Shimano Ultrgra 6800 Gear Kit
Shimano Ultrgra 6800 Gear Kit
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Shimano Ultegra 6800 Gear Kit, Front & Rear Derailleurs & STI Levers

Kit Includes:

Sti levers, Left and Right hand brake gear levers

Front Derailleur, Braze-On

Rear Derailleur, SS version for use with up to 28t

Cables, includes the inner gear cables only. (Brake cables excluded & gear outer)

Excellent discount for buying all 3 items together

I ordered this kit to replace an old 6503 Shimano Ultegra and the change in performance is incredible. The front derailleur works with only one touch (the last one I had took a lot to elevate the chain from 39 to 53). The rear derailleur is also fine. The levers are perfect, ergonomics, with no shown cables... perfect, I'm really enjoying this purchase, it's worth it. As usual, the service of Merlin Cycles was perfect
Awesome! Purchased to upgrade from 105 10speed to 11 speed. Feel and shifting is so smooth.
10 speed shifter wore out on my wife's bike, and it wound up being a better move to just take her to 11 speed. Since it was Ultegra-to-Ultegra, I feel like it's a good comparison. From a mechanical point of view, I'd say installation has actually gotten easier. I still love the SRAM on my bike, but it's hard to beat the ease of installation with new Shimano kit. Took me a little longer to figure out the routing on the front derailleur, but that was about it--this stuff really is a nice step forward. Performance-wise, I have to rely on my wife's impressions, but she definitely likes it. She likes the updated ergonomics and really appreciates the better front shifting. The other big bonus for her is that we could get her a much wider range of gears taking advantage of the new rations available over the old 10-speed's like they just assume everyone would want wider ranges, so the rear derailleur can just handle it. Overall really glad I did the upgrade. Might even tempt me away from my SRAM when it's time to go 11 speed on my bike.
Purchased this as an upgrade and I am super happy with the ease of shifting! Perfectly smooth!
Cracking price for what is great kit. It's Shimano, it just works. I don't like SRAM doubletap and used this to replace the SRAM kit on a bike I bought. That said, SRAM rival is lighter.
New generation Shimano, a lot better than the old 6700. I was a campag man, but Shimano raised the standard again. Good value.