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Shimano Ultegra 6800 Chain
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Chain
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Shimano CN-HG701 Chain, 11 speed model for the Ultegra groupset and the new XT 11 speed group
  • Compatible with all 11 speed road and MTB groupsets
  • Product code: (CN-HG701-11)
  • Super narrow lightweight 11-speed HG-EV symmetrical design chain for smooth shifts and maximum durability
  • Outer plate design has been developed to reduce the chance of chain suck
  • Sil-Tec surface treatment technology (PTFE plating) on inner and outer links that is smooth running and increases durability
  • Zinc-Alloy plated outer links
  • The inner plate has been developed for better contact with gears providing smoother shifting under high load, giving efficient pedalling, increased rigidity and near silent running
  • 5.62 mm chain width, optimised for 11-speed Super Narrow HG-EV drivetrains
  • Average weight 257 gram


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Fantastic price, fast delivery. usual Shimano quality. Not much more to say really. At this price, its not really worth fitting the 105 version that has less anti friction coating.
The Shimano chains hold up pretty good and have not had a break yet. This will be the third chain I've replaced from a lot of riding!
Excellent chain. Not a fan of the power link and always use a speed link to make servicing/cleaning of the bike faster but this chain wears very well and when installed in the right orientation has wonderful shifting .
Smooth chain. Worth every penny.
Paired it with the Ultegrs CS-8000 no complaints
Did about 2500 miles on this and the Ultegra cassette, rode it all through winter too. With regular cleaning and maintenance, I hadn't noticed that it had stretched until the bike shop told me it needed replacing... Typical Shimano quality, smooth and silent shifting 90% of the time.
I've used the XT, XTR (HG901) and SRAM 11 speed chains. Honestly cannot tell a difference in operation or durability.
Rather reliable. Easy enough to install and comes with necessary connecting Pin.
The best chain I've ever had!:)
Relaible and strong chain, maybe the best choice for 11 speed systems.
Awesome, no faults and as to date have ridden up to 5000 miles since March. Will be changing it soon during my full service before winter time :) Bought this along side the Shimano Ultegra 6800 Cassette.
Easy to install and does its job very well.
What can you say about Shimano chains? They work well, shift easily and install quickly
Got around 1500km out of this chain before it was ready for replacing. No problems, shifts well
High quality chain, have never had issues with Shimano chains
Shimano chains are easy to fit and wear well. Once fitted they work very well and if looked after give excellent service. At the moment they are in a sale so it's good time to buy.
Better durability than D/A, and only a few grams heavier
Good quality chain at reasonable price. Good shifting. Never had any reliability problems with Shimano chains (so far...).
A piece of an equipment you can really rely on!
My original chain it staring to wear a bit so have got this as a like for like replacement. No problems with it whatsoever.
This is a standard 6800 Ultegra chain, well lubricated, shiny and new. I shortened it to match my old chain and installed it on an 11 speed Shimano cassette (11-28). After cleaning my cogs and compact chain wheels (34-50) I rode my bike. It performed flawlessly. The chain came with one pin but I did not use it. I would recommend this to a friend.
No nonsence chain with good shifting, quiet and durable
No complaints about this chain, no shifting issues at all with a 105 groupset.
Again awesome value...this chain has been easily good for nearly 8000kms, did not hesitate buying another.
I can tell the difference between the Dura Ace and 105 chains (quieter, smoother, finish lasts longer) but I can't discern between Ultegra and Dura Ace - tenner saved!
Great chain, highly recommended, good shifting, good longevity at a reasonable price... gets my vote
Very high quality chain and so simple to install, easier by far than Campag due to the pin not needing a special fitting tool. Shifting is smooth, and the chain is a competitive weight for the price.
Smooth and long lasting with out weight penalty
I wanted a good solid chain to ride while on my trainer, saving my Dura Ace chain for actual road rides. Also wanted a new chain to fit the new Ultegra cassette. Works very well for this purpose.
Its a chain, it works great... only comes with one chain pin though so if you want to take a spare with you on your travels you'll have to buy one separately
Great chain. Super slick shifting.
Quiet and super smooth shifting
Have snapped several cheaper chains, I decided to get a quality product and you can clearly tell the difference.
Best value if you're going to log in massive miles and not race just yet.
For me this is the best price/quality choice, can't justify the extra money for a dura-ace or any other more expensive chain performance and durability wise.
Bought to complete my Dura Ace set up without splashing out on the 9000 chain. Works brilliantly and only a few grammes difference. Arrived super quick as usual from Merlin. Best price on the Internet. Great service.
Good value - but change the link for a KMS or SRAM one. Those pins that snap off are the Devils work ;-)
These chains are affordable, reliable and make it possible to replace more often to avoid the chance of failure and poor shifting.
Ridden an older ultegra set up but did not have correct chain. New set up with proper chain and sooo smooth.
Glad that the chain is again bidirectional. Chain runs nice and quiet and shifts perfectly.
Great product that works just as well as Dura-Ace without the cost and minor weight imposition
Perfect chain for both mtb and racer but I miss a quick link in all Shimano chains...