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Front & rear pair of the Shimano WH-R501 clincher road wheels at an incredibly low price!
  • 20 black chrome plated aerodynamic spokes
  • 24mm aerodynamic anodised clincher rims
  • 8, 9 & 10-speed compatible
  • Weight: 1884g pair withoiut QR
  • Rim wear indicator
  • Super price for a pair of factory wheels
  • Upgraded version of the R500 with a new R501 hub (the rim is still R500)


Mike Lopez Use these on my commuter / winter trainer and have never had a problem. Very good value when discounted. Only replace when the rims wear down due to grit and grime on winter roads. Last set lasted 10,000 miles.
Mr ives Haven't ridden on these yet but I'm sure they will be fine. I had a previous set and they were great value for money. The price and delivery of the new set was excellent. I would recommend changing the rim tape to Veloflex cloth tape or similar as I experienced a puncture at the valve as soon as they were fitted with tubes and tyres. As I did on the previous set. However, I highly recommend the wheels and Merlin Cycles.
Mike Bought these wheels as a replacement for my commuter bike and have previously had them (only replaced as they were damaged during an attempted theft of my bike). Great set of wheels for a good price, durable and reliable.
Humm Bought this wheels set to replace the original set that came with my bike. They have made a huge difference to my speed and the feel of the ride. Fabulous wheels for the price!
Mr Sissons Heavy but ideal for replacement commute/training wheels. Run true and smooth straight from the box. Have only done 200km on them but so far so good.
AJT Bought these to replace stock wheels on a commuter. Great price (tyres/tubes included) and fantastic service from Merlin. Wheels appear solid and true out of the box, run smoothly - they do what I want them to do! Thanks Merlin!
Mr Parkes Purchased this wheel set as an upgrade for my starter bike. The wheels run quick and quiet - very good value at the price.
Cris Great value for money wheelset. I have used them for a couple of weeks and they perform surprisingly well so far.
Mr mitchell Brilliant. They look good and feel good. They're strong yet responsive. Some people say they`re heavy but depends what you use them for. Unless you are racing / competing then these are fine. Most of the weight is in the hub as opposed to the rims. Buy em on Merlin as the price is fantastic ( as well as the service ).
Mr palliser A basic but cheap wheel set to replace stock wheels which kept breaking spokes when touring. No issue so far and happy with the quality overall.
Mr Bowsher These look good value for the money. Basic, but they run smooth and are solid enough for my commuting bike.
Notsoracy A good basic set of wheels, bought this set after wearing out rims on previous set. Out of the box wheels were true and bearings smooth, very good value training wheels.
Mr Murphy Having bought these to replace the stock wheels on my BTwin 500SE, the difference is extraordinary! They respond well, have more efficient acceleration and braking and are incredibly smooth - which is helpful for someone with a dodgy back and on a limited budget! Would recommend to anyone for a cheap, reliable upgrade or replacement.
Mr Yeoman Solid pair of wheels for winter training or using on rough roads.
Mr Roy Tidy set of wheels - seem solid and light enough for the price. Nice replacement wheels for the commuter.
Mr Tommy Have only been using for a short time, but as someone who is getting into cycling, these are brilliant. As a chap who is on the heavier side when it comes to weight (100kg+) thus far they have with stood. I bought these to replace a set which had not!
Mr Maynard Wow ! Great set of wheels at a fantastic price. Really made a difference to my riding experience. Thank you Merlin you are a real asset to the cycling world !
Jamie Purchased as an upgrade to factory wheel supplied with my Specialized Allez Sport. Noticed a significant improvement immediately, no reliability issues so far (2 weeks) . Very good value upgrade for bikes supplied with basic wheels.
Malachi My stock wheels (Giant PR2s) finally had to be retired after the rim wall was at the limit so I shopped around for another set of basic wheels and came across these. Whilst the weight is was roughly similar to the previous set (1850g give or take)/they seem to spin much smoother. They have remained tight and true after a few hundred miles and overall I'm extremely impressed with them. One star knocked off simply because of the weight but for the price they're almost perfect.
Mr Karta Big upgrade from my stock wheels, although compared to more expensive wheels these are definitely a 'heavy' upgrade. Roll nicely, make a good sound, and have made a difference to my speed/comfort in climbing.
Mr reynolds Cracking set of wheels. Have done over 5000 miles on my last set in all weather types with no issues. In the end I wore the braking surface out! Great swissstop now too to help
Ant Owen Needed something quick and inexpensive. Have done 200 miles so far and they seem fine. Definitely not a quick wheel but deal very well with a 10 mile bumpy commute!
Mr Young These wheels are excellent value for money. They were purchased to replace the old pair on my bike which due to wear and tear had come to the end of their road life. Due to the excellent use I had from the previous pair I opted to purchase the same again and was very pleased to receive my wheels from Merlin Cycles very quickly excellently packaged to avoid damage and quickly put them on my bike. I now look forward to many miles of riding and highly recommend these wheels and the service provided by Merlin Cycles. Top rate.
