Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Shimano M647 SPD MTB Pedals is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 26th July 2019.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

Code: PDM647
Designed to withstand the rigour of DH racing and BMXing.
  • Large cage supports the foot and aids balance and control off the bike
  • Dual sided pop-up binding mechanism positions the pedal body at 12.5 degrees for easy and fast entry and release
  • Heavy duty aluminium body and high impact resin composite cage
  • Cleat tension adjustment has tension indicators to help with set-up of pedal
  • Excellent mud and debris shedding ability
  • Cr-Mo spindle with low maintenance sealed bearing cartridge axle
  • Weight: 568 grams per pair
  • Includes cleats
Taylor It's not just about the product, its the great service that comes with it too. The pedals are great, and make a massive difference for the ride. Top Buy
Creg Best clipless pedal I've used so far (have tried SLX and mallets). Very easy to clip in and out. I was worried about pedal strikes with the thick platform but so far it hasn't been a problem
Mr Smith Love the ability to adjust the tension. Snaps in easily. I will be sticking with these pedals for a long time.
Neil L Bought as replacements for some old M520, easier to get the cleat into and the cage offers greater support for the rest of the shoe which gives more confidence
Emma These pedals are great! I have actually put them on my road bike. I had used SPD-SL pedals but couldn't get on with them-I used to get nervous at junctions when I couldn't clip in quickly enough. These pedals have solved that issue completely as they allow you to pedal along, even if you haven't managed to clip straight in. They look a tiny bit bulky but not totally out of place even on my road bike.
parkes Replacing my 424 pedals which were fantastic I was unsure if these would be worth the extra . I think they are, the updated mechanism clears mud better and is more positive, the larger pedal body provides more support enabling secure riding if you don't want to clip in for a difficult section. A unique pedal in its class really only the 424 or perhaps funn come close.
Mr parkes Wanted some new and reasonably priced clip in pedals for trail riding and these fit the bill. Not extensively tested but are easy to use with good mechanism and a sturdy cage which does not get in the way. Not everyone's cup of tea but perfect for me. Service and delivery from Merlin impeccable.
Mr Anderson Exactly what I was looking for - a versatile pedal I can use whether I want to clip in or not. Feels like quality!
Ian O Solid pedal. Easy entry and useable unclipped.
Mr JOHNSON I use these on my MTB and are by far the best pedals I've used to date, I have tried flats with studded grips and and toe strap types. Very easy to use, being double sided and sprung lightly enough so that you can get back on the power quickly after unclipping using the broad resin foot-bed. They took quite a bashing recently on a charity ride across the Moor in Devon and apart from a few small scuffs which can be trimmed with a sharp knife, they stood up to the job better than expected as the resin does feel quite light weight. Maybe not the lightest out there but would thoroughly recommend for any weekend trail warrior like myself.
Mr Rennocks Great quality pedal, easy to use with a good range of adjustment. The pedal surround is good quality, provides a solid platform and has already survived a few rock clashes. The mechanism is a quality part, easy to adjust, has reasonable mud shedding and easy to make a good contact with in a hurry. Only down side to these pedals is they are on the heavy side and unless maintained properly the mechanism can become quite stiff.
Mr Popov Great pedals, work smoothly and precisely.
Paul Great, great pedals. Used them to go the shop the first time while wearing normal shoes. They were ok but I wouldn't recommend a long distance using them like this. when I used them clipped in they transformed my bike! Bike and Human become one. Extremely easy to clip in and out. If you are nervous about buying this type of pedal for the first time - buy them with confidence. I am a roady as well as mountain biker. I have used various different pedals and these are without doubt the easiest I have used. Once clipped in they are solid but it is very easy to clip out - not by accident though. Overall a great pedal at a great price. VERY fast delivery from Merlin : ) Thank you.
Tom Excellent pedals. Gave these the ultimate test racing at Innerleithen at the weekend and they did great. Never any problems clipping in despite lot's of claggy mud.
