Shimano Dura Ace 9000 C50 Carbon Clincher Wheels - Pair
Shimano Dura Ace 9000 C50 Carbon Clincher Wheels - PairShimano Dura Ace 9000 C50 Carbon Clincher Wheels - Pair
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Shimano Dura Ace 9000 wheelset. 50mm deep section carbon laminate rims, offer excellent aerodynamics and rigidity. Designed to meet pro level road racing criteria. 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed compatible, supplied as front and rear wheelset.
  • Aerodynamic performance with the convenience of clinchers
  • 50mm deep carbon rims with aluminium braking surface
  • D2 rim design optimizes aerodynamics and stability
  • OptBal Spoke System enhances wheel rigidity and durability
  • Nipples below rim bed enhances aerodynamics and fluid appearance
  • Extra-wide hub flange maximizes lateral rigidity
  • Proprietary Shimano carbon construction process
  • High strength, lightweight titanium freehub body
  • Digital cone-bearing adjustment for smooth rotation performance
  • Shimano angular contact bearings and oversize A7075 alloy axles
  • 8, 9, 10 and 11-speed compatible.
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Great wheelset - light and roll well. Bought a second set. Would recommend.
These wheels are simply amazing. Build quality is great and the hubs are the best you can find anywhere. They just spin and spin effortlessly. After 1,000+ with these wheels, I can conclusively say that they are good for 4-6% time improvement over my OEM wheels, which weigh a bit less. This is approximately two seconds improvement per minute on flat, more on downhills. Crosswinds do not impact stability and the hubs are super quiet at any speed. The C50s have not needed any truing after all these miles on varying surface quality. I am really happy with the purchase and was lucky to get the C50s at a great discount before Shimano rolls out the new Dura Ace group set.
Overall, extremely happy. No issues whatsoever. I had been riding the Dura-Ace C24's and decided to get another wheelset for flatter surfaces. I have seen a noticable increase in top-end speed as well as average speed (approx 1-1.5km/hr avg+). As a side note, Merlin has renewed my faith in online purchases. Not only was the product cheaper than any local retailer (Calgary, AB, Canada), the item was received within 3 business days (customs was approx $90). Packaging was great with the wheels well secured inside. I can't say enough good things about the product and Merlin Cycles!
Roll so smoothly, can't even feel the wheels rotating. I have 250+ miles on them and they feel so smooth and fast. They climb very well and I have not had crosswind problems like I had with my FFWD F4Rs. Very stable and trust worthy in high speed descents. Would buy again, for sure!
Super fast delivery. 3 days from UK to Miami/USA. Wheel set undoubtedly new and in excellent shape. I'm extremely satisfied with these wheels. This set is not light. I didn't notice a change in acceleration. They keep speed up once there and do not get affected too much by side wind (light wind, no more than 10 mph). I haven't ridden them under heavier wind.
A very nicely produced and engineered product. The most noticeable factor that I have experienced is the bearings which are superlative. But the quality of the wheels, the balance, spoke design, aluminum braking surface and carbon work are equally well engineered and nicely made. For any cyclist looking for a reasonably priced upgrade that will significantly enhance their bike's performance, without breaking the bank, I can highly recommend these wheels.
Only had a couple of rides so far but found the ride to be smooth and quiet. Nice ride looking forward to some hills. So far so good. Happy with my purchase
Best all around wheels and very durable. I liked it for daily use more than any other carbon wheel. This is the 3rd set that I am purchasing. Merlin carry the best prices on the web.
