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Shimano PD-A530 SPD single sided touring pedals.
  • Ideal pedal for recreational riders who commute and tour
  • Combines SPD mechanism on one side and a concave stable platform pedal body on the other, you can ride with cleats or normal shoes
  • Serviceable cup and cone bearings add to long life of the pedals
  • Adjustable cleat tension means you can start off with loose tension for extra easy engagement and release, and turn up the tension as you progress
  • Includes Cleats
Great combination pedal for commuting and longer rides.
Coming from Shimano you can be sure of quality and a great design. I have toured the world and found these are know go to pedal. Easy to use with or without spd, open gate allowing for debris to be cleared easily , long lasting component and great for price. I'd recommend these any day
Bought these for an upcoming tour that will be a mix of gravel, dirt and paved surfaces. We prefer wearing our cleats whenever possible, these pedals give us the ability to wear our hiking shoes when the surface gets too soft for our comfort using cleats. We've had one set of these pedals for a while and they are perfect for the mixed surfaces we will be encountering.
Got the black version and previously owned the silver ones. Shimano quality so solid and reliable.
Awesome pedals they are so crisp to clip into and great to put on your everyday bike if you want to ride a short distance without clip in shoes. The flat side of the pedal is surprisingly grippy.
I was after a pair of single sided pedals after coming from a dual sided for local trips where I can use casual trainers. These are solid and work really great. Can't complain about the quality.
This is my secound purchase to put on a second bike. SPD side is as expected and the flat side is grippy enough. I never felt the flat side as slippery and it's good Shimano produces these without the use of bear claws or metal pins which WILL take some skin off.
Had to shop around a bit to get these in black. I was looking for a compromise pedal for my road bike, which is predominantly for commuting but also for training on weekends. These seemed to fit the bill, and I've been happy with them so far. It's taken a while to get used to SPD coming from years of SPD SL use, but I'm getting there. These are hefty pedals, and I'm expecting them to take all the abuse I can throw at them. The flat pedal side is a bit slippery in wet weather due to the paint coating. Over time, I'd expect them to become more grippy as the paint layer is worn down. Overall, they have met my expectations, and I'm very happy with them. Not for racing snakes and weight weenies, but recommended.
I couldn't be happier with these pedals! I like that I can use the platform side if I just want to hop on and ride to the local bike shop or just a short ride. Then on the reverse I like to use the SPD side for longer rides or training with road shoes on.
Great pedals offering flexibility but a little heavy when adding to light road bike. Top quality product for touring/commuting though. Highly recommended..
Ideal pedals when you want to be able to ride your bike with SPD's or just trainers. They aren't the lightest pedals in the world but they are very good for the price.
Standard Shimano quality, platform is quite effective for short distances, but if covering a lot of ground on flats a larger/grippier platform would be better. The SPD side functions perfectly and it's resonably easy to find the side you want.
As expected these pedals from Shimano are well made and with the convenience of SPD or flat this was an ideal choice for my wife's bike. She uses normal shoes/trainers when out teaching children to ride their bikes, then she can clip in when she's off out for a longer ride.
Great for road and city usage, but if you would like to use in mtb, it can be slippy
These are ideal for touring or racing. You would think they would be too small for regular use with non-clip shoes but they are ideal. Quick shipping and good tracking facilities from Merlin as always.
Excellent pedals for the price good quality and can use normal trainers for popping down the shop or spd shoes for longer rides and quality service from merlin cycles and super fast delivery
Very good quality pedals, just what I was looking for as a first time clipless rider. The flat side is a good shape if you just want to ride in trainers etc. As usual excellent price and service from Merlin!
I have to say I've had a few different makes and modes of pedal in my time and I find these up with the best for my style of cycling. I have been looking for a pedal that has a good flat side for normal shoes, but also a simple but broad base with the SPD cleat system. This exactly what you have. The side for flat shoes has good traction so that you don't have one of those nasty moments on the bike frame ( to make your eyes water) , and slipping off the pedal! I've put these pedals on a cyclocross bike that I prefer to use for all manner of cycling , whether it is road or off road , and I find the pedal perfect. Weight is good , and I'm always keen on a simple design, which you have here. Not many parts to break or go wrong. I would recommend these pedal very highly for those that don't have the infamous 'winter' bikes and prefer to stick to just the one bike!
