Shimano R540 SPD-SL Pedals
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Shimano R540 SPD-SL PedalsShimano R540 SPD-SL PedalsShimano R540 SPD-SL PedalsShimano R540 SPD-SL Pedals
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Code: PDR540
Shimano R540 SPD-SL road pedal for entry level use at a value for money price, Include genuine Shimano cleats.
  • Wide pedal platform for improved foot-Pedal stability
  • Low maintenance sealed cartridge axle unit
  • The low profile platform with open design allows for easy access and cleat adjustments
  • Easy to clip into and release but with stable fit for maximum power transfer to the pedals
  • Wider cleat and binding mechanism for better shoe/pedal contact than traditional SPD systems
  • Weight: 330 grams per pair
  • SPD-SL road pedal with light action for easier clip in and clip out operation
  • Includes cleats
Mr Dunning Great pedals, easy to fit & adjust
Joseph Great long lasting product for competitive price.
Mr Kara Good choice for learning Spd pedal
KWC Decent pedals, having never tried clipless before. They were the most affordable I could find at the time as well.
Mo Akram My first set of clipless pedals. Practiced using them on my turbo trainer and they’re great a solid click when you clip in. Adjust the tension to unclip to suit your personal preference. Been using in traffic and they’re easy to clip in and out of , wished I’d made the change earlier.
Tim Childs Great Shimano Pedal, purchased a pair from Merlin (Whom I buy more and more from now) as they had the right option and are a lot cheaper via Merlin in the UK, than here in NZ...) Because of knee surgery I had in August. I wanted and got the 'Light action' version, as they will help me ease back into Shimano clipless pedals by making it easy on my knee especially. Thanks again Merlin!
David.F This is my second pair of Shimano SPD pedals and I can't say anything bad about them, as usual good quality product and very well priced.
Vaughan Bought before and put them on my spare bike. A good starter pedal so suits me.
Dr Gaber Good
Dr Mohamed Light and good quality
Mr Matute Smooth bearings and great sealing – along with easy servicing and great dealer backup – add even more to what are great budget pedals. They come with a set of standard 6° float cleats and are compatible with all current Shimano SPD-SL cleats. Weight is 336g a pair.
Mr Boore Excellent value!!
B Reed These pedals are perfect for the price. I bought them for my indoor trainer where weight is not as critical. They work well and I’m happy.
Jordan Great learner pair of spd-sl pedals. Comes with everything you need (outside of shoes) to learn this type of platform. Yes it is a little bulky, and even with adjustment, can seem a little clunky to clip in and out of, but it helped me decide on whether or not to switch to SL (i ended up deciding to stay with regular spd). Before spending double on the higher levels, gives these a try!
Mr Belisle Très bonne pédale bonne ajustement
Daniel Chow Brought this for a friend. A bit heavy for me, but my (newbie) friends had no complaint. This suits beginners very well, as it is designed to.
Mr Guirdham Great pedals, easy to lock-in and out, feels very secure when riding
Mikko Good pedals for the budget/training. No squeaking noises from the hubs. A lot of lube got out of them, so just make sure to wipe it off to not attract any dirt.
jamie Great pedals simple but effective no issues and great service
Mr VENTURINA Good price and quality for long ride and training use.
David Eaay to fit and easy to get the hang of clipping in and out of. Cant see any issues at all. Look nice too
Mr Corser I've had these pedals before on a bike that was stolen. Very reliable, solid build quality and not too heavy. Fantastic service as always from Merlin
Mrs Lamarre Great product! Cheap cheap and effective. These are the best bang for your buck!
Chris Good basic pedal, easy to clip in and out and look great in white.
Mr Nguyen Excellent starter pedals for those looking for a low cost entry into clipless pedals
John Nice, work well, easy to clip in/out and comfortable in use. I'd buy them again.
Paul Good robust pedal. Lasts for years with no maintenance. New bike - new pedals
Miss Snowden Ordered in white, a great beginners pedal. Found the ease of clipping in and out comforting while I found my confidence on the bike. Only draw back to white pedals is the scuffs from shoes make them look worn quickly however you cant help this in any way and it doesn`t affect their use.
Mert Because it's my first time using SPD-SL Pedals, I ordered Light Action version (they're supposed to be easier to clip in and out). They look and feel very durable. Pedals come with yellow (6º) SPD-SL cleats, they're very easy to install. I really enjoy cycling with them.
Igor The best entry-level shimano pedals, of course it's heavier than a Dura Ace model, but for his price, it's a nice one. I recommend this pedals for who's starting at cycling and don't want to spend much money.
