Shimano Ultegra R8050 Di2 Gear Kit
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Shimano Ultegra R8050 Di2 Gear Kit
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Code: R8050GK
Shimano Ultegra R8050 Di2 11 Speed Gear Kit
Upgrade to the very latest Ultegra electronic shifting with the Ultegra R8050 gear kit
Kit Includes:
  • STI Levers: STR8050 brake/gear levers including brake cables
  • Rear derailleur: RDR8050, SS version for up to 11-30 cassettes and the GS for 11-32 and 11-34 cassettes
  • Front Deraileur: FDR8050, Braze-On
  • Internal seatpost battery and charger included.
  • Cables Included: 2x 350mm, 1x 300mm, 1x 650mm, 1x 700mm, 1x 1000mm
  • Di2 Junction Boxes Included: SM-JC41, SM-EW90-A - Optional EWRS910F (In-Frame junction box) or EWS910H (Bar-End junction box) You will need to purchase the seatpost battery holder additionally.



Mr STRACHAN Great item at great price. Never attempted this before but really easy. Great quality items fitted perfectly and easy to set up. Great piece of kit. I added Bluetooth adapter which makes it so much better to use with my garmin etc. Can't recommend enough. Very fast delivery.
Chris Excellent product. Works like a charm. But better
Paul Keleher An excellent upgrade kit if you want to move into electronic shifting. everything you need is included, however I would have liked the option to include the wireless module in the bundle
Masamitu 機械式のアルテグラから電動式に変更。変速性能は、機械だと疲れた時や使用期間が長いとすんなりと変速しなかったが、電動だとその心配はない。また、自分で組み替えや調整も簡単に可能である。因みに初めてのバラ換でも上手くいった。色々調整出来るので楽しい。
Mr Chia Everything u need to convert your mechanical rim brake bike to Di2. Good value
Sunny Excellent kit and has everything you will need to install. Recommend 110% if you are still wondering if this is a great upgrade to your bike.
Chris Brilliant kit absolutely love Di2, shifting is out of this world
Dick Easy to install and setup. Super easy to shift. Love the fact that you can program the shifters to page through bike computer screens. Like that I can program the shifters to automatic shift mode and the speed of shifts. Very practical product that is fun to use.
James Mawson A bullet proof and cost effective jump into electric shifting. The Ultegra kit has everything you need to get up and running (or cycling) in no time at all. Finally, the cost of the kit is extremely competitive.
Mr.SK It's very easy, the movement of the shift is fast and accurate, and I can not return to the mechanical type because I am so moved.
Mr coulthard Everything you need for a di2 upgrade. Great price too.
Mr Meyer Great kit, comes with everything needed to do the switch!
Mr AC Brilliant upgrade from Ultegra 6800. I took ages to decide and finally made the upgrade to Di2, no regrets at all. Its amazing, it wont make you go any faster but it will make your bike feel “super special”.
Mr Brennan Everything you need to upgrade to Di2, including brake cables which surprised me. Great quality shifting, never going back to mechanical.
Mr Rzepnicki I am more than happy. This Di2 Gear Kit includes literally everything! Even Shimano Di2 Cable key! I am astonished about working. I put it on my bike as fast as it was possible. It works flawlessly! I think it is the best possible upgrade for mechanical groups users. I am happy with this buy as much as my Trek Madone <3
Mr smith Quality upgrade for my Tarmac Sport. Easily fitted and works a treat. Superb service as always from Merlin Cycles in these very challenging times. Very fast delivery.
Mr Santiago This is my first experience with Shimano di2. I'm very pleased that it was so easy to install and activate. It is real efficient and goes through my gears like cheese. Can't wait to put some miles on it.
Clay Glad Wow! Easy, accurate, quick shifting every time. I upgraded from a two year old 105 on my Cannondale Synapse Carbon. This kit included everything except bike specific plugs to cover the old, now unused shift cable entry holes in the down tube. Install took some work, but it’s well worth the cost and time to have such great shifting!
Joe Allen After being let down by another store Merlin got the components to me next day at very short notice. As for the Di2 itself, I couldn't be happier. An absolute luxury for what I do but I can't fail to be impressed with the shifting everytime I'm out on the bike. The hoods are also the nicest I've used being extremely comfortable and not bad looking either!
Mr Ripp I have been a Shimano components fan and user for over 20-years. Their product is superior and always reliable!
John Got this kit from Merlin and it’s perfect!!! Everything you need is neatly packaged and ready for install. Install was fairly easy and now I wondered how I ever got on without DI2. Highly Recommend! Merlin was lowest price I found anywhere in Europe or USA
Mr Haussmann Very high quality and can be self installed with the help of YouTube. This is a serious upgrade and well worth doing. Shifting is quick and super efficient and shifters have a very good feel. I’m very pleased with the results
Mr Mc Donald This groupset is the best good value for money. The set is easy to in install and all instructions are included the layman can install the set without hassle if you have a problem just google it.