These pedals are great, I liked the versatility of having two pedals in one. I installed them on my MTB, awesome used it with my cleats on the road and they clipped in and stay in, also went mountain biking with regular tennis shoes unbelievably these pedals bite into my shoes didn't slip once . I will recommend these pedals to anyone.
Nice pedals, suits me as a beginner with spd's and road bike.
Great service (as usual) from Merlin and a great set of pedals that are an ideal balance between performance/training and more social/casual use of the bike
Great product for good price. Meets my needs to ride with cleats or commute with shoes. Had to hunt around to get them in black, but was worth it. Flat side is a good size for shoes to get a good purchase and subsequently make it easier to flip over to get to the cleat side. Well balanced, so don't always fall to one preferred side.
These are really well built, spin smoothly, and the clip mechanism is solid as you'd expect from Shimano. Only gripe is they are perhaps a little heavy, but I suppose that's the price you pay for 'dual function'.
Great lightweight pedals, would recommend for road bike users who want to use both platform and SPD pedals.
Perfect for me. I wanted SPD shoes so I could walk properly in the cycling shoes (and I can), and I wanted a flat 'platform' side so I could ride with normal shoes. Plenty of grip of the flat side, and the SPD mechanism works well after a bit of getting used to. Solidly made and look great.
Excellent pedals - can now nip to the shops in trainers. Quite heavy though.
Great idea which works well. I have never used cleats so I can ride safely while getting to know the bike then upgrade to cleats but retain the versatility to ride with shoes for convenience. Does exactly what you expect.
Already have these pedals on my other bike for more than a year now .. if you want something that uses clips one side and flat shoe the other .. then this is what you want .. very good product
Excellent. I was used to double sided SPDs, so was a bit worried I'd forever be flipping the pedal round, but you get used to it quickly. They're nice and lightweight and the tension is adjustable from a relaxed MTFU setting to rock hard. I got the black ones to match my bike, and they are already scratched but this is inevitable with the cleats. If that bothers you, just get the silver/bare metal ones. Very good price and very quick delivery.
These are my first ever SPD pedals with cleats. I use them for my 12-mile round trip commute, with Shimano XC30 SPD Mountain Bike Shoes (also highly recommended), and have noticed a massive difference in my pedaling efficiency. My fears about cleats have been dispelled as these pedals are very easy to twist out of, yet they stay in place when they need to. You can adjust the level of 'stickiness' and within a week or two of experimenting, I found a middle setting that works for me. Also like the fact that one side is flat so can be used with normal shoes. Superb product!
Really pleased with these pedals, they are exactly what I was looking for for commuting. Set to the lightest release I've had no issues with getting my foot out at lights etc. but I've not had any issues with unwanted releases either. Generally I've found the pedal to be the right side up when I come to clip in pulling away from lights, the flat side can be a little slippy with cleats on but it's easy to flip them and I've not had any problems The flat side is really comfy with skate shoes and has enough grip for casual riding. The pedals also look smart on my bike. If you want a dual pedal for commuting or touring then you can't go wrong with these.
Very good. Two faces, SPD and flat. I am using flat side when I am in traffic. Very good looking.
I ordered these to go on my Cargo bike, as I use it for commuting in SPD shoes and also taking the kids out on the back at weekends or just running around. They do as advertised, a good solid connection when clipped in and with the ability to ride in normal shoes too. I ride Flat pedals in Skate shoes or 510`s so grippy soles, which is ok on these. I`m not sure how much grip there would be on a the flat pedal with other types of shoe ? The plus side to this, is that the soles of your shoes wont get as cut up as they would on a MTB type pedal with pins. In summary, do exactly what they are supposed to SPD side, choose your shoes carefully on the flat side if it looks to be wet.
Decided to change from Look cleats to SPD on my road bike but wanted a single sided/flat similar to what I use for MTB. These were much less aggressive with no shin mutilating teeth. Maybe a tad heavy but I'm not a weight junkie so no problem. All in all an excellent touring pedal and no more missed snapins.
Solid - and thanks to Merlin, in black. For some reason it seemed to be near to impossible to find these things in anything but silver. I no longer use clipless shoes, but it's great to think that I now have the option. The flat side is perfect for commuting / cycling to the shops, where cleats etc are far too much hassle. I used to spend hours having to ice-skate around my local supermarket if I didn't take a spare pair of flat shoes in my rucksack (heavy - and a waste of space). They also look great - much better than having to stick a pair of MTB-style flat pedals on to my road bike. Not the lightest - but that's never been too much an issue for me. Thanks, Merlin!
