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Shimano Ultegra RD-R8000 Rear Derailleur - 11 Speed

The Ultegra R8000 Shadow design rear derailleur features wide link design to aid drivetrain efficiency and ensure quick, accurate shifts.



  • Sleek integrated appearance
  • New low-profile design
  • Race endurance
  • Optimized slant angle
  • Wide compatibility
  • RD-SS covers: 11-25T to 11-30T
  • RD-GS covers: 11-28T to 11-34T
Takes really really less time to adjust from others before it. Shifting is easy. Don`t forget to add grease to cable entering point. (I adore it just for not using philips screw, this allen head makes everything easier)
Typical quality item from Shimano. Mid cage on my 2x cross bike, shifts nicely.
Excellent shifting. So smooth and crisp
Super-sharp shifting and looks amazing on the bike too. I like the new 'shadow' angular, low-profile design which should help reduce damage to the derailleur in a crash. Feels like a big step-up from the already excellent 6800 Ultegra, and for most people Ultegra R8000 is the best Shimano option for both racing and training. Essentially the same performance as Dura-Ace for a lot less money and only a small weight penalty.
Looks the part and functions well. Once set up the gear changes are crisp and clean.
Wanted an Ultegra 11 speed rear mech and was deciding between this and the older 6800 version. Went for this one as it has the new shadow design which I thought was good. Fitted it easily to my new bike and it looks great. The cable holder is in a slightly different place to the older non-shadow style mechs so I had to shorten the outer cable but that wasn't an issue. The only negative is the barrel adjuster which I don't find works particularly well. I am tempted to swap it out for the older style one on one of my old mechs.
Easy set-up and replaced my 105-5800 with this. Shift is light and looks good on my bike as well
Swapped this derailleur from the previous RD6800 model. There is a notable change in shift quality compared to the older model, more noteable on the downshift where the lag between lever click and gear shift is reduced. Shame its slightly heavier than the mech it replaces. Good value , makes the 105 range look at little pointless now.
Silent, light and stylish this is my favorite Ultegra build by far.
Looks great, certainly changes much smoother than my 105 5800
Big upgrade from 6800, very fast and precise on my CX bike
I am very satisfied with this Shimano Ultegra RD-R8000 Rear Derailleur. Very light, precise in the exchanges. Perfect!
Looks stunning and like the shadow set up. Great that they have combined the short cage and 30t cassette to give a great climbing set up that doesn't look like you are running granny gears.
Works perfect with my Shimano Ultegra 6800 groupset. Shifting is way better and more stable than ever. I believe its because the shadow type design and the new guide pulley design. Great product from Shimano as always.
Derailleur works as advertised. Have it paired with RS 700 shimano road trigger shifter and it is smooth and fast shifting.