Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Shimano M530 Trail SPD Pedals is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Shimano M530 Trail SPD Pedals
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Shimano M530 Trail SPD Pedals

This item was discontinued 2nd December 2020.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

Code:: PDM530
New entry level trail MTB SPD pedals.
  • Value for money dual-sided SPD pedal, perfect for cross country trail riding
  • This trail pedal is ideally suited to tackle single track and ultra-technical descents with control and confidence
  • The large integrated cage provides excellent pedal to shoe contact increasing stability and control
  • Sealed cartridge bearing spindle keeps out water and mud for a smooth action, and makes for a durable pedal
  • Open design helps to shed mud
  • Supplied as a pair
  • Includes cleats
Mr burgess great pedals , has cured my foot pain
Mr burgess brilliant pedals - was having constant issues with my feet being sore after a ride - the wider platform for the sole of the shoe has solved this issue. have these on all by bikes now, even the domane slr7 - no one has noticed.
Dean Nice entry level pedal
Mr Herrod A nice double sided pedal for my new gravel bike.
Simon Great pedal for the money. Very similar to the M520 which I’ve had on a bike for 10 years and still work like new, however the M530 have the added advantage of the platform which is so much more comfortable and stable.
Mr Hall I noticed a bit more power and stability with these pedals over traditional spd pedals.
Jake V. Recently bought these pedals specifically for trail riding. Fantastic value for money. Excellent tension adjustability and can clip in and out without issues. Highly recommended.
Paul Grinham This is my first time using clipless pedals, and having heard some horror stories about other peoples first times, I was a little nervous, but these really could not be easier to use, very happy with them.
Chelsea Coxon Great quality, fit my indoor spin bike perfectly. I was also impressed with how fast they arrived! I live in the USA and they got here faster than if I’d ordered from somewhere within the USA. I would deff recommend!
Mr Cruz I am transitioning from flat pedals to clipless and this item i would say is good value for money. Shimano components are always good quality with low price. I partnered this pedal with the multi release clips and it works perfectly.
Chris Good Entry to SPD. Not light, but work well
Miguel best value in business. I love the easy of access, especially useful for commuters having to stop and go all the time. I had another one in my old bike - 1000s ok kms without issues
Duane Love these pedals. Use them on both my mtb and road bike
Rob Perfect pedals for commuting. Very easy to clip in and out of.
Duane Pedal is great! Love being able to clip in on either side of the pedal. I use these on my road bike since I prefer spd over look.
Jay-v Well built but a bit heavy. You just have to adjust the proper tension of the cleats.
Miguel Excellent pedals, really work as well as XT trail for a fraction of the price. Have them on two bikes and they haven't put a foot wrong.
Henrique This shimano spd pedal is super durable and maintenance free with precise fit. I recommend!!! good price with great benefit.
Paul C First foray back into SPD pedals and currently only in use on a turbo trainer - need to play with my cleat positioning a little as I am not finding it intuitive to clip in just yet but that is not down to the pedal - the cage in no way gets in the way and provides a wider base to push against - lacks any proper pedal support or grip points but I knew that and you can tell by looking. Should share the usual shimano solid build quality and will be heading out into the trails in due course.
Lambert Great price for typical shimano quality. These pedals are obviously heavier than something like the XTR version of the same but functionally near identical for a third the price. Very pleased. Using these on my commuting bike (XTR on MTB) and they are so much easier to clip in and out of than the Look road pedals and more secure. As I said, typically Shimano - Excellent.
Father Jack Usual quick service from Merlin, and at a decent price too. Pedals are excellent value for money and replace some Crank Bros ones which broke, and almost as good as the XT ones on my Rock Lobster..
keifero Good basic pedals with plenty of support platform, seem to spread the load better over the shoe, and inspire confidence when riding, when compared to previous pedals without platforms. Full marks.
WORTH Very easy to clip in/out of, weight just about right, got the black ones & the surfaces are already showing scratch marks after a couple of uses. This doesn't bother me though. Very good value for the price.
Scary Perry Trail pedals are a great choice if you like the security of a big platform to rest your foot on but also want the pedalling efficiency of being clipped in. I've been using them exclusively on my MTB bikes for a few years. After wearing out a pair of XTR pedals I was very happy to find these. They are slightly heavier (+100 gm) but cost 1/8th what I paid for the XTR version. After a slushy 90 min MTB ride I can say that the M530 pedals function and feel the same as the XTR variant to me. Excellent value for the price!.
Gus Good basic mountain pedal. Not the lightest pedal on the market but you can`t beat it for the price. secure entry and easy to clip out. Would recommend.