Excellent alternative for the double sided Shimano MTB pedals I was previous using, the non SPD side is wide and grippy giving a stable platform when not clipped in very useful in traffic. Very smooth, well made and look good.
Very good reliable pedals, spd to get clipped in for longer rides and a nice flat platform on the other side for a quick pop to the shops or whatever, nice low profile so they still look good on the road bike, what more could you want
First time user of clipless pedals and love these. Would recommend to anyone thinking about buying them. Tension was set to highest when I recieved them but put them to lowest and soon got used to them in a couple of rides.
I recently purchased an Eastway carbon framed road bike and I needed pedals that would allow me to clip in and also ride with just trainers. These pedals fitted the bill perfectly as one side is flat allowing you to road normal footwear. I had to turn the tension adjustment right down to be able to clip in but that is fine. The pedals come with cleats and these were easy enough to fix to my specialized cycle shoes. This was the only UK website that seemed to stock the black painted version of the pedals. They are not the lightest pedals but to be honest I could do with losing a few pounds myself so hopefully the flexibility of these pedals will allow me to do that over time and save weight that way!
Pedals came with cleats and are great value for the money, plus they look good. I have fitted these pedals to my cannondale hybrid bike and they are ideal for the riding I do, I mainly ride on the road so the spd side is my preferred side, the set up is straight forward and my shoes clip in and out easily. Nothing more to say apart a great set of pedals that are highly recommended.
Got these to use on my new winter trainer/commuter bike. Clip in for training, flat for commute. Only real criticism is the lack of amber reflectors for night time riding. SPD works faultlessly as always, flat has plenty of grip for normal footwear.
As a recent convert to clipless pedals (always think this is strange name to call them) I like these as they allow you to unclip when approaching junctions etc and use the flat side of the pedal, making you feel more confident as it is easier to stop quickly and put your foot down.
Quality pedals. First time I have used SPD's and these are fantastic. I use them with Shimano RT82 touring shoes which are a perfect match. The concave non-SPD side of the pedals mean that the shoes can be used on the "flat side" when in traffic or stopped at junctions. Highly recommended!
Perfect for me that sometimes just want to use ordinary shoes and other days the new Shimano cycling shoes. My daughter says that I need to learn to get off the bike in a controlled way when using the SPD shoes!
I decided to purchase these as I have the MTB version and I'm not ready to go fully SPD. They are well made and fully meet my expectation. The platform is well sized and provides a firm footing. I have not yet tried the SPD side so no comment. All in all a well made and practical solution.
These are great pedals if you plan to use both a cleated touring shoe and regular shoes on your bike. There a tad heavy, but weight shouldn't be the issue. If you don't want the platform side and you want a lighter touring pedal, then I would recommend the A520.
If you use your bike for the daily commute because you have a wife who doesn't understand the need for a best bike theory, then these pedals are a great jack of all trades. Generous flat surface for your daily jaunt to work with your clips on the other side for your weekend sportive.
Excellent product. Work really well on my road bike.
Perfect product, as use bike to get to work and for riding at weekends, don't have to keep swapping pedals, very good quality, and easy to use, set up
Works great if you dont want to be stuck to your pedals all the time when riding. And you can use your normal shoes when you quickly need to go shopping or for a short ride
Good pedals very sturdy, a bit on the heavy side but they will last for a long time. You can use them with a regular shoes (no cleat) on the other side
For the price these pedals are just the job. Cleats clip in easily and more to the point release just as easily.
Bought these to replace a standard set of pedals on my hybrid bike. Couldn't be happier. Platform side can be a bit slick in wet weather but I'm pleased nonetheless.
These pedals are excellent! Gives me great flexibility to clip in for a long ride, or just jump on with my trainers to ride to the shops. A fast transaction and delivery to Australia (9 days). Merlin was really helpful fixing a mistake I made in the order. Great communication!
Perfect for my needs as I commute daily and planing on touring in the summer. Thanks Merlin for fast delivery and the lowest prices.
First ever SPD / clipless pedals replacing a set of Wellgo MG1's. Can't fault these Shimano pedals. Some people would say they are a bit of a faff as they have a flat side and a SPD side but that's proved to be less of a problem than anticipated. In traffic you could stick to flat side and make sure you've got the flat side while standing still at lights etc. Once you're up to speed you can clip in. If you're out racing you can just clip in straight away. Tension adjustment easy and even at the least amount of tension you stay clipped in on upstrokes. Only fault is that the black paint chips easily...
