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Shimano 105 CS-5800 Road Bike Cassette is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Shimano 105 CS-5800 Road Bike Cassette
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Shimano 105 CS-5800 Road Bike Cassette

This item was discontinued 10th November 2021.

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Code:: CS5800
Shimano 105 -5800, 11 speed road bike cassettes. Options: 11-28, 12-25, 11-32

The Shimano 5800 has gone 11 Speed for the latest incarnation of the 105. The 5800 has been inspired by the innovations of the more upper end Shimano Ultegra and Dura Ace; you can see the technological influences across the design of the 5800 components.  More advanced and lighter than its predecessors and with a more eye catching design, the 5800 promises high performance and is one of the latest cycling must haves. 


  • High performance HG-EV 11-speed 105 Road cassette
  • Hyperglide EV sprockets have a computer designed tooth configuration with contoured shift gates, resulting in a crisp smooth shift even under load
  • Close ratio gearing allows a more efficient use of energy through finer cadence control
  • Largest sprockets are mounted on a lightweight alloy carrier to reduce weight and increase rigidity
  • Sprockets are cut away and drilled to further reduce weight without reducing rigidity
  • Nickel-plated finish offers hard wearing resistance to corrosion
  • Pearl-bright steel cassette lockring
  • For Super Narrow 11-speed HG-X chains
Lee As expected. Easy to install. Not a lot to say really. Standard 105 cassette. What could go wrong!! Nothing
Jordan Pure performance, price and range. The pinnacle of cycling technology and easily a no brainer.
Stuart Quality cassette for reasonable money. Durable and long lasting. It doesn't stay as shiny as Ultegra!
P McCatty Works great. Set it & forget it.
Andy_Vibes Fast, easy shifts. A few grams heavier than Ultegra but functionally I couldn't tell the difference between this and my Ultegra 6800 setup.
Mr Hall Can`t beat Merlin's price. Shimano, name says it all. 105, its not as light as ultegra but we are talking 20 or so grams, just as durable and shifting performance is no different from its big brother
Darin Definitely the most economical cassette. Not too heavy, yet still relatively inexpensive.
Daryl Great product, my second one I`ve brought.
Paul Fantastic value! With superb shifting up or down, awesome.
AndrewD The 105 components offer the sweet spot in terms of price and performance. I have a selection of Cassettes of varying sizes which I regularly switch around to suite prospective riding conditions this is where cost can become a significant issue. I have 1 Ultegra cassette and at twice the price I can`t discern any shifting performance difference.
A. P. Exactly what the doctor ordered for the more skipping gears and buttery smooth shifts...great shipping and price!!!
Tom K. Long lasting bomb proof cassette. Can't go wrong with an 105 for commuting or racing.
Mr Salter Nice cassette. Not sure why you'd pay the extra for the Ultegra one to be honest
Wal Bought as a replacement when original cassette wears out. 11/28 with a 52/36 mid compact. Have no problem with the range of gears on 6% climbs using the 36 front ring.
Mr Bell What more can be said about Shimano 105 components? Great shifting performance for the price. No complaints.
Vincent Better price-quality compared to Ultegra
Wal Bought this for my second set of wheels. Bought the 11-28, but would like Shimano to make a 12-28 for 52/36 cranks. I find with the 52/36 crankset, the 11 tooth is superfluous.
J Beardsley Perfect replacement for the winter bike. A few grams difference from Ultegra, but the price is right!
Mr López Nice and light. I chose a 11-28 and it fits perfect with a 53-39 chainset with no big jumps. As usual, the service of Merlin Cycles was perfect.
R Knight As good as (better than?) Ultegra at half the price!
André Solid cassette. Love it. No chain slipping. I do regret not getting a bigger granny gear though.
Mr Thompson Good value 11-32 cassette. Great for the steep North Yorks moors climbs. Usual great Merlin service.
Stephen Great value cassette from Shimano - perfect for off roading
Mr Veitch Fantastic cassette. 11-32 needs a GS mech. Very smooth shifting and much lighter than the one I had previously
Phillips Smooth shimano shifting. An ideal compromise between performance, weight, durability and price.
Reyes I switched from a 11-28 to a 11-32 and absolutely love it. There are many steep sections on many of the climbs I like to ride regularly. Having that 32 tooth sprocket in back really helped keep my cadence up. Shimano really make some great products.
Smadap Shimano 105 , "Does what it says on the tin ", cassettes last forever if you look after the chain . Came on a great little carrier which you offer up to your freewheel and slide the cassette straight on.
