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Shimano CN-5701 105 10 speed chain
  • Super Narrow Hyperglide (HG) series 10-speed compatible directional chain, recommended for 105 drivetrains
  • Chain uses a directional design with specifically shaped inner and outer plates to optimise shifting over the chainset and cassette
  • Outer plate design has been developed to reduce the chance of chain suck
  • The inner plate has been developed for better contact with gears providing smoother shifting under high load, giving efficient pedalling, increased rigidity, and near silent running
  • Durability is assured through a chromising treatment on link pins, and the heat treatment of rollers, pins, and plates
  • For use with double chainset only
  • 5.88 mm chain width, optimised for 10-speed Super Narrow HG drivetrains
  • 110 link, may be a little short for wide ratio gear setups
Anthony 3 times cheaper price than what I would have paid here in Montréal. 105 Chain is good quality.
Mr MCGANN A great price for a quality shimano chain that works perfectly with my 105 groupset.
Mr Dominguez In my opinion this represents the best value shimano chain. Why pay more for Ulterga or Dura Ace for something that needs replacing regularly. Can't fault.
Mr Earl 105, smooth, dependable and cheap. The higher spec groups wont make you any faster, they just lighten your wallet.
Mr Dickson Excellent Shimano quality, excellent shifting when matched with Shimano 105 Cassette
Mr Gledhill Direct replacement for my old chain - very smooth
Andre Ahhhh, the Shimano 105 chain completes the 105 drivetrain and makes all the difference in the world. Shifts are clean and crips and the best part is that now I can use all 20 gears on the compact/10 speed combo. Bless you Merlin Cycles!
John in South Carolina Haven't installed the new chain yet, but the original it is to replace has served me very well. 6 years and many 1000s of miles and still shifts well. I learned something new about chains recently. I am an older guy, and have fixed my own bike for 40+ years. I took my old chain off my bike (with Shimano 105 10 speed rear gearing) for cleaning a couple months ago, using my trusty Park chain tool. And I put it back on, again using my chain tool and the original rivet. Six weeks later, the chain breaks while on a ride, leaving me stranded. Why? Turns out, you cannot reuse the "rivets" on a Shimano 105 10 speed chain! Because the chain plates are now so thin, the rivets are formed on the ends during manufacture to spread them and keep them from working out of the chain. Pushing the rivet out with the chain tool breaks the formed end off, and the same rivet reinserted will not remain secured. Shimano sells a special rivet pin for rejoining the links, and includes one as required with a new chain. The alternative is use a 3rd part master link, for example from KMC, which is what I used to fix my broken chain. I'm sure all the young guys knew about this already because they grew up with it. But hopefully this will save some of the older bike guys out there from making the same mistake I did.
Mr Midmore I bought a Sensa Romagna Special from Merlin Cycles nearly 2 years ago. I use the bike for my daily commute & now - some 6.5K miles later - things unsurprisingly have worn-out. Love the bike, so I have treated it to some new Shimano 105 parts. Now as good as new. Thank you Merlin Cycles for all the good gear together with excellent service.
Dominic Bought the bundle with the cassette and had forgotten how much difference it makes. Drivetrain feels so much smoother now, almost like a new bike. And insanely quick delivery as usual from Merlin, ordered Sunday evening, delivered Tuesday morning!
Mr Dyke Simplistic and reassuringly sturdy to install. Required wet lubrication out of the box. Well priced chain which is bedding in as desired.
Mr Blackford My "go to" road chain.
Mr Grant The instructions to install were easy to follow. Connector pin was a bonus. All you need is a chain-breaker and you're done. Great chain for a great price
Mr Silvestrin Very good chain, works perfect with 105 groupset
wighty Great chain use these on all my bikes !! not much difference with ultegra
Cliff Dobson Good value 10 speed replacement chain although shame it doesn't include a magic link. Arrived speedily
Mr Littlejohn Great!!!!! product.....Merlin is the best!!!!!!!
Mr Bean Excellent quality and value as expected
Mr Wren Great cassette with solid gear changes. I have 105 and Ultegra and can hardly notice the difference. Rapid delivery by Merlin!
KenOz Value for money chain!
Mr wallace product met expectations at a competitive price
Mr Quine smooth running chain