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Shimano Ultegra 6800 Carbon SPD-SL Pedals is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 7th January 2019.

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Code: PD6800
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Carbon SPD-SL Pedals - Includes cleats

The Shimano Ultegra 6800 Carbon SPD-SL Pedals, share some technologies “borrowed” from Shimano’s leading edge Dura Ace pedals, for a fraction of the cost. Complementing the Ultegra 6800 11 speed groupset, the pedals offer superbly efficient power transfer with the extra wide bearing surface.



  • Extra wide bearing surface for a much more efficient power transmission
  • The heavy-duty stainless steel insert is wear-resistant and torsion-resistant
  • Wider bearing spacing for uniform load distribution
  • Adjustable release tension
  • Lightweight carbon body
  • Low-profile design moves pedal axle centre closer to shoe
  • Cleats mount with Look 3-bolt pattern
  • Six degrees of rotation
  • Includes SM-SH11 cleats with non-slip rubber base
  • Pedals install with 8mm A/K
  • Pedal Spindle: 9/16"
  • Spindle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 260g
Brilliant service from Merlin as always. This is my second pair of these pedals love the look and how secure they are.
Great pedals, lightweight and stable.
Very durable and comfortable
A big difference coming from my old pedals. Very light and seems your pedaling in the air
This is the second set I own, very durable and easy to click in.
I purchase the Ultegra pedals for my spare bike - I run the Dura Ace on my daily bike and I can tell the difference and the weight isn't much as well - The price was outstanding from Merlin
Wider pedal provides a more stable footing. Easier to enter than Look Keo Carbon.
These pedals are a great upgreat from my shimano r540 pedals. They are lighter and feel more secure.
Great pedals, lightweight and stable. These have a wider platform, so I feel like I get much more power out of each pedal stroke, as compared with Speedplay pedals.
I have the 6700 pedals, and they are just as secure, and smooth as 6700 pedals. Just a lot lighter, and darker.
Great pedals that provide super support for cleats and a feeling that they will last forever while at the same time signal superior design and performance.
The next generation of these pedals feels even better than the previous one. The platform seems a little bigger and I have the feeling I connect and detach slightly faster in these. I am confident they will last just as long as my old pair that took me through many years of daily commuting and lasted at least 50000 miles.
Excellent value. Got these to replace my light action shimano pedals. They are a wider pedal and definitely have a better feel on the foot. Really happy with these.
While saving a few grams isn't going to make or break most of our lives, there is a noticeable difference coming from the R540's (great pedal to save a few bucks on a winter bike) and R550's (wider and more stable then the 540s). I have had some problems getting the fit and cleat placement right on the 550s and figured I would spend the extra $40 on these. It has definitely helped!
Excellent price and great value, super lightweight and comfortable. Noticeable upgrade from my previous 105 pedals
I had a set of 6700 pedals that I was using and decided to get a new pair for my daily rider. They are great, light and easy to get in and out of. They look really good on the bike so I will try not to scuff them. I don't know about the weight but I love the feel of the Ultegra pedals. I feel like I have good balance and power when I get after it a little bit. These were a great buy and a really good cost.
Best pedals I ever had. They transfer power extremely efficiently. Love them.
Quality pedals, nice clean entry and exit. Wouldn`t use anything but shimano pedals
Great improvements from 6700 model. Carbon body much lighter and spindle looks much better than previous version. Allen key is better than 15mm wrench is a much better way to mount onto cranks.
Have been very pleased with the comfort of the larger platform. Switched from a different type and the SPD-SL is very good so far.
Really feel myself putting the power down. Very light and durable, I have the 6800's on all my bikes. Cheaper than dura-ace, same performance.
Nice pedals. Used Look pedals before but the Ultegra provide a tighter fit in my opinion anyway.
This the second set of these pedals I've purchased. These will go on my new bike. I've been very pleased with the first set.
For the price, you can't really beat these pedals. Good build quality.
These pedals are great. I have been using this model on another bike for the last 2 years with zero issues. Solid engagement. Come with the yellow tip cleats. If you are mechanically inclined you can pull the body off the spindle to regrease the bearing...though it will be unlikely that you will need to do this.