Tom Dumpulin TLDR: Buy a more expensive set of Shimano pedals. If I had never tried 105 5700, Ultegra 8000, and Dura Ace 9100, I would have been completely fine and happy with these cheap pedals. However, because Shimano pedals literally will outlast you, I would suggest upgrading to something slightly more expensive such as the 105 pedals (5700, 5800, 7000 are all good choices). They seem a lot more expensive but believe me they are worth it. The bearings are a lot smoother, the look better, they weigh less, and more importantly, they make a louder and more clicky sound when you clip in. The bearings on 540/550 are just not as smooth and they feel cheap. These are therefore on my track bike where I clip in and out less.
Mr Bath My first pair of " clipless pedals " . Instructions made it easy to install the cleats on my shoes and work out how to clip in and out. A huge improvement over platform pedals and really easy to use after about 5 minutes of practice. The black look great on the bike with my black Shimano cranks.
Steve Great pedals! These were my first SPD-SL pedals so I wanted something affordable. They installed quickly, were easy to adjust for low tension to click in and out, and feel very secure. I immediately went out for a 10 mile test ride and loved them. I'm still getting used to clicking back in after traffic stops but by the end of my first ride I was already pretty good at it. They look really nice and aren't heavy. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a well-made pedal.
Davey M Decent enough road pedal, not much more to say than that.
Angela Very pleased with these pedals would def recommend them.
Mr Poleszak Realy smooth, light action. Nice spd for beginners - when you loosen the adjustment screw it is safe and easy.
GE Good entry-level pedals, installed on a backup bike. I find the 105-level pedals slightly easier to clip into, but otherwise the differences between different levels of shimano pedals will not be noticeable.
Dev Das Highly dependable and robust pedals. Easy to click in and out of. Hardwearing; I really don't know what you'd gain from a carbon pedal over these metal ones.
Mr Berry Very high quality product and easy to use. These are my first cleats & pedals so was a bit unsure what to purchase. My worries were unfounded as they take no getting used to, and improve the ride massively.
Mr Ceylan Good basic road pedals. Easy to adjust, a good introduction to "riding clipped in"
Mr Mag Great for the price, easy to adjust. I have ridden 3k+ km, no issues with pedals and cleats. Highly recommended 10/10
Ashkan Ahmadi Great affordable pedals. If you are not a professional cyclist and you are doing mostly for fun/pleasure yet can't afford to pay more, these pedals will keep you happy for a long time. I had the Shimano SPD M324 before these and they were really heavy and tended to hurt my shin a lot but these R540 pedals are lightweight and won't hurt if they hit against your shins.
Mr Harman I am new to road cycling and completely new to clipless pedals. These pedals are super easy to set up and use. Two rides in and I haven't had any incident yet!
Cooper First time buying and using clip in pedals. Easy set up and easy to use. Done over 100 miles on them now and no problems what so ever. Materials used feel strong and durable. I would recommend these to anyone.
Mr Kwiecien Very good pedals for beginners. Clipping in and out is very smooth and easy to learn with these pedals.
Mr allison These were offered as part of a 'package deal' with a pair of SPD shoes. These were easy to fit to my bike and are great for my needs - a casual but keen road biker.
Gildone Pedals are great! Sturdy and very functional. Had speed plays before and like these much better.
Ed Bought as part of a shoe deal - will be a backup pair for winter bike which currently has an old set of the same pedals on it. They are showing no sign of needing replacement though so these are a good buy, especially for the price. Functions in exactly the same way as more expensive Shimano pedals (I have the 105 SPD-SL on my other bike). Comes with yellow (medium float) cleats.
Mr Tennant Great pedal for a fairly novice rider. Easy to click in and out of.
Strand I am new to clipless pedals but these are definitely quality construction and I expect them to last many, many miles.
Dominic Value for money purchase. Received the item as described and true enough the strength required to clip in and out is alot lesser compared to my 105 pedals. It kinda helped me to unclip at the very last moment when I was about to fall on my left side last week. Thus, strongly recommended for all beginners who's attempting clipless for the 1st time.
Chia My first clipless and I got the light action version. So far so good. Have not tried the standard version to compare. Feels good so far. A great pedal to start with clipless from the cost perspective.
Yates Really easy to fit the additional reflector and simple to attach to the bike. First time I've used these types of clips so still learning. Makes a huge difference to confident and smooth pedaling! Highly recommended.
Brian Was used to SPD pedals and just couldn't get on with them in conjunction with road shoes and SPD cleats. Decided to go for these SPD SL pedals and I'm really glad I did. Much easier 'lock-in' - and just as easy to break out of. Despite being 'light action' I've had no problems with unexpected breakout on rough roads or over potholes, etc. I can see the cleats themselves getting worn/damaged more quickly than metal ones however, so I've bought protective covers for when I am walking. All in all, I'd thoroughly recommend these as a 'beginner' SPD SL pedal.
