Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Front Derailleur
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Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Front Derailleur
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Shimano Dura Ace 9000 front derailleur, 11 speed
  • Next generation light effort front shifting
  • Optimum spring tension provides feather light down shift
  • Support bolt keeps correct position even when high torque pedaling
  • Capacity: 16T
  • Weight: 66g (FD-9000-F)
tomo This is perfect as an upgrade destination from 105. A more smooth gear change became possible.
Kevin Smooth shifting, especially from small to big chainrings
FRANK Really good upgrade for my 105 group set. Like the cable angle setter which comes with it which helped to set up and work perfectly fist time when combined with the optislick inner wire and a very good price from Merlin with fast delivery
Noel Absolutely beautiful, high quality and light. Don't hesitate to purchase !
Roadmeister Impeccably designed front derialleur. A little finicky to setup, but, once set, you never need to adjust. Great price from Merlin.
HLG It is exactly what you would expect. Crisp and exact shifting in a light weight and stylish package. Zero complaints, its a great front mech.
John Shifts smoothly and quickly, even on the sixteen tooth jump on my crank from 34 to 50. In my opinion it's worth spending the money for the Dura Ace front derailleur vs the 105 because this one shifts much better for not much more money.
Mr Borg High quality derailleur. Seamless transitions from large to small chainring and back
KURT Shiny black and polished aluminium finish, doing job amazing, really lightweight. All Titanium Hardware and chromed steel cage. Better than my old 6800 FD.
Mr Judson The front derailleur is a bit tricky to set up if you haven't done it before. Once you have it installed, the shifting is excellent.
Mr Benton Four position trim means no more front derailleur rubbing. Best derailleur money can buy.
Mr Yates Great derailleur - light, top spec, very smooth. Just be advised that with the new Shimano 9000 and 6800 series derailleurs, the locus of pull is nearly straight above the pivot, which means your cable should come out from the centre of the BB region to produce sufficient leverage. If the cable comes out from the RH side, it has less purchase on the derailleur. The fix in this instace is to route the cable around the inboard side of the screw, as opposed to the Shimano recommended way, as this will increase the cables leveredge on the derailleur, reducing shift efforts but also slightly reducing the travel range of the derailleur.
Mr Porter It can be a little tricky to set up (like most front derailleurs in my experience) but once it's working there's just no better mechanical front derailleur than this.
Mr Bender Hard to set up, but as good as it gets once set up properly
Hersh Wow, best front mech I have ever used
Mr Marshall Wow, this is so much better than 7900!
Mr Makrypoulias Nice feel less power needed to change to big sprocket
Mr Wade Man. This thing shifts the front ring like nothing I've ever witnessed. No effort - it just works. Amazing
Mr McMahon Excellent FD - super smooth - faultless changing
Chris A litte bit tricky to install. Quality is superb...
Mr Buckley Confident shifting, quick and light
Mareski Lightest shifting I have experienced. Great product at a good price from Merlin. DA used by the majority of TdeF teams over Sram and Campy. Say no more!
Mr Avery Awesome ring changing, no heavy feel like the 7900. Great product.
Mr Blank Super! Replaced my Ultegra 6700 with this and now I have silky smooth front derailleur shifting. No more left hand shifting finger cramps.