Mr Collins these are a good pedal if you like a bit more support than small SPDs, noticeably more support than the new XT \ XTR trail pedals with the metal platform as well. The pop up binding is makes it easy to get into them, easier than SPDs without this feature. A great price on Merlin. The only downside is that the plastic cage can sometimes develop sharp edges if you scrape them on rocks which then scratch your legs when you miss the pedals. Easily solved by not riding like a numpty or the use of a small file
Mr Walker These pedals are exactly what I expected; the incredibly reliable SPD pedal that I've already used for so long but with the added DX composite cage. Overall with this extra platform the pedal is very comfortable and gives very good grip and stability. Hopefully they'll update it sometime soon with a lighter version soon though.
Mr Baker Love the pedals grip really well. Rapid service.
Paul Mugford After buying the Shimano M780 XT and wishing I had bought pedals with an outer cage I decided enough was enough... I ride with a group and some use these pedals so I took the plunge. I have used them for the last two weeks and all I can say is wow why didn`t I buy these in the first place. The clip mechanism works flawlessly and if you dont manage to get clipped in the cage will give you good grip and support your foot. They clear mud with ease and just bounce off tree stumps&!!! I now have the added advantage of being able to hop on my bike to take my daughter to school rather than worrying about putting my spd shoes on. The price, service and delivery from Merlin is second to none. A lot of the other online cycle stores could learn a thing or two from Merlin.!!!!
Mr Warren This is my second set of these pedals which I have purchaed for a new build. Over the years that I have been using these pedals they have proved very robust and offer a more secure clip in when in muddy conditions. The cage helps prevent slipping and missing the clip in. I have used them with normal shoes on short rides with the kids etc and you can get away with using them like this but you will feel it through the base of you shoe. Great pedal well worth the moniey, Shimano quality through and through.
Mr bennett Following disintegration of my previous M647 after 5-6 years of faultless service, I've purchased these again. Just superb. Unlike some other types my feet never tire with these.
Mr allen Very pleased with pedals
Ms Warner Super fast and efficient very happy customer!
Mr McKenny Excellent piece of kit. New to MTB and bought these on the advice of a mate who has a pair. Loosened the tension right out to reduce my anxiety about clipping out in a hurry on the trails. Worked a treat. Good smooth action, clipping in easy, even when mucked up.
Jim Upgraded from the M324s as new bike will only be ridden with SPD shoes, so can use 2-sided clip-ins and avoid having to rotate the pedal before clipping in. Reviews all very good. Concerned with potential to clog with mud and would have gone with Crank Bros Mallets if it wasn't for their poor durability record (float may also have been better for the knees).
Mr Gardiner Been using shimano spd for years and needed some new ones after years of use and abuse they have held up well in the past and was the sensible replacement for my old ones so far been very impressed . Easy to clip in /out and provide good support.
Mark S These are my first set of clipless pedals and I'm very pleased with them. Nice that they came with reflectors too.
Big Challzo First experience with clipless pedals, still getting used to them. More great value from Merlin.
Mr Bendebel Just got the product yesterday around 10AM PST perfect shape just like what i expected and not bad shipment for a worlwide either. excelent ! Highly recommend this company . Thank you very much.
Gazza Australia Awesome I've been using spds for years. When it comes to reliability you can't beat shimano peddals Mud smashing them against rocks no problems at all. I've switch to these from XC ones as my riding is more aggressive am so I prefer the platform. These would also suit somebody using clip ons for the first time as the are very easy to get in and out of them. As always great service from Merlin 5 stars
Mr Reyes I was a bit weary about buying an item outside of the USA but decided to give Merlin a shot. The item arrived in less than a week and appeared to be a new item. The item I bought was intended as a gift and I was a bit unhappy about the way the item was packed. It was wrapped neatly in plastic and put in a different box. There is no reason to take the item out of its box to ship because the box the packaged the item in was actually bigger than the one the item comes in. I am not sure why they would package in such a way but I would never buy any item i planned on giving as a gift from Merlin ever again.
Mr Aitken This is my second pair of 647s.Tthe first pair lasted 5 years and were only discarded after a big crash when the bearing spindle snapped within the pedal body and I was unable to get it out. The big resin cage normally protects the pedal very well indeed, as well as offering loads of support underfoot making numb feet very rare. You shouldn't get carried away with the idea of not being clipped-in though since it is still easy to slide off! Properly adjusted, the release mechanism works as well as any SPD, I recommend the single release cleats as they allow you to stay 'in' that little bit longer. Altogether a very happy purchase, with support, longevity and a very good 'feel'.