Shimano Ultegra 6800 Cassette
Shimano Ultegra 6800 CassetteShimano Ultegra 6800 Cassette
Code: CS6800
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Cassette, new 11 speed Ultegra cassette
  • New 11 speed Ultegra cassette
  • Code: CS6800
  • Choice of Ratio, 11-25 or 11-28
  • Requires 11 speed specific chain  (CN68000 or CN9000)
  • Compatable with Dura Ace 9000 11 speed groupset
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Can`t go wrong with Shimano Ultegra - I prefer these to their Dura Ace as the quality is just as good and they are half the price. Ran this cassette on the weekend for 2.6km of climbing and it was faultless!
Replacement spare for what is a fantastic bit of kit. I do a lot of miles and it has never skipped a beat.
The Ultregra 6800 gear is good stuff. Smooth and accurate gear changes and a cheaper alternative to Dura Ace. Once again Merlin delivered within 7 days to Australia.
Very nice close ratio cassette, perfect crisp changes every time
Good shimano quality and decent durability provided you keep the chain clean. I do tend to find the lockrings aren't as good as other cassettes
Great ratio cassette for when you live in very hilly areas. Smooth as you'd expect from the Ultegra range and not too expensive, given how far up the options of model it is.
The workhorse cassette. Far cheaper than dura-ace, but exactly the same level of performance. I had the Dura-Ace on my race wheels last season, but couldn't justify the price again. Ultegra all the way.
Just works - smooth changes and lasts well. Cleans up really nicely due to better quality finish/materials than 105 equivelent.
More durable than Dura-Ace. Works just as well. No point in buying Dura-Ace considering the price difference.
I decided I wanted a good quality cassette but didn't want top top end but better than standard. I always review before I buy and these are the best value for money. Smooth and precise gear shifts so really impressed. For great value, Merlin are unbeatable.
Well built, reliable with quick clean shifts
The only problem of Dura Ace is...Ultegra. Sure a bit heavier but it last almost the same and it has the usual Shimano high quality.
I replaced my old 105 cassette with this set...I bought 11/28 combination and good for climbing...Light and strong...Classic..
All the gears and quality you need. Lot cheaper then Dura Ace can't notice the difference on my bike to be honest.
This casette have a low chain resistant and easily gear changing. More rigid then older model only added 20 gr. Good choose, recommended that.
Light weight and durable good for road or 'cross.
Shimano Ultegra. It's the standard to which all other components are measured.
I needed help for climbing those impossibly steep hills so decided to replace the 11-28 with the 11-32 cassette. My first ride on it was in the Peak District and I was so glad of the bigger ring towards the end of the ride. Worked faultlessly with the medium cage derailleur. My LBS fitted was prepared to fit it for me as he could not match Merlin prices.
I have Durace 9000 on my bike, but I decided to use the Durace cassette only on my racing wheel, while I wanted to try the Ultegra one on my training one, since it saves me 100$! It works perfectly and it weights only 60g more.
Arrived promptly and in good order. I installed it, replacing a 11-25 cassette. What a difference the 28 tooth cog makes on steep hills.
Great performance and a weight saving over 105. I think they are worth the bit extra and last well if looked after.
I love the 6800 series. It offers all the technological benefits of the DA9000 stuff without the exotic, and expensive, materials. Life is fantastic and performance is great.
More durable than Dura-Ace cassette. I wish there was 12-28 like the Dura-Ace though.
Great quality silky smooth shifting, basically dura-ace quality without the dura ace price. It's not as light as the dura ace component but operation is flawless on my dura ace di2 setup
I have a number of these cassettes and rate them all highly. Easy to fit and delivered quickly. I highly recommend the product and Merlin.
Great Cassette, lasts a lot longer than Dura Ace and the weight penalty is minimal. They also stay bright and shinny compared to the Dura Ace version
Works flawlessly and cleans up nicely due to having a better finish than cassettes lower down in the pecking order.
Excellent cassette for the cost. Shifting is smooth and if you didn't look you wouldn't know it wasn't a Dura-Ace
Smooth and reliable changes, the ultegra cassette is bulletproof.!! Would definitely recommend.
Excellently lightweight, easy to fit, beautifully crafted.
I am a big fan of the 32t cassette. The Ultegra Cassette is such a good value. Nothing but positive things to say about this cassette.
As expected, top quality and smooth changing cassette from Shimano. Excellent service and price from Merlin, too!
Bought to complete my Dura Ace set up without splashing out on the 9000 cassette and chain. Works brilliantly and only a few grammes difference. Arrived super quick as usual from Merlin. Best price on the Internet. Great service.
Nice cassette. Shifts great. It is a little loud though.
Very good cassette, and Merlin had an excellent price on it. Usually Ultegra cassettes are a good choice over Dura-Ace as they are much cheaper and last longer.
Very good shifting response and good finish.
Excellent quality, very good gear changes
Excellent value for money, light and perfect gear changes every time why buy anything else !!!!
Awesome shifting performance and beautiful machine work on the teeth of the cogs. At Merlin's price, I should have bought several for the future.
Gorgeous piece of equipment; shifting beats Sram hands down; hard to justify the $$$ for Dura Ace on a consumable part like this.
Light, cheap, quiet, smooth. Full marks.
I went to 11spd, and this was my choice of cassette. Awesome choice! Smooth and quiet paired with my dura ace chain!
I decided to purchase this after struggling with a standard 53/39 crank on long rides with very steep gradients of 15-25%. The 32 cassette allows high cadence with those gradients which is reassuring knowing you can tackle just about anything that crops up on centuary rides. Being 11 speed and going down to an 11 tooth cassette means no sacrifice in speed on the flats or downhill. Highly recommended!
Fantastic. Do yourself a favor and ditch all your SRAM cassettes and get Ultegra (or if you have the money, Dura Ace). Lighter and better all around.
Changing gear is just as fast and quiet as my Dura Ace 9000 but for a third of the price. Great value
The 11-32 cassette makes those hills a bit easier but requires the longer Ultegra derailleur. Very pleased though.
Great product that works just as well as Dura-Ace without the cost and minor weight imposition
Nice looking, super smooth and not massively heavier than Dura Ace (and in the centre of hub where rotating mass makes little difference) but a LOT cheaper. Excellent.
As with every Shimano component that I have, it works flawlessly.
Great product, smooth, quick, precise shifting.
I've moved up to 11 speed Ultegra from 105. The Ultegra 11 speed shifting is much lighter feeling and very precise. The extra 11th gear does make the ratios a little closer for smother changes. The 11 speed ultegra cassette is also lighter that my 10 speed 105 cassette. Over all excellent.
I find the Ultegra cassettes last considerably longer than the Dura Ace, are considerably cheaper and work with no noticeable difference. O.K. the Ultegra is heavier but you can always have a smaller cake on a Sunday :-)
At half the cost of a Dura ace cassette its perfect for your training wheels if you run the 11speed Dura Ace group. Great value and performance as always from the Ultegra range.