Mr Clarke I have the XTR, the XT and now this version of Shimano's Trail pedal. The XTR's mechanism has been "dressed" to achieve a smoother action but in reality, once bedded in, I defy anyone to notice the difference in these pedals. The weight difference amounts to a 2 pence piece. It is alarming to realise just how good this pedal is and just how cheap. Also the bearings are excellent and can be fully serviced by the home mechanic. They will not snap at the spindle, as my XTR pedals did. All in all, there has to be a serious reason, that goes beyond the Shimano marketing blurb, to get you to buy a more expensive version of this this M530 pedal! Totally Recommendable!!
Mr Bramley Excellent quality and value double sided SPD pedals with wide platform. Fitted this pair on to my MTB, have same on my 2 road bikes. They are reliable,long lasting, robust, and easy to use and adjust, and look smart too. Double sided design eases clip-in..
Bminkows Easy to set up and cleats included. My first clipless pedal and they've worked great for me thus far. I don't have anything to compare them to, but they've been awesome.
Aled H Easy to fit and adjust, the cleats fit perfectly and are super easy to clip in and out of.
Mrs olusanya Love these pedals. Much more control than with the m520 and really easy to clip in, with no pedal roll. Stood up the mud pretty well to with no clogging
Mr Hartley Pedals are good entry-level pedals. They are easy to put on and a good solid platform for first-time SPD users. Performance is good, pedals are quite heavy but good value for the price.
Matt Solid pedals, as is to be expected from Shimano. Easy to engage and platform helps to centre foot for quick clip-ins. Only downside is the weight, but still fantastic for the price.
Ahmet Nice but a bit heavy. If you wish to get lighter pedals, you should shift to M540. Double-side is obviously better than single-side, found in M324. I'm using these with my road bike, with a pair of AM45 shoes. They look awesome together and work well. Strongly recommended.
Mr Parrett Great pedals, have a nice platform in case you unclip unintentionally
Carl C Excellent trail pedals, great value, do the job, what more could you want. These pedals offer a little more of a platform when not directly clipped in. Useful on those technical bits where you may have to dab.
Mr Scott First time using clip in pedals so don't have anything to go by, but I do like the way that it makes you feel really connected with the bike, would still favour flats when having fun
Mr Smith At age 67 I thought it time to try cleats, without spending too much. After 3 weeks I have found them very good and excellent value for money. Uphill speed has increased significantly. Only fallen off once because I couldn't release them quickly enough but luckily ground was very wet and muddy
Mr tye Excellent product, a real bargain, give just a bit more foot-contact than plain spd pedals, so spreading some of the downward pressure across a wider portion of the foot.
Mr Close Great basic pedal. Very comfortable even for commuting. Highly recommended
MrD First time clipless rider, returning to cycling after many years away from it. Only ridden for a few miles since fitting but am already a convert. First time clipping out was a bit hairy - forgot about the twist and pull - but some advice from my young 'un has sorted me out. Wish I'd tried them years ago, feel solid and safe on the pedals, a million times better than toe straps. Reckon that a few months riding will feel like second nature. Great deal at the price and great delivery service from Merlin. Thanks
ggjme These were the first pair of 'clip' style pedals I've used and now wish I'd moved over to these a long time ago. Very easy to use, no problems with clipping in or out and if you do need to use your bike for a very short journey standard trainers just manage to stay on.
Mr Nelson Just can't go wrong for the price, and cleats included. Bigger target area to throw your feet at when conditions are a bit sketchy. Why pay much more than this to get just a little extra?
Mr Pymm The finish of the gloss white ones I bought is superb. They look great with my white frame and after 300 miles of clicking in and out with gritty shoes they remain unmarked. Cleat operation is faultless and the wide ranging adjustment can easily be tailored from a loose hold to a fierce grip. Straining up hill they have never let go. Bearing is smooth. For 19 Quid these are excellent value for money. I could have paid nearly twice as much at the local shop or Bike warehouse.
Rugbyplayeronabike Really pleased with these pedals which have replaced 520s on my Scott Mountain bike. They look good and give a really firm solid platform. They are not the lightest pedals but this is not the first consideration for an off road bike.
Dave T Superb value for money spd pedals. Give more support than the standard M520 option. I have these and the XT version and cant tell the difference when riding. The XT ones are probably a bit lighter but you pay way more for those. Merlin had the best price by a mile and delivered next day  excellent all round (Topcashback too...).