Mr Fair Couldn’t ask for a better group. My bike wasn’t built for Di2 internal routing but we made it work and I couldn’t be happier. I’m utilizing the e-tubes hood shifter function. This group is great, fast, shifts well under load, and is lighter than my older model 105 group. Would highly recommend this luxury upgrade if you have the scratch.
Mr Ho 正確な変速性能!さすがシマノ
David I'm 68 and my fingers are definitely starting to show signs of 'ageing', ache badly after a couple of days cycling. Decided to give the Di2 a try as a result. My Argon 18 Krypton was already D12 ready so with an additional 10% off I took the plunge. Delighted I did. Replaced Ultegra R8000 kit so down shifts really weren't much different, but the ease of up shifting alone is worth all the money. Fitted it myself, the 169 pages of the on line manual were a bit off putting on first sight but it was relatively straight forward. Two tips, if you have a press fit BB test everything is connected and the mechs work before you replace the BB, I didn't and paid the penalty, one cable in the 4 way connector wasn't quite inserted correctly so the BB had to come out again and didn't survive the second extraction, and, if you have a large frame, mine is 58cms, there is only just enough length on the supplied cable to reach the seat post mounted battery, had I the choice I would have had a longer one.
Mark Why have I waited so long ! Used for the first time today and nothing but flawless gear changes all through the ride. Satisfying little bleep and ‘electronic buzz’ when changing. Brilliant!!
Mr Kuwahara This kit has enough parts to upgrade to Di2. It fits my bike but may not reach the length of the cable depending on the size.
Mr Williamson Great kit! I’ve installed it on my new bike and have rode 200 miles so far and I absolutely love the product.
M. C. Amazing upgrade, enjoying riding my bike even more now, super crisp instantaneously gearing, semi-syncro mode is amazing. will never go back to mechanical.
Mr Miller Great bundle, this is all you need to get your mechanical conversion completed, I was worried that I may not have enough cables but all worked out perfectly. I would have preferred to be able to choose a 5 port junction box but the package is what it is.
mark Absolutely love di2. First time trying it and am so glad I did. So easy to index the gears with no cables and lovely to use. Would definitely recommend
Mr Ami My bike came with internally routed mechanical cables. When the right cable broke I decided to replace it with the Di2 electronic groupset to eliminate the problem from ever happening again. What a huge difference! This bike didn't shift this well when it was new. The mechanical cable had a housing that ran all the way through the frame. With that much housing there was a lot of cable friction when shifting. That is now gone and the shifting is fast and crisp. This groupset is sensational. I would say it is the best groupset Shimano has ever made and certainly the best I have ever owned.
Mr Bowen This kit arrived very promptly and complete. I was unable to get any of the local bike shops to install it right away. So I did it myself. With the aid of online instructions and advice from friends, I was successful. I'm very happy with the result.
WilBailey Super!! Upgraded my 2017 Specialized Roubaix from 105's to Ultegra Di2 R8050 Speed Gear Kit. (I left original Praxis Chain set and mechanical disc brakes) Shifting is just what I was hoping for. Smooth and snappy. I'll need to buy the Shimano Bluetooth unit in order to fully customize it from my phone, but right out of the box it was ready to go. Did a quick 30 miles on it this morning and with the Di2 Kit and new 3T Discuss C35 Pro Wheelset, I feel like I got a new bike! Thanks for making quality gear affordable!
Mr Phillips Great value upgrade that contains everything you need, including cables etc, apart from a clip to secure the battery.
Mr Leith Great kit, wouldn`t go back to mechanical now. Fantastic service from merlin cycles
Andy Just upgraded my ultegra group set to DI2 and so pleased with it. Top quality product and so happy I did it. Service from merlin cycles was excellent and very helpful!
WarrenT This groupset shifts like a dream. Braking is excellent too. Super fast shipping from Merlin. Highly recommended.
Mark Got fed up messing about with cables and decided to upgrade to di2. This was cheapest I could find and and as bike already had R8000 mechanical set up it was ideal for me. Would definitely recommend if you fancy changing to electronic gears. Easy to fit and great to use. You might need a couple of accessories such as cable tie set to prevent wires rattling inside frame and also di2 grommets for snug fit on wires.
james This was my first Di2 kit. I am very happy with both the way it looks and operates. Gear changing is very smooth and reliable.
Thomas Excellent delivery. The DI2 just delivers smooth and perfect gearshift. BUY BUY BUY, worth every penny!
Mr moennis This product is superb, looks good and works perfect. and also very easy to adjust and make setups .
Dan W A lovely upgrade that makes all gear changes super smooth.
Jim The Di2 kit is great, easy to fit on a bike with internal routing. I was very impressed by how smooth the shifting is. I`ll upgrade my other bike too. Very quick delivery, was delivered to Australia in 5 days.
Mr Angelon I am very pleased and satisfied with the purchase. I put it on the bike and it was perfect. The after sales service is magnificent
chris The Di2 kit is the best upgrade, I came down from Dura Ace mechanical to Ultegra using this kit, and don't regret it at all. I am thinking of upgrading another one of my bikes.
Mr Bradley The Ultegra DI2 is awesome, touch heavier than Dura Ace but same functionality. Awesome.