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Shimano Ultegra 6800 Brake Calipers is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Brake Calipers - Pair
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Shimano Ultegra 6800 Brake CalipersShimano Ultegra 6800 Brake Calipers - Pair

This item was discontinued 10th January 2020.

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Code: BR6800
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Brake Calipers,front and rear set
  • 10% more powerful than the 6700 model it replaces
  • Dual pivot design, featuring many of the design features of the Dura Ace 9000 brakes
  • Standard 49mm drop
  • Product code: BR6800
  • New Shimano Ultegra 6800 brake calipers
  • Greater braking power modulation
  • Brand-new SLR with 2 axle symmetric brake caliper
  • New Brake shoe compound (R55C4)
  • Adjustable toe-in brake shoes
  • Spring tension adjuster


DP Christensen Outstanding brake calipers! Upgraded drive train from 105 when I got a deal from a friend who upgraded to Di2 earlier this season and now upgraded the brakes to match. Love Ultegra! 105 was good but no comparison really to the superior responsiveness of the shifters and modulation for the brakes. Also, excellent price, service and shipping from Merlin Cycles. For my last several purchases they've become my go to source even though we are on opposite sides of the "pond". Highly recommend both Ultegra and Merlin Cycles.
Mr Aires Great stopping power. Shimano quality build.
Mark Massive difference to the stock caliper that came with my Defy. The stopping power is incredible by comparison. You get great feedback from these brakes and for the money they are simply superb. First class service from Merlin as always
Mr Benham Great calipers. Easy to fit; powerful braking with good modulation. Great price and delivery as always from Merlin.
Mr Kluth These are a replacement for the original set of brakes on a 12 year old bike which had unfortunately seized during a couple of years or so when I was living overseas. The difference is stunning. I know these aren't the latest iteration but they are superb. Easy to set up and really well balanced. Excellent and well priced
Mr white Great Price for these Brake Calipers, great performance from the Ultegra Calipers & Levers, really can't see the need for Disc's on a Road Bike (Although I am a fan) as the stopping performance is fantastic. Delivery service and communications was spot on, what more could I ask for, keep up the good work.
Michal Great brakes, superb manufacture quality
Eric Smooth, light, attractive, powerful, and reliable. Great brakes. Only downside is that it comes with a short caliper nut for the front brake, so another longer one may need to be purchased for carbon forks.
Ben M A brilliant upgrade over the standard calipers, and also over the previous Ultegra brakes. Very reactive, a recommended upgrade. They are very well made, and with some small but decent design changes, such as a better cable channel & clasp.
Daniel These things will stop a lorry and look good doing it!
Dalek These are a great calliper for the money and are a clear step up from the 6700 callipers.
Paul Excellent brakes and fantastic power, a real upgrade over stock brake calipers. The standard brake pads are good, pair these with some Swisstop pads for the very best braking wet or dry! Very fast and efficient dispatch team always a pleasure to order from Merlin cycles.
Mark 100% reliable and can't beat the price. Best value for money brakes out there.
Jean Big improvement from my BR-5800 (105) brakes, more power and modulation. Very easy to install
Rob K Excellent precision rim braking; I much prefer these to the 105s, though they're still good enough.
Mr Ajuriagogeaskoa Gran calidad por el precio que tienen los puentes: potencia de sobra y, ademas, bonitas. Todo un acierto.
Mr EKİCİ Ultegra brake is powerful always. New shimano brakes are amazingly powerful. If you can make adjustments, so like a hydraulic brakes. Descents are more pleasureable with the new shimano brakes.
eabe I've bought these brakes to install on a new bike. It is hard to beat Ultegra for its price/performance point especially now that the 6800 series is being sold at a discount due to the new R8000 series. The brakeset performs really well, installation and configuration was straightforward. The reason for taking one star from my review is because of weight. One thing to note: IMO what impacts braking performance the most is the cable routing, and that is particularly tricky with certain frames.
Mr Morales A significant improvement in the braking system, more power with less effort, I feel more secure with these brakes, recommended.
farrow Light, robust and excellent modulation
Mason Excellent upgrade, replacing generic calipers supplied with the bike, easy to fit and adjust and excellent performance.
