Shimano Ultegra 6800 Chainset
Shimano Ultegra 6800 ChainsetShimano Ultegra 6800 Chainset
Code: FC6800
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Chainset, new 11 speed Ultegra chainset
  • Shimano Ultegra 6800 chainset
  • Product code: FC6800
  • 11 Speed compatable
  • Choice of crank lengths 170, 172.5 and 175mm
  • Ring options: 39/53 and 34/50
  • Hollowtech 11 design



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Quality chainset. I wanted a compact for my new bike as there are too many steep hills in County Durham for an old man's legs! Only sponsored athletes use Dura ace, this is just as good. Very competitive price from Merlin. Delivery was fast and reliable as always.
Very light, small step down from dura-ace. Worth every penny.
Have both the 165mm and 170mm Ultegra 6800 chainsets - both ordered from Merlin. Installation is dead simple. Make sure to seat the set tab, finger tight on the preload cap, and then alternate crank arm bolts until 14-16n/m using a torque wrench. If the set tab doesn't seat, tap lightly on the right side crank to seat the assembly more fully. Once it "clicks" in, you can tighten the crank arm bolts. Check the bolt tightness a couple of times after riding for a while. Most likely, you will have to tighten them up a little bit, but once they seat, you are good to go.
Very responsive and very light. I love how easy hollowtech is to install. Axle came already greased and so did the matching bottom bracket I ordered which was convenient, I trust factory grease more than my own.
52-36 combination is excellent. Along with the good looking design, this is a best seller!
Top quality Shimano product as always, not quite as light as DA but still a great looking high performance/high value chainset
As a replacement crank for one which had 6000 miles of solid pedal power, I stuck with the workhorse.
So I ordered this crankset with an ultegra Bottom Bracket and ultegra cassette to match. And WOW!! the difference in stiffness in these cranks is amazing from what I was running, way better, and stiffer. Everytime I pedal, sprint, or climb, I have a huge smile on my face. Excellent crankset 10 stars, oh and buy the correct Bottom Bracket. I got a 52/36 and 11-28 on the back, great combination great for fast flat training and awesome on long climbs and sprinting. And of course it was shipped here to the U.S.A in like three or four days that's fast thanks merlin cycles for giving me a pleasant buying experience through merlin cycles.
Replaced my FSA gossamer crank, shifts much better and looks nice too!
Very light and shifts from one chainring to another with ease! Price is a steal considering the quality of the product! Well recommended!
Bought this to replace my Rotor crank on my cervelo s3. Lighter and stiffer and super slick shifts. Oh and from Merlin it was cheaper than new chain rings and got here in 48 hrs and I live in Guernsey! 10/10
This is one of those parts that works so well that you immediately forget it's on the bike. Perfect shifts, no creaks, stiff and light. I'm using it with a 10spd drivetrain.
Great price, nice and light, why go Dura Ace when this is pretty much as good? Great service by Merlin Cycles as ever, fast delivery and well priced. No issues whatever.
Opted to go for this over a SRAM chainset as it offers the opportunity to switch the rings between compact, standard and mid sizes. Excellent value for money, good performance and practical to boot.
Great chainset and an improvement on the FSA fitted as standard on my ride. Smoother changing, better looking and liking the 52/36 combo
Excellent quality item from Shimano. I used this to replace the standard compact chain set on my 2013 10 speed ultegra. Fitting was a simple straight swap and there were no issues shifting once the front mech was set up. It was a pleasure to ride to work this morning.
Great design, particularly the 4 bolt pattern allowing compact or standard chain ring sets to be mounted. Works beautifully with my old Dura Ace 7700 front derailleur and my 9 speed chain (and 9 speed rear cassette).
Loving my descending the compact wasn't enough so I bought the 52/36 for a little more range at speed. 6800 needs no introductions, it is full on excellent, precise, light, stiff. Ordered at 14:15 on a Thursday, landed on my desk 9:30 on Friday, my first Merlin purchase and based on that turn around not my last!
Stiff and light chainset. Allows the power to be transferred where it needs to go. Easy to fit with instructions from Shimano's website. Looks especially good with a black carbon frame.
Stiff, improved shifting. No surprises. Shimano quality. I have 105 shifters and derailleurs. Even with the lower end controls, this chains shifts up/down very nicely.
Awesome crank, huge upgrade compared to my FSA mega exo crank. Light and very stiff to transfer power when going hard. Make sure to buy Ultegra BB as well.
This is just a great crankset. I like the look and the stiffness. The shifting is superb with the DuraAce Di2 front and Ultegra Di2 rear derailleurs. Installation was very simple - crazy simple. Don't hesitate to purchase this from Merlin. I replaced a 175mm crankset with this 170mm and I am very happy with it. I am an older rider and the 170mm is nice for me - I can spin them easier than 175mm.
This crank has a better q-factor than 105, due to a different spindle design. Benefits are two-fold. First, less chance of shoe-rub than 105 5800. Second, they look a bit more refined. Shifting is awesome and crank arm stiffness is top-notch.
Looks good and is really stiff! Would recommend it to anyone
Shifts smoothly with my KMC X11 SL chain
The new 6800 series Ultegra Chainset is amazing! I am swaping my 6700 series out as an upgrade to 11 speed and was very surprised at the difference in weight, noticeably lighter! The quality is superb with the finish and engineering that you come to expect from Shimano. The way it is packaged by Shimano is also fantastic - really looks like a premium bit of bike gear has arrived. The fact that this chainset allows gear ratios to be changed easily is also a great bonus. A fantastic and cost effective offer that would suit 99% of cyclists!
Superb piece of Shimano equipment, light, strong very good quality and surface finish. No burrs on teeth which I have seen on other brands. Attention to detail is excellent.
I had dropped from a 10 speed Dura-ace 53/39 to a 10 speed 105 50/34 but just could not get on with the 34 tooth as regardless of changing the cassette at the back for different ratios, the gearing was just to low for me. When I noticed Dura-ace had bought out a 52/36 for their new 11-speed range I knew that would be better ratios for me. However I didnt want to pay Dura-ace prices hence this purchase. Turns out it is only 22 grams heavier than my old Dura-ace one anyway, so money wise its a no-brainer. Easy to fit with the Hollowtech system and once I had set it up, it changes up and down like a dream. My only criticism..? Its a blooming ugly looking thing! A great price and delivery time from Merlin as usual.