Shimano ST-RS685 Hydraulic Disc Brake STI's & BR-RS685 Disc Brakes
Shimano ST-RS685 Hydraulic Disc Brake STI's & BR-RS685 Disc Brakes
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Shimano ST-RS685 Hydraulic Disc Brake STI's & BR-RS685 Disc Brakes, complete kit with all hoses and cables. Full front and rear set.
  • Precision-engineered STI levers for hydraulic disc brakes offer powerful braking and effortless 11-speed shifting
  • Polymer coated shift cables are routed under the bar tape
  • Vivid indexing provides a constant amount of shift lever force across all 11 sprockets
  • Ergonomic short shift arc follows natural hand movement
  • Hydraulic brake lever provides powerful, controllable and consistent stopping power with less effort especially from the hood position
  • Hydraulic reservoir tank provides pad to rotor clearance auto-adjust maintaining braking performance during pad wear
  • 10 mm reach and free stroke adjustment enable custom feel and fitment for all hands
  • Easy bleed and clean hydraulic system, for use with Shimano mineral oil only
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Using these on an "all road" bike. (One caveat: I am using a different, flat mount caliper up front as the ENVE GRD fork requires it.) When set up, the shifters work flawlessly. After years of using Force, the smooth operation, albeit slightly slower, shifting of these Ultegra style levers is a marked improvement. The calipers work well, though, as seems to to be the Shimano "road" style (and yes, I know these are really just modified XT units), when bleeding you might not want to use the yellow separator to keep the pads apart... e.g. you might want to slightly overfill them. The reason for this is that despite the reach adjustment and free-stroke, you might want the engagement point a little further out. Speaking of which... there are a few wrinkles with this. First of all, make sure you REALLY crush the olive when you're setting up the lines. They do come setup for "quick" connection (e.g. with fluid, etc), but the hosing will probably be too long. Torque that thing in there! It can take more than you think and really has to be tight to prevent leaks. Second, free-stroke is noticeable on MTB levers, but here... it's just too subtle. Third, the reach adjustment screw location is... impossible. You can barely see the head (it's underneath the inner shift lever) and is hard to adjust. Finally, the last minor wrinkle: the rubber hoods just don't like to stay in place... especially if you use 3mm bartape and figure-8 the wrap (so you don't use cheater strips). You just really have to stretch it thin or they will never quite "sit." All in all, a fantastic product, with just a few gripes. I will say that I prefer the separate bleed valve and valve release on these calipers to the other style (where they are together). It's a little easier to hook the hose up. But they're a great deal and work flawlessly when set up.
Got these for my disc roadie. Brakes are fantastic. Excellent modulation. Matched to Dura Ace RD and FD and shifting is crisp and accurate. The hoods SUCK though, they are loose and baggy. A known issue to Shimano but sold them to me none the less. Had to buy a replacement set (Updated design).
Crazy good. Works on my Felt F1x build perfectly. As good as my Shimano MTB brakes. Its nice that I can stick with the same shoes fluids and other parts. I think the form factor fits well for my hands. The braking is superb... as expected.
These are absolutely awesome. I upgraded from 105 shifters and TRP Spyre mechanical hydraulic brakes and the difference is astounding. Shifting is really light and positive, but more the braking is the best I have ever had on a road bike. One finger stopping power and great modulation. Package comes with new shift inner,and fluid, but you'll need the shimano filling funnel.
Neat bit of kit comes complete with oil and all cables for gears, shifters are slightly larger than normal but feel OK in your hand - you may need caliper adapters for IS mounts on forks !!
Upgrade from cable brakes too these on my Caadx and they are excellent!!!! Easy to fit and the braking power is amazing. You do need to buy a special tool to bleed them up though.
These brakes are fantastic. Having ridden hydraulics on my MTB for many years I found road bike brakes shockingly poor by comparison - even cable discs. My biggest gripe is the effort required to slow down - I've nearly overshot the corner a few times due to not applying enough force to the levers quickly enough on my TRP Spyres. The RS685 is just like a MTB brake. It takes light pressure to apply a lot of power. You can probably get similar power from a rim or mechanical disc brake, if you really tug on the levers, though I couldn't. The 685s make stopping quickly every bit as controlled, relaxing, and consistent as a MTB brake. They are just great. I love the smooth light action and easy modulation. I've read reviews that they have too much travel, clamping right down to the bars. This isn't the case if bled correctly. Mine stop a good 3/4" from the bar and travel no more than Shimano MTB brakes, though more than my Hope M4s.
I upgraded from cable brakes and the feel is a lot better; less effort is required to get a given amount of stopping power.
After having mechanical disc brakes then semi hydraulic on my Cannondale Synapse, I finally plucked up the courage to drill out the cable frame stops and fitted the wonderful Shimano hydraulics. These brakes far outperform the others and have great modulation on descents, wish I had fitted them earlier.
The calipers are ugly, but damn it they work so well
Bought these as an upgrade over my 105 shifters paired with Avid BB7 mechanical calipers. They surpass my previous setup in every way, shifting is far crisper with a much more positive click. Braking performance is the true star of the show, more power, less effort at the lever and a far better modulation. Great upgrade!
Love em, smooth strong braking and super smooth shifting. Heavier than standard levers of course but well worth the penalty.
Capable of changing the way you ride! Best braking performance I have ever experienced on drop handlebars, comparable with MTB stopping power, super smooth shifting and good looking kit. Easy to fit and bleed and surprisingly not that bulky considering how much extra functionality has been squeezed under the hoods. Very impressed. Bought these for my Ti gravel/cx bike but will switched my main carbon road machine to them as soon as more frame/wheel manufacturers embrace the standard.