Mr Mitchell Great value and works perfectly - can't ask for much more
Matt C Quality at an affordable price, shifts just as well as the Ultegra cassette on my other wheels.
Diesel Durable and crisp shifts
Mr Barrett Does the job, no frills quality.
Jess G. Who wouldn't love this feat of man? The cassette was exactly what I needed at exactly the right price. Why spend extra for the Ultegra when the 105 is just as great. You might sacrifice a little weight - but let's face it; my bike isn't at race weight and neither am I. We might as well have fun together at a reduced cost. Easy ordering, reasonable shipping time and looks lovely on my bike.
Mr Washer Paired this with a 53/39 chainset at the front. Obviously the 53-11 is quite a big combination, but it works great for the flatter roads of Cambridgeshire. The cassette shifts great with the rest of the 5800 groupset. No problems. I guess it could be lighter, but it's good value.
700c This is my second cassette. The first one lasted 5000 miles (perhaps pushed it a bit far) so not unhappy. Works well, no complaints so why pay more?
Richards Great price, smooth - don't see the reason on buying the top of the line models.
Mr tollett Extremely smooth shifting, crisp chain flow, top bang for your buck !
Mr Räsänen 12-25 is really nice for finding the optimal cadence, don`t really need 11 or 28 unless doing really steep hills. People say that ultegra cassette isn`t worth upgrading over 105 but they forget that 105 has separate cogs that can possibly eat into aluminium freehub. really nice value anyways.
Santiago This cassette flattens hills like nobody's business. It is as good as the 11-32 Ultegra cassette only much cheaper.
Mr Weltz Smooth shifting, light weight and well built. I am almost never disappointed with Shimano 105 gear.
Cory N Climbing gears! Jump from 11-28 to 11-32 is felt on the first climb. 5800 105 did not require a new derailleur. Seamless integration, amazing price, great component smooth shifting.
Mr Queiroz Valentim Great value and high quality, ideal for training and beginners. Quiet and smooth shifts.
Hin Great value, high quality, ideal for training. I can't tell any difference from Dura ace 9000 cassette when riding despite the 105 weighs a bit more.
Mr ekiciler Budget cassette choice. Bigger 3 cogs comes with single block, other 8 cogs are seperate. if you change your cassette frequently go with ultegra; seperate cogs can dig in your aluminium freehub more easly.
KF Great value cassette, good shifting performance and in 11-32 a good range of ratios.
Mr Concepcion Great all around cassette! The best if you ride around hills and do a lot of climbing. This is my second purchase and I highly recommend it. Pair it with a compact chainset and you can still use a short cage rear derailleur. Great price too.
Mick Great cassette, no issues at all!
Pearson Great price for a superb performing piece of kit. Not that much heavier than 6800, and smooth shifts make this an absolute bargain!
Hill-Dog Bought this for my trainer wheel. Great price, great reliability, no complaints. Very prompt service from Merlin. Will definitely order from them again.
Tim Schauer Nearly as good as Ultegra but just a little heavier. Save the Ultegra for racing and run these 105 gears for everything else!
Randonneur The best cassette for all around riding and climbing. Combined with a compact (50/34) chainring, you can still enjoy the high gear for all out sprints and a low gear for real steep climbs. A must have if you do a lot of climbing.
Mr Guest Usual Shimano quality, I replaced an Ultegra cassette (25-12) and the shifting quality is just as good with this next tier down 105 cassette. I cannot yet comment on the long-term wear qualities but first impressions are good!
Blowers Good quality, cheaper cassette. Perfect for use in winter when you don't want to wear out the "Sunday best".
Pieter I bought two of these cassettes - they were the best value cassettes that I could find anywhere on the net. I am sold out on 105 cassettes - they are not the lightest that you can get, but extremely durable, and work perfectly with my ultegra and dura ace bikes.
Mr Munday I bought the 11-28 to replace my 11-32 on the stock bike, and have managed the hills to date, and appreciate the closer grouping in mid range.
Archer Works as advertised, and is essential for crazy hills. Barely heavier than the ultegra version (it's on with my ultegra everything else), and comes out of the box so very shiny!
David Shifts really nicely, hopefully it will be durable too. I have an 11-28 and the extra cog with 11 speed really makes all the difference over 10 speed 11-28 with the way it ramps up - the gears are more evenly spaced, it's like a 10 speed 11-25 with a 28 added on top