Pearce Good basic road pedals. Easy to adjust, a good introduction to "riding clipped in"
Paul - Croydon AUS A hardy product - great entry level pedals that are just a solid, reliable component.
Mr Jasinski Bought these as part of the shoe/pedal package as I'm a novice to road biking. They do everything the say on the tin, easy to fit, easy to use. Great service from Merlin, ordered Monday, delivered Tuesday..
grimes These Shimano pedals are among the best overall for both entry level or experienced riders. Easy tension adjustment for quick cleat release and super smooth entry and exit. High quality, super tough and the silver color really looks good on all bikes. I highly recommend these pedals and they are stock on all my bikes.
Gaku, S I have used SHIMANO SPD pedals for some bicycles for 5 years. Changing my mind to want more speed and stability of pedaling, I decided to buy this one as first try. So, it is primary goal to get SPD-SL pedal with more valuable price, not to see detail spec such as weight. This pedal is a bit heavier than up-grade models, but no problem for my goal. Shimano always offers more quality than the price, light action is the best choice for newbie of SPD-SL pedals.
Johan, Sweden Great beginners pedals. Easy to mount and clipping in/out works like a charm. And the price!
Courtney M Recieved these pedals in a bundle with my PR7 Road Bike, found them easy to fit to the bike and secure enough when attached. Recently took them off for the first time to transport my bike and they were easy to remove/reattach also. Big enough surface area that you still feel secure if these are your first clipless pedals. Little bit of scuffing soon develops around where the cleats go but nothing major at all. If you're looking for your first SPD-SL pedals these ones do the job admirably.
Mr Shane Great product. Not sure what to expect from my first set of clip pedals but they did not disappoint. Only fell once on my first ride :)
Mr Templeton Nice functional pedals. Easy to fit with either 15mm spanner or 6mm allen key. Wound release pressure right down and now find anything other than clipless pedals seems really odd! Silver finish is wearing well and very happy overall
Mr Taylor Clip in and out with ease. Can't fault them.
illingworth Fantastic pedal for the price. Easy to throw on the bike and clipping in & out is pretty seamless and easy
Mr Kasarda Pretty straightforward pedal. Not the lightest but for the right application (training or day-to-day riding) are a great deal.
Clint Vogel Awesome value for money pedals. I got these for the first clip in pedals for the missus and she finds them easy to unclip. I used this type for my first road pedals and loved them. Especially how easy they are to clip in and out of. Perfect beginner or enthusiest pedals if you arent counting grams.
Mr Yildirim Great starter pedals, good quality for their price ! Improved my cadance greatly! 10/10 would buy again if something happened to my pair.
Maxwell Jr Great set of pedals for the price. They are a bit on the heavy side, but great for training.
Summers Typical excellent Shimano quality - the light action pedal is a great option for a commuter pedal where clipping in and out at junctions is more frequent. I run the Ultegra version on my other bikes and have been more than happy with their performance.
Mr Browarczyk Great choice as a starter for rookie bike rider
Dan Great pedals, high quality, adjusting tension for clipping in and out is a breeze
Iain Solid pedals. Still getting used to clipping in after a couple of rides, transferring from mini mtb spd's, but once in much better for getting power down
Queiroz Valentim Great product for a good price. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good quality pedal and don't want to pay much.
Mr Schlecker Excellent pedal for the non serious cyclist like my wife who these are for, or for the cyclist who needs a good quality pedal for the winter bike, like me.
Ross Absolutely perfect for me! These are my first pair of road pedals and have worked very well so far. Good price and quick delivery!
Steve B My 1st clipped pedals. Easy to use. Excellent fast delivery
Mr snowdon Excellent - key thing is the cleats are included. Loads of people selling these at similar price but without cleats.
Mr Köse Great pedal for beginners. Quick delivery.
Batuhan This is my first clipless pedal. I pedal with giro treble 2 shoes. Very nice upgrade if you are still using flat pedals, it really makes a huge difference for the money, and looks nice with the glossy finish. The pedals are a little bit heavy though
Riner These are a great pedal for any use, they are easy in and out, hold great, good platform, smooth running, last a long time, its the only pedal I use. I ride daily and have never had a problem.
Jollygreen68 Great pedals. They are the first clipless pedals I've ever used or own, so I don't have a frame of reference to compare them to others, but so far, they work great. It's amazing having your foot be one of with the crank... the amount of power produced and efficiency is amazing! Only had them about a week, but so far so good.
