before your ride will rectify this. the heavier materials may well result in a longer life, i've found dura ace chains last about 1000-1500 miles before they need changing, i've a sneaking suspicion that the chain on this group will last longer as the pins are not hollowed out and and heavier materials are often stronger. i'm sure that this comparison is relevant to the other components as well. dura ace is great if you're a pro who has his kit serviced/replaced every day by a mechanic, who needs reliabilty then? but for mere mortals like us i'd say that the only benefit of dura ace over 105 is the bling factor... ah so that's what it is!
Great package-price
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but I just finished the build this morning. Mounted the groupset on my new specialized tarmac frame, and to my amazement, the whole thing was in the sweet spot. Not a sneeze, or a studder. Ran it around the block trying to get some noise out of it. But it was smooth as silk. 105 Groupsets are just beautiful. I just really couldn't be happier. And shipped from Britain to SoCal in three days for free. You guys are the good guys. Larry
Looks good, competitive price, can't wait to get it on the bike! Ordered on Tuesday and itarrived safe and sound on Thursday.
Looks great, works great- all the features of the higher groupsets. I actually think the black looks better than the integra grey. Merlin's deal on this is great- can't go wrong.
Great shifting, has made such a difference to my bike! Stiff light and easy to use too!
It is felt as jet-black black, and it comes out and he is smart!! While ultegra, Dura-Ace, etc. are on a higher rank, 105 are satisfying Components also at appearance or performance!!