Mr Hilton Arrived very promptly. Noticeable upgrade from 105. More power in the wet and got them at a great price.
Miss Taylor I no longer feel like I am going to die descending, thanks to these brakes. A huge improvement over the stock brakes I had.
Mr Sylvester Great brakes. Improvement over previous generation brakes
Mr Arslan I have been using Tiagra brakes for a year, but they had started to not doing so well recently. I put these on and, wow, very very different from what I had before.
Mick Frost Brilliant brakes, far better than the ones I had originally on my bike. Stopping power is much improved and braking in the wet was noticeably better very pleased with them and would recommend to anyone.
Mr Moreno What a difference Ultegra brakes makes while descending! I had 105 (5700) and will never go back to those! I am Clydesdale rider and these brakes keep me at ease when I hit velocity greater than 45MPH! Plus I find them aesthetically pleasing. Buy these if you are a avid cyclist! There is only one thing to be aware of and that is the depth of your bikes brake caliper entry portal. My Madone has a slightly greater depth which meant I needed a different size screw to secure the caliper.
BROOKS Great product at a market low price, usual Shimano quality and value. Fantastic braking and good feel, so important when riding in poor weather.
Woodard Awesome brakes. Have more power using less effort than my 105 5700 series.
Harrer I immediately noticed improved braking power over the Ultegra 6700 brake caliper's I replaced. Solid upgrade.
Mr Cegielka Awesome stuff. With that patented roller bearing between two halves they work in perfect sync.
T.Y. Upgrade from BR-6700, feels stiffer and better modulation. Great price!!
West Upgraded to these. Stopping efficiency has improved greatly. Would recommend. Buy them!
Ambrose Awesome! A huge upgrade both in terms of looks and functionality from the basic Tiagra brake set. Very happy :)
NEIL PRUDEN Recently went to The Cycle Show and test rode various road bikes. I could tell the difference instantly between these and every other set of brakes that I tried. The difference was so noticeable to me that I had to buy some!!
Mr paul Nice brakes with good feel and braking power
Mr li I bought these to replace my shimano tiagra brakes as I had a scary moment descending down some fast hairpin bends. Not only are the calipers more powerful, but the pads are noticeably better at applying the force to the rims, they are so much easier to modulate and provide great confidence on the bike. Only a slight difference in weight between the old and new set, but these really do make you faster with the added comfort zone of being able to wipe off speed!
Mr Hacon Easier adjustment but not vastly superior braking power than my previous entry level Shimanos. Recommend upgrading the pads to sort this.
California rider Great brakes offering fantastic stopping power for a cable brake design. No vibration and consistent braking power.
goatlove My cycle has been upgraded with this(tiagra -> ultegra). First of all, this surprised me with perfect performance. It's easy to control to grab levers and very powerful to stop and go.
Mark T Unbelievable stopping power with great consistent feel. Never thought I'd be happy without discs but these are fantastic
Mr McMurray Excellent brakes! A great upgrade. No need to go for the Dura Ace with these bad boys!
Shedheadarabia Great value calipers that work exceptionally well
Rocky Upgraded my 3yr old 105 5700 callipers. WOW! so much better!! So this is what brakes are supposed to be like?! I now feel much safer on my bike.
Mr Millhouse These calipers are fantastic! They have a great feel and lots of power. They replaced some Campagnolo Super Record brakes from 1985 and the improvement was huge.
Mr Zeiders Great value for the money. Adjustments are easy and they have excellent braking power.
CFOR Bought a new bike with mostly Ultegra groupset, but generic brakes. These were a quick purchase and I have to say I'm not disappointed. Effective and loads of feel.
Mr Bartha These brakes are an improvement to the 105 in terms of power. They are nice and light and look very slick too. Ideal if you can match the full group with this grey colour.
Mr KALKAN I can clearly feel that spring of ultegra brake calipers are better than tiagra brake calipers. Also you can make more adjustment compared to tiagra b.c. But I can't say same things to brake pads and to its weight. Baradine brake pads are better than ultegra pads. I used tiagra calipers and baradine pads, this combination has same weight with ultegra calipers and pads.