Mr Tarcitano Great pedal, light and easy to clip into.
Mr Le Good engagement and enough float for my injured knee. Haven't crashed while un clipping yet!
Mr Chen Great Pedals! Clicks in with no problems and has a little bit of float.
Mr EDENS Great deal on SPD-SL pedals! I've used Look style KEO the past few years and after reports from fellow cyclists I decided to try these. Love em!
Mr Sherlock Bought these pedals to attach to a hired bike abroad. They are compatible with my shoes, easy to fit to a bike and compact to go in my case. Perfect.
Mr robinson First time I have used road pedals, they are harder to use than spds but once in support feet better.
Mr JARRATT Great pedals - large contact area, secure & quite easy to get in / out. No point paying more in my opinion as the quality is good and weight is fine. They come with shimano cleats too
Mr Nguyen These pedals work great and aren't too heavy. I do a lot of heavy sprinting and they hold well. Not bad seeing as how these are considered "entry-level".
Mr Stewart Excellent set of pedals which came with the cleats. Easy to clip in and out of with just a flick of the heel. Couldn't ask for more and excellent service as always from Merlin
Mr De la Salle Fantastic value, fantastic service.... Pedals are what you expect for entry level pedals... clipping in and out is effortless. Weighting could be improved, but actually my 6800 Ultegra are only marginally better in that department. Use these on my single speed winter trainer and fit the job perfectly. Train heavy, race light....
Mr Wang Good quality but a little hard to clip in right position without look at it. In general, value the cost.
Mr Male The pedals are fantastic, really good quality for the price and have improved my cycling efficiency no end - have ridden 115miles in the last 7 days and have had no issues. SPD Clips that come with the pedals are ideal for starting out on.
Mr maun These are my second pair I have bought, I fitted my first pair to my carbon road bike last year, I`ve just rebuilt a 1980s road bike and was goin to leave everything as original including the pedals and toe clips, but after a few rides i decided to put clipless pedals on it, these do make a big difference especially when climbing hills, these pedals are great value and very easy to engage and disengage, can`t see the point of paying any more when these pedals do the job.
Mr Dickinson Perhaps not the lightest set of pedals on the market but in terms of quality, functionality and quality they represent fantastic value. The cleats (supplied) are easy to fit to the shoe and very easy to engage.
Mr Simms Great basic pedal, have them on a couple of bikes and for the price you can't go wrong
Mr Warner Pedals are light and robust. Cleats are easily destroyed if you walk on the wrong surfaces.
Mr Hornby Cracking value, considering the cost of cleats (which are included, the with float ones) makes you wonder why anyone would bother with the 105 or ultegra pedals that are twice the price and no lighter with the same mechanism
Mr Cope Excellent product. Easy to fit, easy to use, and makes daily commute a easier.
Mr Harris My first clipless pedal. Work nicely and a great price from Merlin.
Jack 1st time using clip ons and had no problem clipping in or out
Mr Morgan Great pedals at a great price no need to pay anymore.As usual the service from merlin was awsom
Mr Fitches A good quality pedal, I prefer these than spending a small fortune on a more expensive model as I don't think it makes much difference. Very pleased with these!!
Mr Edwards Great product and completely changed my riding experience
Mr Li These are the light action SPD - SL pedals and they are slightly easier to clip in ands clip out and highly recommended for new users to SPD - SL pedals. I had feared they might clip out under power, but not at all. It's a win win. The finish is first rate and cleats are include too - brilliant value
Mr rigler Bought these pedals from Merlin Cycles along with a Sensa cycle and I have found them to be great for my sportive rides. No nonsence mehcanisim and easy to adjust the tension to suit you.
TF My first venture into clipless pedals so didn't want to spend too much till I knew whether I I could get used to them. For the price these are excellent especially considering they include cleats. Have been really easy to use, clipping in takes a bit of getting used to but just needs practise. Would definitely recommend them
Mr Jenkins Great product, plus cleats also included, easy to fit and very easy to se up. Will be buying another pair for my other bike
Ms Alcock My first set were so good, arrived so quickly and were so well priced that I brought my husband a set too.... and they're just as good, arrived super quick and still the best price.
Orangematt Great pedals, new to road cycling so I thought I'd try these before splashing out on ultegra. Don't think I need to upgrade they are great and as usual merlin price and delivery was fantastic.
Mr todd ideal first pair of spd-sl pedals, quick and easy to fix to my bike and really easy to use with my new "cleated" shimano shoes. Excellent service too and delivered next day !!
Dr Brumfitt Great product, great price and rapid delivery.