Just upgraded to the Ultegra 6800 Carbon pedals as I just bought a new Giant TCR and wanted a decent set of new pedals on from the start. Having covered just over 200 km on them last week I am very happy with them. Smooth, solid platform and do what they are supposed to do. I expect them to perform as well as my previous Shimano pedals which had covered thousands of trouble free kilometers...Great price from Merlin on a solid performing product from Shimano.
Very light! Uncleats easily. Way cheaper than it's Dura Ace counterpart. Ultegra is the best!
Light, free spinning, wide platform, easy to click into. Not so easy to get out of, and the 6 degree float cleats dont feel like they have any float.
Exceptional pedal. Over the years the distinction between Ultegra and Dura-Ace has narrowed, and the Ultegra pedal gives you almost the same performance at a great price!
Upgraded from Shimano PD-A530 SPD dual platform to the dedicated clip-in Shimano Ultegra 6800's. I don't know what I was missing until I made the leap to these. Great platform, feels snug on the push and pull. Definitely feels like power transfer is wider than the A530's, and stiffer on both push/pull. Clipping in feels natural. I clearly should have upgraded sooner. Silly me.
Great pedals, a real step up from the basic Shimano SPD's I have on my other bike, and light as well.
A quality product. Cleats are easy to mount and there is adequate movement of your ankles and really no adjustment is required. Would recommend this product
Replacement for Shimano 105 5700. No more hot spots or numb toes. May require a bit of tension adjustment. Great price.
A bit stiffer than the old spd ultegras of 20k miles, but very smooth. 70+gm lighter and they don't flip around when you go to clip in. Stable! I use speedplays also and new speedplays are stiffer, so we shall see how they wear in.
I upgraded from the alloy version of this pedal (6700). The 50 gram weight savings is nice, but not obvious while riding. The sales price caused me to make the purchase, which I was on fence about for awhile. It's a smooth solid positive pedal.
Great value for full carbon pedals under Ultegra name. Done a few hundred miles with them now and they perform great.
Great pedals, wider body supports foot a lot better than my previous shimano pedals.
Upgraded from an older set of dura ace pedals and love these. They hang well so that engagement is easy, have a wide platform, easily adjustable tension, hard to find anything to criticize. Perhaps not the lightest pedals available, but it's not like they are bricks either.
Great pedals, switched to these bad boys from my grease-leaking speedplays that had too much play or "float" as some people call it. Absolutely love the secure feeling I get when I am clipped in. I am confident throughout my ride that my feet are secure in it. I feel 'one' with my carbon bike. :)
These replaced my old ultegra metal pedals. They seem to have a more reassuring sound when you click in, but maybe that's my imagination. Have owned them for about a year now. No problems.
Added to my order of Shimano 6800 OEM groupo , and I could not be happier. Yes not super light but they are well made. Light enough for me and good cleat retention. Shipping / Packaging was well done and on time. Thank you Merlin Cycles , another happy coustomer !
In comparison to other pedals, installation of these is ONLY via a 10mm space on the axel through the crankarm (no option of using a 15mm pedal wrench). Very nice pedal overall. Lightweight and easy to adjust. Comes with cleats.
Excellent Pedals - switched from Time RSX pedals (long time user). These are a great pedal and more solid than RSX. Float with Yellow cleats feels similar to me, so great change. Also have a set of Dura Ace Pedals - very good also. Dura Ace is a little smoother but also more $$$
Switched over from Speedplay pedals. You need to really get the cleats set perfectly, but after that, they are terrific. Never used Merlin Cycles before, but they shipped very fast to California. First Rate Service!
Love these pedals. Combined with shimano R170 shoes, notice massive improvement on pedaling compared to SPD PD-A600 pedal + M087 shoes. Easy to clip in and clip out just like my SPD pedals.
Very beautiful product by Shimano. Easy to install and very good looking.
These pedals are a very nice upgrade to my 6 year old ones, a lot lighter too. Work great, have them on the trainer right now and they seem to be doing great.