Mr Hart The usual reliable, easy-useability of SPD, but with a bigger platform than the M520. Not sure if this gives more foot support when clipped in, but there's more to stab your foot at, which can be helpful in off-road and commuting situations. Excellent price and service from Merlin, as always. You really can't go wrong.
Mr Parker Fantastic value for money, buy some! Still reaosnably light too. The cage outer doesn't offer as much stability as a platform shoe but I find that when I accidentaly unclip there is a bit more pedal to get back on. Recommended.
Mr gregory Really good quality pedals with easy to follow instructions regarding fitting the pedals and cleats. This is the first time I have used this type of pedal and have soon found them easy to get used to and I also feel that you can transfer more power to the pedal than a standard type of pedal
t5pilot I'd been using the black pair of these pedals for a couple of years but after splashing out on a new mountain bike, they weren't aesthetically correct so I bought the white pair this time. I have never had a minute's trouble with these excellent pedals and lets face it, these are half the price and then some of the XT version and only a few grams more. I highly recommend these pedals (and Merlin Cycles with their prices)
Mr Waymark Nice pedals, great price, feels much better underfoot with the extra support round the cleat than the M520.
Steve Bolger The pedals arrived within a couple of days, very quick considering they could take 3-5 days! They're easy to fit and even easier to use. I've fitted them to my commuting bike and have them set to the lowest tension. They hold the cleat securely in position and it takes little effort to twist them out when needed. They're sold a great price and I'd thoroughly recommend them.
Mr Toy Solid pedals. Easy to clip in, decent weight, and platform makes riding unclipped doable. I bought these for $38 with shipping to the United States and these came within a week. Very satisfied with service from Merlin cycles and the shimano pedal. Would recommend for anyone looking to switch to clips or someone who needs new clipless pedals. Perfect for my stumpjumper evo.
Mr Laing Quick in and out, no problems so far. Heavier than my road specific pedals but bought for commute so can nip in shops, walk up stairs.
Mr Walker Fantastic introduction to SPDs - got these as also own MTBs so didn't want to have to buy different shoes. Pedals are great, easy to fit and combine security of clipping in with an easy release.
T Dam Excellent pedals, very smooth bearings and easy to adjust cleat tightness
Mr Carey Simpson 100% as advertised.They work beautifully with my new shoes. Nice and tight on the hills, but still release smoothly.
Mr Newman Not had SPD pedals/shoes for a few years and was very impressed with these. Can't go wrong for the price! Set the tension low to start with and have had no issues clipping in and out.
Mr Coppins Light weight pedal - I use these on a road bike as well as on a mtb - saves too many pairs of shoes...
weekend warrior Heavy but who cares. Not had them for very long, but seems to be nice pedals.
Mr Thomas Lets start off by saying these are great pedals. They are my fist spd attempt and all is good so far (no falling over at traffic lights lol). I read so many different reviews before getting these and they were definitely the right choice. They feel strong and sturdy if a little on the heavy side but then again weight is not an issue that concerns me. I really like the cage body that these have over the m520 and it feels very solid under foot. I went for the white ones in the end as I think any scuffs will show up less. Great pedal at the cheapest prices online with great service as always from Merlin Cycles. Thanks again.
Mr pugh Great pedals, nice and solid, look great in white. Weight seems ok to me and they lock to the bike well. good investment all round.
Mr Waldron Great pedals that give a better platform for weighting on technical areas and are easier to clip into.
Seano So much cheaper than the XT version and yet it still does the job with just the slightest of weight penalty. Save your coin and grab these over the more bling versions
Mr Burns They seem solid and represent good value for money. Perhaps a little weightier than I'd thought but for my use it isn't really a problem. Large enough to use with everyday footwear for a quick trip to work or the shops. Quick shipping as with all previous purchases.
Mr Power All the features of Shimano SPDS, dependability, long lasting, easy engagement, adjustable, with extra foot support. Great for those of us with larger feet, and /or not racing or worrying about adding a few grams to the bike weight. I have these and the XT version. The XT pedal is very slightly lighter, and the bearing shaft looks a little better sealed but in practice I can't tell the difference. The sensible thing to do is to save your money and get this one - but being sensible can be boring!
Mr Harrison Excellent product. Very easy to clip in and out (Easy setting). They look and feel very good quality and are very smooth. Quick service from merlin cycles also.
Mr Geall Real bargain with cleats included. This trail design spreads the load on the feet and stops a lot of sideways movement especially when the cleats become worn. Give your feet a treat.
