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Shimano hydraulic olive and insert.
  • Shimano hose olive and insert to fit brakes with the new BH90 hose.
  • Contains 1 olive and 1 insert.
Need to shorten hoses. Did the job perfectly
Pricey for all that it is, necessary for shortening hoses. Fits narrow shimano hoses on my 2015 XT brakes.
Expensive but essential for the xt hoses if you are shortening - would be better if they were reusable like the hope fittings but work well and easy to fit.
Used to shorten the hoses on my new shimano XT brake sets, easy to use.
This is the same olive as all shimano hoses use but the insert is narrower and only compatible with the hose that comes with the newest generation of shimano brakes with a narrower bore (resulting in less flex and more positive braking action) so make sure you get the right one. If you do it works spot on.