Top quality, look great, lightweight, faultless
Very good but not much difference to 105
Great pedals, solid engagement and wide platform. Almost the same as DA with at a much better price
Just made the change from SPD's and am still getting use to it. Clipping in is a breeze. They're light weight and sturdy and spin very smoothly.
Excellent pedals! Changed from time expresso to these and the snap is so much more positive and creates a very firm and comfortable platform. Couple with Merlins great price and service and these are a must buy!
I was about to purchase a similar pedal for only a fraction of the cost! However a riding frind persuaded me to purchase the Ultegra Carbon pedals. I'm so pleased I took his advice. Amazing quality!
Great pedals. When biking they are no different than DA, same feel, same result. Fast delivery to US
Fantastic, feel and look like Dura Ace Quality without the Dura Ace price tag
Really pleased with these pedals. Work great and easy to clip in & out. Would recommend.
Solid build, wide platform but seems to have more "slop" than the 5800 Series 105 pedals that I replaced. Kudos for using stainless alloy that will take a magnet so I can continue to put my cadence magnet on the spindle! Hard to beat Shimano.
Excellent pedals very comfortable good quality look good and very light.
I've always used Shimano pedals and they've never let me down. These Ultegra ones are the best I've had yet.
Replaced older Shimano pedals with these. Cleats fit both pairs and swap was painless and exact. Quality is fine as expected.
Just bought a bmc slr02 ultegra . Was really going to go for the dura ace pedals but on comparison could not see any difference. These deals look and feel great. The movement is so very smooth. Also a nice width of platform for a confident push. Love them. Look great on the bike.
Great pedals. Smooth bearings and nice platform of support. Switched to these from Keo and really like them.
Excellent, light pedals. Very easy to clip into as they hang just right and they provide a nice stable platform for power transfer.
Excellent pedals - light, adjustable tightness, and big platform for easy clicking in
I really like these pedals! The wide surface area makes me feel very stable on every pedal stroke, especially out of the saddle. Some people mentioned difficulty getting in and of these and while getting out requires a good effort, it is nothing abnormal by my standard. Also getting in, is very easy for me, so no issues there. I have only had them for about a month, but all has been great so far!
Sturdy, good power transfers, good looks, decent weight. Highly recommended.
I recieved these as part of the Ultegra bundle offer, so they were basically free! Fantastic pedals; Highly recommended. I have been using Mavic Sprints prior to these and as they have stopped making the cleats for them it was time to change. These are superior in every way - light, great cleat fit, precise tension adjustment and easy to engage/disengage. Also, the matt carbon finish is very sexy.
Very light and great surface area so you feel all power is transferred to the cranks. Look good too!
Purchased these after persisting with Speedplay for the last 2 years. Immediately I found these more comfortable on longer rides, without the 'hot-spotting' that I got with the speedplays. Having less float available is not an issue, just make sure you get the cleat set up spot on. As you would expect from Shimano pedals, clipping in is solid and tension can be adjusted. The slightly heavier pedal than the speedplay is offset by the lighter and easier to maintain cleat. Overall, a great pedal at a very competitive price, of they look pretty good when the bikes parked up.
Seriously light pedals, nice to look at too as easy to use as any spd-sl pedal.
Only 12g heavier than the Dura ace 9000. A very nice well made pedal. Very smooth and very good value for money.
Amazing pedals. Due to a certain amount of bike love, I got these for the looks as I have a raw carbon frame. They look amazing but the actual pedal is spot on too. The click in, click out feels like you have a high end pedal and the shoe to pedal connection is solid as a rock. I've only been out a few times but done some pretty serious climbing and I always felt really confident going into an aggressive sprint on the climbs. Really, really happy with them.
Amazingly light pedals, very well made. I have upgraded from Shimano 105 steel pedals and it was well worth it.
Very nice pedals in looks and functionality. The large platform makes the long rides more comfortable and you feel more stable.
Excellent pedals. Extremely light and usual Shimano reliability. Much better value than Dura Ace and not much difference.
Light, smooth and secure. Will compliment any bike.