Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Shimano MTB Gear Cable Set - PTFE is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 8th October 2018.

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Code: Y60098019
Complete gear cable set designed to suit the top-of-the-range XTR gears.
  • Fitting new gears or completely overhauling your gear cabling couldn't be easier - everything you need in one pack
  • Includes 1.2 mm inner wires (1 x 2100 mm, 1 x1800 mm),and black 4 mm SP41 outer casing for a complete bike (1 x 3000 mm), and sealed outer caps with added tongue for rubber shields plus inner end caps
  • PTFE coated stainless steel precision ground round inner wire leaves a smooth surface for low friction while providing high corrosion resistance
  • Outer casing is lubricated internally along its length with low-friction silicone grease to reduce cable friction
  • Special construction process makes for an axially stiff outer casing that transmits shifting movements accurately and quickly
  • Outer casing is lined with a polymer sheath to assist with the smooth operation of the inner wire
Shimano gear cable is easy to install, and always works well.
Easy to fit, super smooth shifting, plenty of length in the cables.
Nice smooth cable movements. PTFE worth the extra money!
Great cables and outers, all you need to sort your sticky shifting problems. Good value if you need all the parts.
Really makes it easy to swap cables and reminds me why swapping the outer should be done at the same time, my 10 year old XT shifters and derailleurs are feather light and accurate again.
Easily some of the best cables. All the fittings. Good quality. Good value.
Returned my gears to silky smooth shifts
Comes with everything you need to change cables on the bike, including more than enough length of inner and outer. Quick delivery as usual from merlin.
Convenient to have everything in one box - don't know if it is the PTFE but shifting pretty slick now
I've tried all the various light weight alternatives and the trails around Hebden Bridge have destroyed them in next to no time. This XTR level Shimano set might be a few grams heavier to it just works whatever the weather. No hassle.
Having been used to gore rideon cable systems I was a little sceptical about these but having installed them (easie than gore) they've worked a treat, recent heavy rain and mud in the lakes hasn't bothered the operation of the shifting. At last shimano have got their act together and came out tops
Great product. Gears seem to be more responsive with these cables than with my old well worn cables.
This cable set is the daddy. I brought these to replace my 2 year old cables as I thought it was about time. The shifting performance is so much smoother and all the fittings offer much more protection to the inners compared to my old jagwire setup. Service from Merin was fantastic once again, very good delivery times and price!! Thanks merlin!!
What a difference! Rode my bike all through winter and gear changing became pretty drab, I actually thought there might be something wrong with the shifter. Slid these slick things in and precision shifting is now effortless. I wouldn't use the non PTFE stuff again. Oh and Merlin were super fast with their delivery so I was out at the weekend.
Still prefer this combination of SP41 and 'xtr' teflon slick inners to any other system. I dont see the need for the fancy (read expensive) sealed systems especially with modern bikes having full outer cable runs
Really smooth shifting even in the tight internal cabling I have on my Zesty. Great service and price from Merlin.
Not had much time to review item but great speedy service by merlin.
This is a very good cable set with all the bits needed and enough outer to run full length for both front and rear. Not sure what the PTFE does really but for the little extra is costs anything that helps keep your cables running smother for longer is worth it. What a difference this has made to my ride!
Merlin does the business yet again. At my door less than 24 hours from ordering. Great prices too. Best Online Mountain bike shop by miles...
Worth spending the little bit extra to get the PTFE inner wires. Super smooth shifting, I've been using these for years and never had a problem with them. Just as good if not better than the Gore sealed cables and alot cheaper.
I honestly can't tell the difference in shifting between plain stainless cables. The set came with one long run of outer though (better as you can cut it however you need it) and plenty of ferules etc. Was a good deal on Merlin too.
Used these cables for years - excellent product