Mr Barker the item was as advertised and exactly what I ws looking for, high quality pedal for reasonable price very happy with them
Mr odonnell Replaced an old pair of Shimano M520 with these. So far amazing. A lot easier to into in to(no pedal spin) and am feeling a like I`ve got more connection with the bike, probably due to the larger base. Usual excellent speedy service from Merlin
Mr Shank I am a fairly aggressive rider on a rigid SS and after one full season, these pedals have stood up very well. I'm not sure that the extra pedal surface area actually does anything while riding unclipped, but whatever, I think they look sweet. Just bought a second pair for my girlfriend. I also ride in mud a lot and have never had any issues clipping in.
Mr Risi seem great so far, no issues!
Mr Bland Excellent pedals for trail use. There is minimal lateral movement when clipped in, the larger cage also helps when pushing off before getting clipped in. These are a great pedal at a fantastic price. Highly recommended.
Mr Greenland Excellent pedal, I bought these as my first spd pedals and they inspire confidence and are much easier than I thought to clip into thanks to the body helping you to align them.
John Bellamy I bought these pedals as nearly every other rider in our CTC group uses SPDs and now I know the reasons. They are easy to click in and out of and I find that the extra metal of the base, although a bit heavy, gives my feet a comfortable ride. I liked them so much that I bought another pair for my other bike.
Mr Eriksson Very nice pedals, not too heavy but sturdy enough. The cage makes them a bit comfier actually.
Mrs Churchman As always, Merlin provided an excellent, swift service. The pedals were exactly as described, packaged well and competitively priced. I will be using Merlin again for any future products.
Mr Anglberger An excellent pedal for a ridiculous price. Performance may not be on par with top of the line models, but you'll barely notice the difference.
Mr Griffith Great pedals, mechanism is stronger than the m520's at the same tension setting. Also they come with cleats too, always a bonus. Usual great price & service from Merlin!
Mr Vick Great value trail pedal. Fast efficient service from Merlin that keeps me coming back!
Jerry Atrik Bought these pedals to go on my Tricross and found they are so good im getting a second pair to go on my cube agree . Very light with a solid platform and very easy to click in and out off .
DCCP work brilliantly - definitely more suitable than my old M520s on the trail
Mr atherton Superb value for money(look at the cost of cleats on their own!!) Great performance. Former XTR/XT man now wouldn't bother buying any of the more expensive pedals!
LD They are what they say on the tin. Purchaased as a trial for spds. Cheapest price I could find on the net were from Merlin. Arrived next day which was really good.
Mr Bose An excellent entry level clip in pedal for those who are wanting to make the switch from flats.
Mr rogers Hard to rate after a short time of use. Easy to install. Great bit of kit for the money
Blockers These are my first pair of SPD pedals and I must say I'm impressed. I've only been using them for a few weeks but they've more then coped with the awful summer we've had. Very good quality as you would expect from Shimano at a very low price. If your thinking of moving away from flats buy these!
Mr Walker Again another good saving !! Top service ,super fast delivery ,thanks Merlin !!
Mr Tomlins Cant fault them so far. First set of clipless pedals after riding flats for many years. Bought some cheap shoes (MF Tour 100) to see how i liked the set up and am pleased so far. Got these as they were suggested to be good for beginners due to the larger cage. Evans was the cheapest place to get them and as ever it was a pleasure dealing with them. Cheers!
Mr Shields Being a first time user of spd pedals wasn't sure how I would get on with them but these pedals are quality easy klick in and out no problems
Mr Holroyd Easy to set up and have made a big difference to my riding experience, I would recomend these to anyone moving from flat pedal to SPD'S. Great service from Merlin also will be using them again!
Alan Marsh Received the M530's the next day! following online order - great service and great pedals at this price. Using them on my touring bike as they give enough support under my mountain bike shoes for long ride comfort.
Mr Walker excellent pedals, first SPDs owned, great starter, and a great price form merlin cycles
Mr Li Excellent entry level pedal at an excellent price. Merlin's service is 1st class....the website is a doddle to use and the despatch is lightning fast - ordered in the afternoon and received the follwoing morning! Thanks Merlin for providing a great service!
Mr Grout These pedals are very easy to use. I like the wide platform. I am new to clipless pedals but wish I had made the change much sooner. Pedals were a great buy from Merlin.
Mr Faulkner First pair of clipless pedals, so far very pleased with my purchase, best price on the net, easy to order and super quick delivery.
Mr Rawlinson Very pleased with my first clip on pedals. The double sided design is far better suited for me than the road going equivalents and they clip in very naturally when you set off. Being able to unclip by twisting your foot in either direction is also a handy feature.
Mr Miller superb spds at a great price,great for off road or commuting. Well made and easy to clip in and out of. Love 'em!