Shimano Dura Ace 9001 Road Bike Gear Levers - 11 Speed
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Shimano Dura Ace 9001 Road Bike Gear Levers - 11 Speed
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Shimano Dura Ace 9001 Road Bike Gear Levers - 11 Speed
  • Better controllability for multiple riding styles
  • Smaller volume hood, better control from the hood position
  • SLR-EV design
  • Powerful and controllable braking system
  • Carbon brake lever
  • Shimano new inner cable reduces friction to achieve lighter and quicker shifting and braking operation
  • Internal cable routing
  • Small internal mechanical unit with 3D analysis
  • Lighter steering action and a clean handlebar area
  • Vivid Index shifting; light effort, defined click engagement
  • Reach adjust
  • Sold as a pair
  • Weight: 365g
mario Well engineered & crafted shifters. Like all things Japanese, these operate smoothly & faultlessly. Merlin's price was the best on the planet,,,Thanks.
Mr S Another great produuct from Shimano. Impeccable aesthetics from their top of the line shifter. Smooth operation and very precise.
Mr McNamara I`m blown away by these levers! Bought as an upgrade from 10 speed after my right R7900 lever stopped working after 6 years of use (no complaints about that!). The shift on both front and rear is smooth, effortless and requires far less push to engage the shift. The left lever trim shift for the front derailleur is an excellent feature of 11 speed, no more chain rubbing on hard climbs! Braking is incredible, I`m using these with my old R7900 brakes and the noticable improvement on already very good braking is amazing. Great ergonomic feel too.
Kent Dura Ace shifters work flawlessly, shifts are crisp and accurate. This shifter, even when ordered as a single unit, comes with a new teflon coated shifter cable installed in the shifter.
Roadmeister Requires patience and diligence to properly install. Not for the faint of heart. Shift effortlessly and nearly as well as electronic. Feel nice in the hands. Merlin sold at an amazingly low price and delivered quickly to USA.
Helder Alcides Perfect! I have made some Kms now, and I'm loving them. Precise, little effort needed, what else can we say about the best of the best?
Mr Smith Smooth accurate shifting, great upgrade from ultegra.
Mr Yazman Shimano gear systems is the best comparing Sram (but Sram is lighter) so decided functionality over some lightness. I ride Shimano for over 20 years now I have experienced a lot of XT and XTR stuff on mtb and Some Ultegra on the road so it was time for the best for my new Giant TCR advanced, Dura Ace was the way to go, new 9100 were lot more expensive so went for tried and tested solid 9000 series...
Mr Borg Comfortable, ergonomic shifters. Perform flawlessly.
Mr Akiba These are smooth shifters, I upgraded from ultegra and the shifting is much better
Mr Fullwood Great shifting performance, crisp and reliable!
Shaun Great quality levers, the overall feel is amazing. It's definitely a step up from Ultegra. I'm also really happy with the cables that come with the levers. The shifting is true, haven't missed a shift yet.
BROOKS Fantastic quality product from Shimano, top of the range Dura ace gear changers feel great to use and so so precise, they never miss a gear change and braking feels so crisp and powerful.
Mr Yorke Fantastic performance and build quality. Couldn't be happier
Hersh Comfortable, adjustable, great 'action' provides effortless changing
Mr Marshall Great ergonomics and precision shifting.
Mr Makrypoulias Excellent feel. Inluded cables are very helpfull to reduce frinction. Very pleased with quick gear change without problems
Dr Aubert Very good product. A big change compared to my Shimano ultegra 11 speed Levers
Mr niselow Silky smooth shifting, great ergonomics I highly rate this product.
Mr Carlick Smoothest shifting ever. Why go electric when this is so good !!
Dr Lepolstat I thought the Dura Ace 7800 were the greatest, however the 9001 shifters are one step above. Smooth quick and easy action both on the gear and brake side. Just fantastic!!!!
Mr Brogden I bought these to upgrade my old 7800 to 11 speed and I am very impressed. The shift is precise and the ergonomics have moved on considerably since 7800 with the upshift much easier to reach when sprinting on the drops. Very pleased.
Mr I Easy to operate. Especially on wire-pull operation. The shape of lever allows you to push it easily that you need only a bit of finger stroke. It feels just like a di2 lever. The stability of front shifting is outstanding as well. Once you make a releaae-shift on the front, it releases wire to the trimmed position so that even while you are pedaling hard, the chain never gets jammed. Had Andy used it he would have defeated Contador.
Mr Puttick Just what you would expect as far as operation goes - silky smooth, comfortable and good looking. Installation is a little tricky as the hoods are very stiff and need to be pulled right back to allow tightening of the clamp and cable installation. I install everything with a torque wrench and use the manual as a tick list. It's a bit stingy to only provide all the information required online, in the dealer manual, and only include a single (fairly useless) sheet of paper with the product.
Mr Jackson II A big improvement over my Ultegra shifters. Quick shifting, light effort, great precise braking feel. The slick cables are amazing. They feel as is they should have grease on them but are dry.
Chris Smoothest shifting ever... Probably the best Road Shifters on the market...
Mr Toros I am using levers with 6800 groupset. Perfect shifting performance. It is not senseless, you can feel shifting but still really light. Only problem was the cables came with levers. 3rd shifting cable housing (for frame to RD) was a bit short.
Mr Chappell Nice lever shape compared to older units. Smaller throw on gear levers, feel snappier. Equipped with the new low drag cables.
Mr Baticon Very pleased with these shifters and the DA9000 groupset. The shifting action is very smooth and precise, I found it much better than the Ultegra and SRAM Red. DA brakes are excellent. The shifters have a great finish, hoods are comfortable and lever can be adjusted for reach. Overall, a great product, highly recommended.
Mareski Lightest shifting I have experienced. Great product at a good price from Merlin. DA used by the majority of TdeF teams over Sram and Campy. Say no more!
Mr Avery Sweet feel, no fuss in changing gears. Zero effort.
Mr Sheppard Product was processed and shipped promptly, with good feedback from Merlin, and the price was excellent. Do they work? Shimano. Yes.