Mr Gurney I bought these to replace the standard Tektro brakes supplied on my new bike and am very impressed with the step up in performance. They are a similar weight but the feel, modulation and power of braking is greatly improved. Installation and set up was straight forward and overall quality is the usual high Shimano standards. Overall a great upgrade at a great price.
S Lee These are the best brakes I've had thus far. I've ridden on Claris, Tiagra, FSA Gossamer, and now this, and this is leaps and bounds better than almost everything else I've ridden on. Stopping power is insanely good. Best single component upgrade I've made on my bike so far.
Mr Chapman Lovely calipers, work well with 105 5700 levers. Great service from Merlin.
Mr Draper Bought these to replace the standard brakes that came on my Merida Scultura. The difference in braking performance is light years ahead of what the old brakes were. A highly recommended upgrade if you are thinking about it
pantherman5 This is more of a vendor review. There isn't much to say about Shimano Ultegra parts. If you know your bike parts, you will know how well Shimano parts are made. I'm so glad to find this vendor. Purchasing from out of UK is a concern, but I took the chance. The merchandise arrived within 2 weeks of order, in a well packed parcel. Best of it, price is unbeatable anywhere. Thank you Merlin Cycles.....
Mr Wright Brilliant looks and fantastic stopping power!
Mr Silva Solid brakes. Big difference than my stock Reparto Corse brakes that came on my Bianchi Intenso. Would highly recommend it. Superb quality at great price.
raychu Good stopping power and easy to adjust
VeloMan Excellent braking - much improved over my old Sram set-up. Dura Ace for the masses!
Mr Goldsborough Bought as a replacement for stock part on a new bike. They are a great upgrade, excellent stopping power. Easy to fit and came with several adaptors for different frames. Highly recommend these calipers.
Scotty P I bought these to replace the Concept EX brakes that came on my Focus Cayo. Aside from looking great, they would complete a groupset on the bike. Did not take long to install, and upon my first test ride I was blown away by the stopping power. The house brakes that came with the bike are no where near the same level as these. I would have to squeeze forever to slow down, now a simple squeeze and I am slowing down. Amazing price, fast shipping, great product.
Mr Hunter Excellent performance. I noticed the updates over previous model from the first ride. Came down hardknott and was totally confident with the control to hand, even with carbon rims. Well worth the upgrade and at Merlins price they are a steal. They look awesome to boot!
Alan Q Much improved braking performance over the 6600 Calipers they replaced
Mr Horton I bought these callipers to replace the stock Tektro that came ones on my bike, to match the rest of the groupset. They are a great improvement over the old callipers, giving a far better braking and more assured feeling. No problems with fitting, and the dark grey looks great too!
Mr Toros More powerful than my old Ultegra 6700 groupset. Easy to adjust.
Mr Davies Having just upgraded from some old 105s I couldnt believe the difference! I'm able to brake a lot later than before and with a lot more confidence!
Mr Wilson Bought these as part of a 67xx upgrade. Went for the 6800 brakes as they were cheaper than the 6700 equivalent. Excellent stopping power with a solid positive feel. One thing to note. If your front fork has a recess around the brake mounting point then you'll need an additional spacer between the brake and the fork. I found the rear of the brake was in contact with the edge of the recess on the fork when mounted using the provided hardware (Trek Madone 4.7).
Mr Hudson I bought these for my new build and they are fabulous. Stiff,solid and good looking(especially the polished grey detailing). They are a noticable improvement over my old ultegra SL brakes. They were also cheaper than the 2013 ones!
RichM Fantastic brakes at a great price! Work really well with my 6700 levers (thank god), so much better than my old entry level shimano calipers!
Mr szreider These calipers both look amazing and perform really well - even in the wet. Really easy to fit too, even by a complete amateur!!
Mr Batley Quality and precision engineering with all the hallmarks of inherited technology from the Pro Peleton. If Dura Ace is for the Pro's then Ultegra is all you need as an amateur cyclist. The new Ultegra 6800 brakes have even better stopping power than the 6700 edition with the double pivot calliper being no gimmick update. Highly recommended
Peter Wilkinson A great pair of brakes. progressive and powerful. A well worthwhile upgrade on the standard brakes fitted to my Pinarello. Great value too!