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Shimano M785 XT Double Chainset - 10 Speed
  • A high performance double chainset from the classic ATB group, using the most advanced 10-speed Dyna-Sys chainrings
  • Forged HollowTech II aluminium cranks offer unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio
  • Lightweight construction with external super smooth bottom bracket bearings for efficient use
  • Aluminium double anodized outer chainring with plated inner ring for excellent rigidity and durability
  • Optimised Q-factor for double chainset
  • HG-X chainring with patented spike pins give smooth and fast gear shifts under load
  • Stiffness and strength increased with advanced design due to wider spaced bearings and oversized axle
    104 / 64 PCD four-arm chainrings
  • For use with 10-speed HG-X MTB chains only
  • We recommend that this bottom bracket is initially installed by a bike shop to ensure perfect bottom bracket facing and fit
The Shimano XT 10 speed double chainset is ideal choice. It's light and provides a quick and reliable change between gears. It's good value and comes with a Shimano bottom bracket. At this price what's not to like!
Love it so far. Typical XT quality and much lighter than the OEM SRAM crankset it replaced.
Excellent crankset. It is lightweight. It shifts smoothly. And it looks great.
Converting from 3x9 to 2x10 and this is my go to chainset, already using XTR 2x10 40-28 and abosuletly love it, so on my other bike I decided to go the same way but not spend as much..XT great value, excellent quality.
Good solid Shimano-kit looks great and you know upfront just what you are getting. Cranks are light and well made, good value for money
I got the silver 175mm cranks and they look awesome! The price was great, the shipping timeframe was reasonable, and the product was well packaged. Great job on Merlins part. I have always used XT cranks. They are the best combo for performance and weight. They shift well, easy to install, and they are stiff enough for a Clydesdale. They came in the original Shimano box with the BB71 threaded bottom bracket. I wanted silver cranks because I had black Deore cranks and they scratch up easily. Silver is much better and looks nicer on my matte black bike. Also I wanted a slightly larger smaller chainring. This set came with a 24t and my Deore had a 22t that was just a little to small. Now the ratios are just right. Great deal on a great set of cranks from a great vendor. I'm very happy.
Using this for 1x11 setup and does the job superbly - yes, you can get fancy 30mm cinch chainsets now (at higher costs) but this allowed me to continue using my existing hope 24mm BB. Black scuffs up pretty quick but I ride my bike not look at it.
XT , in my opinion, are always nice robust components that can take the hammer of my daily (offroad) commute without having to replace them every 3 months. And at this price they are a bargain
Usual Shimano quality, XT is all you will ever need whatever your MTB disapline.
Works great so far. Not noticeably different from the M615 Deore version that I had previously. If you're looking to save money I'd get the Deore or SLX version. I tried 1x10 with a 34t ring for a while, but found that it was just a bit too much for me. Switched to the 38/24 crank and really like the gearing on my 27.5 bike. Spend most of the time in the 38t, but can drop to the 24t for relief when needed. The range of 2x10 and the quality of front shifting components on this generation of Shimano leaves me scratching my head at the 1x craze.
What can you say about Shimano Cranksets but awesome. I use the Xt's on all my bikes. They shift effortlessly and always look good. I have also been using these with a single ring narrow/wide setup and look great with the single ring. Shimano cranks and brakes can't be beat.
Stiff, light and great finish. You would be hard pressed to find anything better. The law of diminishing returns kicks in above this crankset. You would have to spend 3 or 4 times to get anything that has a noticeable improvement.
This was a nice upgrade from the stock Deore triple chainset. In my opinion & for the regional trails around me, the 26x38 combination is plenty versatile. Otherwise, I love the stiffness & compatibility with my current setup (XT throughout).
Very nice set! Machining and finish is leaps beyond the SLX's. I can only imagine what the XTR's are like. I am a happy camper! Highly recommended.
I upgraded my MTB Deore crankset to the XT crankset and BB. It took me about 15 to remove the old crankset and BB and install the new XT one. The threads on the BB come pre-grease but I went ahead and put blue locate 242 on them to be sure. I took the bike out for a 10 miles ride and the cranks and BB were smooth. Great upgrade.
Great crankset. I ordered the 38/24 gear combo and was worried about shifting quality with the 14t spread compared to my previous 12t spread on my XTR M980 cranks. I'm glad to say was very pleased with the shifting after riding with these. No shifting issues, delays, etc. whatsoever.
Quality product that has made my drivetrain so much smoother
Love this chainset. Went out on a 11 mile ride and it worked great. Smooth shifting and never had to worry about it. Packaged arrived earlier than expected. Always great service from Merlin. Thanks
I upgraded from a triple to this. From the first ride, I enjoyed my new set-up and noticed 2 things. First that my 29er gained more space from the ground in proximity of the chainset, perfect for when you need to climb extremely-rocky terrains. Second the stiffness of this chainset! Is amazing! The gear ratio from triple to double is better and you don't notice tha you "loose" 10 gears... The black is nicer but I opted for the silver color. My previous black chainset wasn't nice to see after gaining the first scratches!
Neat double cranks...I run two sets with a 9 speed chain and cassette. Superb value
Very light crankset compared to my old Deore M552. When combined with a XT HG94 chain, a XT cassette and XT front and rear deraillers the shifting is smooth and fast and there's no audible transmission noise. You can also use all 10 cassette sprockets from both chainrings without any noise. Going 2x10 from 3x10 was the best upgrade i have ever done.
Very happy with double ten speed xt chainset, 38/26 on my AM Cotic Bfe hard-tail. I can use all the 20 gears, giving a super range and faster pedal response. I always had an issue the granny ring was to small and the big ring was to big, now the set up is perfect and at a great price to.
Trying a dual ring chainset again from a xt triple ring. Quality looks good, parts all fitted with no problems (you obviously have to set the limits on the derailleur). Downshift is very smooth. Upshift is a bit clunky even when I take pressure off the pedals. This is probably due large change in gear sizes. Initial opinion is I prefer a triple ring as the gearing change is usable without changing the wheel gears, whereas a double ring has too big a gearing change on the uphill.
Great chainset with very usable ratio's, Shimano's bb's seem to last very ages now at at Merlin's price, these were a steal
As always great service from Merlin. Best price for a great piece of kit. Smooth shifting, great looking in silver. Light and stiff!! Easy to install with the right crank installation tool. Very pleased.
Really nice chainset. Replaced my old triple, this works great. Remember to change front derailleur if you are changing number of chainwheels.
Todo perfecto , calidad buenisima. El envio muy rapido
Light, shifts well.
Great lightweight crank set. Super stiff and strong. Faultless
Can't say much about durability as I've only ridden with it once, but very easy installation if you've got the right tools. Be sure not to over-tighten the locknut as you may damage the bb. Also worth nothing that this comes supplied with a shimano bb as standard which was a nice surprise.
Fantastic server and price from Merlin Cycles, yet again! Thanks Merlin! Now if only I'd ordered the correct size!! ;)
Excellent product. Recommended. Faster shipping
Super fast delivery, great price (cheaper than the SLX version), great product. Recommended
best on the market for price and quality
As good as xtr without the price tag
Its like an xt triple crankset, but this is one quieter. We like the quite life sometimes. If you miss the third ring, press on the pedals harder.