Mr etherington Pedals are as expected and offer fantastic value for money,again customer service was excellent arrived two days after ordering, definitely recommend these pedals and would order from merlin again.
Mr Halloran Excellent value for money and a quality product
Mr Hudson A great budget pedal for your spare bike, and usual quick delivery time from Merlin.
Mr quilliam Great Product at a great price. Recommend Merlin Cycles very fast delivery thanks
Mr white Great price, great product.
Mr Roberts Super quick delivery at an unbeatable price
Dr Neave Excellent customer service. pedals were exactly as advertised
Gordon Shaw Excellent quality pedal for the price
Mr Robinson Merlin have triumphed again with these pedals. The lowest price for, what I consider, to be a quality product. The honesty in supplying the cleats as part of the package was up to normal Merlin standards. I have seen so many other reports on the web of other dealers advertising "with cleats" only for them to be missing on delivery. Well done again Merlin.
Mr langley This is the second bike I have had these pedals on , can't fault them
Mr harmen-luff A stylish easy starter pedal that is easy to get out of. It has adjustable tension so when you starting out the all important release is easy enough. Would recommend this pedal to anyone starting out.
Mr Lee Product does exactly what it should, easy to fit and easy to get out of!!! I had these on my previous bike and not being a very serious biker these do the job I need them too in the price range I wanted to pay!
Mr Purdy Strong robust pedals that engage well on the cleats. Highly recommended
Mr King I bought these as my first pair of SPD SL pedals, as opposed to MTB SPD pedals. Combined with a new pair of carbon soled shoes they've been great so far. Took me about 10 miles to get the hang of clipping in and out. Great mix of performance, adjustability and weight for the price. Can't comment on longevity but Shimano stuff is generally good.
Evan Rice You simply can't beat these pedals for the money. Super easy to clip in to and out of. Don't bother looking elsewhere for a great, basic road pedal.
Mr Brain Excellent quality, good looking pedal and although we're not supposed to review the service I must say the transaction was trouble free with a super fast delivery
Mr Rodrigues Claudio Great product!!! So fast shipping and received! I recommend to my friends.
KEN.A This is the most standard elegance and I regard it as the ability of both beginners and middle-class persons to use broadly.
Mr Slater My first use of clip in pedals so i can't really compare them to any other set, but my feet clip easily enough and more importantly come out before I hit the deck!! East to fit and set up
Mr Young Easy to read web pages - simple ordering process and quick service - Cheers
Mr Smith Good first clipless pedal, easy engagement and release, keeps foot in. What more could you ask?!
Mr Browning These are my first Set of clipless pedals an I can't fault them for the price
Tom Great entry level road pedal, good connection, easy to unclip when required.
Mr Velin This is my first SPD-SL so it's hard to make a compare it with high end, more expensive pedals. Set at a very reasonable price, I find the R540 a good instep pedal.
Jum! Nice smart pedal. Not sure how long the white coating will last, but they look quite pretty when new! No real features, just clip in, twist out... simple!
Mike Dean Great pedals, great price and great service - I couldn't really ask for any more than that! I'll be back.
Mr sells these are a fantastic first time clip in pedals for me, and i find they difinealty do give more pace and connect you with the bike
Mr Valim My item came very fast (Brazil). Around by 25 days. The pedals are excellent. I'm very glad. Perfect!
Mr Belton Exactly what I was after at a great price, I can't tell the difference between these and my more expensive 105 pedals. They were delivered next day too. Perfect!
Mr McKinlay Perfect great value super service as always, would recommend merlin cycles to anyone!
Mr. Guy Very good build, easy install and easy to adjust clip sensitivity.
Mr barseghyan Good price, good product, decent shipping. Thanks a lot!!!
Mr welton Only had these a short time but seem to be ok and just getting use to them is the only problem but should be ok in time but cant fault them .Very happy with Merlin posted next day ,alot cheaper than everywhere else i would shop with these again .
Mr butters excellent product , and with cleats included , and the speed of the dispatch ,well recomeneded
Mr Atkinson Super impressed. Ordered pedals and cleats and they turned up next day. Price for cleats and pedals was cheaper than just the pedals cost anywhere else. Regards Al
Mr Pinkney They work just as well as the more expensive models!
Mr McConico These clips are awesome. just like the higher end shimano's. I snap in and out easily and I really like the look of them on my bike. would definitely buy again. Thanks Merlin for having quality products at a discounted price!
Mr Fletcher Good set of pedals worth the money....
Finish biker
Mr Judge
Mrs Robinson This wepsite is incredible The cheapest . Fastest . Best quality product Ive found on the internet.