Wheels that roll really well and noticeably stiffer than my current race wheels so accelerate and ride over short climbs well. Was slightly worried about weight but extra stiffness seems to make up the added weight of a deep section. Brake well. Everything you need (spoke keys etc) in the box. Rim tape not the most robust but working ok so far (500k)
Absolute incredible wheel set at an unbeatable price from Merlin. Wheels are fast, light, aero, and quiet. Tested a pair locally (Tennessee, USA) and they were a must have! Thanks Merlin Cycles
Only done 200 miles on these so far but first impressions are very good, with 25mm tyres fitted the ride is firm but not harsh, you still feel big bumps but road buzz is all but damped out, as for speed well the 1-1.5 increase on ave speeds is a bit of a myth but the high quality hubs mean that they roll very well and pick up speed fast on descents I also noticed I can go a bit faster into a block headwind, so I think an extra 0.2-0.5 mph on my averages would be nearer the mark, braking is strong with no juddering and I`ve been out on a windy day and although you can feel the wind catching them and the bike you certainly don't get blown over the other side of the road so no worries there and I am a light 61 kg rider, so far then very pleased with my purchase
Partnered these wheels with some 25mm Schwalbe Ultremo zx tyres. Roll fantastic, extremely comfortable and very fast. Highly recommended.
These wheels roll very smoothly and are noticeably stiffer than the C24's I previously rode on, They also make my bike look like i'm a serious cyclist but the truth is they are no faster once you get up to speed and past the feel good factor of riding a sexy new wheelset, A pro riding a constant 25+mph might say different but at my 21-22mph? they just look darn sexy.
I am so happy that I invested in these C50s. The riding comfort is spectacular. Very smooth and the rolling and aerodynamic resistance are very low indeed. I was sceptical about the increase in average speed that some reviewers attributed to these wheels, but it's true. I recon they have increased my average speed by 2-3 kph.
Wheels are light, strong and accelerate quickly. Very happy with the quality of these wheels.
The wheels were well packaged and in perfect condition on arrival. All I had to add was an Ultegra 11-25 cassette, tubes and some GP4000S tires. I've still only had this wheelset for a couple of weeks, so I have no idea about their durability. What I can say, however, is that they feel great compared to the Mavic Askiums that came with my bike. I also think they look amazing on my black Cannondale. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I've logged significantly higher max speeds on descents than I have before. Deep rim wheels make a difference.
The DA9000 series C50 carbon clinchers have an incredible ride quality and feel bombproof. Because they have an aluminum brake surface these wheels are great for both training and racing. Great aero benefits on flats and rolling hills and the wider rim make these really comfortable with 25mm tyres. They might be slightly on the heavier side but not compared to other wheels in the same category and they still manage the UK climbs brilliantly.
High quality, very smooth, easy to maintain your speed, strong wheelset, surprisingly not dragging my leg as much as I thought. Did I mention it's beautiful?
Very nice wheels. Well balanced and pretty true +- .007. The rear QR is printed upside down witch is weird. Way stiffer and stronger then the Zipp 404 that they replaced. I'm 185 lbs and tend to flex wheels. Arrived in USA in 2-3 weeks. Don't forget that import tax is not part of the Free shipping. Mine did not include the wheel magnet, but 2 spoke wrenches where included. Overall great deal and fast shipment from so far away.
Awesome wheelset. They ride perfectly out of the box and look great too. The only thing that I thought detracted from the finish was the adhesive used to affix the braking surface to the rim can be felt if you run your finger on the decal side of the brake track. This is a great do it all wheelset which is what I want and I plan on racing and training on these, year round.
Great wheels. Look good and ride well. Shimano have come up with the complete package Di2 11 speed and wheels to match. As always the best price at Merlin Cycles
Great wheels. Really fast and light for a deep rim. Didn't realise how much new wheels would change my ride. These wheels really fly!! Look out Strava!!
These wheels are great. It's true what they say, you definitely get an extra 1-3 km/hr faster on your speeds. They spin up very quickly and being clinchers, you have a variety of tires and tubes to choose from. The lateral stiffness gives a secure feel on the road and you notice that you don't lose speed due to flex. Thumbs up from a very satisfied customer with the product and Merlin for their great price and amazing speedy delivery to my door. I'll shop with you guys again in the future.