Only just started using these (my first set of SPD pedals) but they seem to be pretty good - high quality and easy to use. I've had no issues clipping in or out, and the platform side is very handy to have when stopping and starting frequently. Delivery from Merlin was very quick as usual!
Great starter SPD.
Exactly what I was looking for for my Hybrid bike, they look great, I can wear my mtb shoes when doing a good training run and can wear my trainers when out with the children - brilliant!
Excellent pedals so easy to use
great service...very prompt, arrived earlier than promised.
Because the weather has been so bad I have only used these indoors on a trainer. The instructions for fitting and adjusting were very clear and simple. The cleats are easy to engage and disengage.
Amazing pedals! They give me the option to use cleats when I am on a longer ride and if I'm simply commuting to work I can pop on my trainers and quickly cycle to work. A perfect pedal for those wanting to commute and race in one.
I've used Shimano M324's for years as I like the versatility of cleat & flat-sided pedals. These 530's are even better - being lighter and less square but still easy to cleat into - though I had to set them right at the easy end of the scale. Flipping to get the side you want is no problem and there's good grip and foot support on the flat side even when wearing wellies.
Working out wonderfully! When commuting, I don't always have the means to switch shoes so it's nice to have options!
They suit my requirements, as I do a fair amount od road cycling in a variety of shoes, but like the option to use them with my cleats on longer rides
Goods as stated with extremely quick delivery.Quality product at a reasonable price.
great for all round nse when you dont want the spd shoes for comutting these are the best I have tried
spd side is nice and easy to get in and out of, flat side could do with more grip but all in all a good set of pedals.
Fast delivery. Very happy
Great product, great price - very happy
A good universal pedal ideal for a mixture of riding.
Great set of pedals, very light and very well put together. SPD side has adjustable tension and clicks in and out with a solid positive feel. Other side easy to ride on with flat shoes. Definite 5 stars for the money.
Since the urban road was run by MTB in many cases,it purchased.Since the city in Japan has much Go Stop in an intersectional signal and there are also many crossing people,the normal pedal of this product attached to one side is convenient.Moreover , an ordinary sneaker can also ride freely. It Is recommended also for beginners.
Perfect for your everyday ride, I have them on my single speed, I use the clips for commuting and the flat side when I need to nip to the shops. Good weight for the flexibility provided. Highly recommended.
nice set of pedal smooth and works well.
I decided it was cheaper to see the site a variety of best The problem is because the product did not have seen in Japan
My first experience of pedals that use cleats, they are well made and clip in and out well (even for a beginner like myself). Great product and Merlin had the best price I could find on the internet.
Great pedals for either road or MTB with the option to just use trainers for a quick spin on the bike the perfect compromise between flat and clipless pedals
Excellent overall service from Merlin cycles. The Product was great value and arrived early. The pedals are extremely strong and durable. The SPD clips work fantastically with all my cleated shoes, as expected. Overall a great product, extremely good value for money. Highly recommended in every respect.
I installed these on my bike yesterday and took them for a trial ride. I am new to clipless pedals and found these were very easy to use. I like that you can use the non clip side of the pedal in busy traffic. The bike came with SPD SL pedals but I wanted a shoe that I could walk comfortably in as most of my rides involve some walking. These pedals with a pair of Shimano MO87 shoes fit the bill perfectly.
Vast improvement to the massive rectangular pedals they replace. Quite lightweight and ideal for me as I use spd clipons for long rides and ordinary shoes when commuting. Good platform and look better on the bike. Bit pricey but got a good deal from Merlin at about
This pedals are very good. I already have 2 pairs (2 bikes ) and these are for my third. The build quality is strong and durable. It does not take long to adjust to clipping in and out of the pedals. I commute daily in central London and need the power and speed plus ability to remove my foot quickly to avoid ending up under a bus or lorry. They also allow me to just keep going whether I clip or use the flat surface. At home I mostly cycle with my young children to the park and then play football. These pedals are ideal if you just want to wear a pair of trainers or ordinary shoes to nip down the shops. They are hard wearing and after 2 years of use being used daily I have had no problems or faults. Great product and at this price a steal. Graeme