Mr Gredzinski These must be the best value product in all of cycling. I'm on my fourth pair, not because they have broken but because they are so damn good! Sure I've got lighter hoops from the Shimano range but these are such good everyday wheels for the real world . I have taken these on proper off road scenarios and they never miss a beat. The rims are by no means biffers but coupled with ultralight tubes and either Michelin Pro Race 4 or Schwalbe Ultremo tyres they are smooth fast and lovely. I've seen these in a showroom on a 4000 quid Pinarello. Strong. light enough, smooth running, silent and strong, for the price of a seatpost you can have a pair of wheels to your door. Complete with perfectly centralized seamless rim tapes and skewers, I can't praise these wheels enough.
Mr Sewell A great set of wheels that look the part and have stood up to some very bumpy South Wales B roads.
PaulC Have had these in the past and can take the hammering London's roads dish out on my commute
Mr Robey Early days but seem good. They are weighty but they are a entry level set. They are lighter than the OEM Bontragers on my Trek that they replaced. They feel certainly no worse than those and possibly a little stiffer. Anyhow, happy as they do what they say on the box.
Mr Matthews Appear well built, even tensions and run true. Very good value for money.
Pete Read These wheels must be the best ever for value, superbly built and ideal for training.
Johnny An absolute bargain, straight onto my commuter for a year's worth of bashing. Have had them before and are worth every penny.
Mr Chambers I have these on my MEKK and I am impressed with the way they roll and need little or no attention even after 3000 miles. When I decided to change them, maybe upgrade them, I looked around at those available. When it came down to it, these wheels in the sale were too good to resist, so now I have a back up pair.
Mr Howells Arrived very quickly, well packaged. Put a cassette and tyres on and was out testing them within 30 mins. Only done 100 or so miles so not an extensive test, but so far they have been brilliant, coping with the potholes of London! Come with rim tape and skewers.
Mr Caserta Used the wheels for the Wiggle Royal Flyer sportive for the first time, lovely roll, great look. They are a good lightweight entry level wheel. Was very happy with my purchase.
Mr Renaud Looks great, rides smooth, nice and light. A great upgrade from the stock wheels that came on my Cannondale
Neil Great wheels at a great price. Get tubes with longer valves though! Regular length fits, but snug when inflating.
Kevin Great value for money. Ok they don't support 11 speed cassettes but as winter wheels on an older bike these are perfect. They look really nice too.
Mr Tobin Very functional, well built wheels. Trued perfectly upon arrival. I've been using these for commuting and training for the last 3 weeks and they are ideal for that purpose. Fantastic value aswell.
Mr leighton Great set of wheels that were purchased to upgrade my commuter road bike. Considerably lighter than the original set they have certainly made a difference with far less rolling resistance. Very speedy delivery times too from Merlin Cycles! Great stuff!
Mr Allan Excellent, lighter than my old wheels. Unless weight is a real issue for people these wheels are decent! I've used all year round, around Devon with some pretty rubbish roads and they have held out fine!
Dr Greenslade Excellent upgrade to my commuter bike at a very reasonable cost. Rolling resistance seems to be lower hence providing a better riding experience. Can't fault Merlin. Ordered at 12:30pm on Monday afternoon - arrived on Tuesday morning!
Vanofek Great value training wheels at this price point. Not the lightest around but well made and able to cope with rough road surfaces and still stay true.
Miss Russell Excellent wheels, really smooth ride and very quiet too. A significant improvement from my original entry level ones. Would definitely recommend them and good value for money. Merlin cycles packaged them very well and delivery was quick too.
Mr Eaton This is the third pair of these wheels I've used on my daily (year round) commute bike over the past five years. I really don't think you'll find a better set of wheels for the price. I've found them to be pretty tough but plenty quick enough for my purposes - and at a price where you can fit them and not spend too much time worrying about every pothole and drain cover you hit.
Mr Ker Just add cassette, tubes and tyres, everything else is in the box. Tyres are easy to fit so it should make it easier to fix that puncture you get on the road.
Mr pearce Great value for money, a cracking winter / cross training tyre... easy to maintain.... you cannot get better value for money.
Mr Welburn I''ve bought a few pairs of these now for use mainly in the winter on mine and the boy's bikes. They represent really good value for money and seem virtually bullet proof. As they get used through the worst of the winter they see a fair amount of abuse but seem to stay true and get the job done. At the price point they are never going to be the lightest of wheels but that makes them ideal for training. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them
Mr Guthrie Ordered so that I could mothball my handbuilt wheels for the winter months. Excellent value for money. Obviously feel slightly "heavy" compared to my main wheelset but still free running and stiff. Have the benefit of being easily servicable. Was a bit confused as the rims still bear the R500 decals. Appears from the Merlin details that these have an upgraded R501 hub but stiill have the 500 rims.
AD Excellent "every day" wheels. Not the lightest, but smooth running and true. Quite small diameter rims - easy to fit tyres without tools.
Mr Trattner A sturdy set of winter wheels. Functionality plus.
Rod D Great upgrade from my original, looks awesome too! A bit heavier then most high end wheels like Ultegra or Dura ace, but very good rotating mass and stable on long straights. Overall I was very happy for the price and value!
Mr George Great value for the price! PROS: Mid weight wheel, bladed spokes. Good looking. CONS: Single eyelet not double. Built well enough, though one of mine had an extra spoke nipple sliding around inside the rim, I had to take a spoke out to remove it. Not a big deal, but might speak to the difference between hand and machine built wheels a little.
Mark Gredzinski Bought these to replace some rimes on an ancient Raleigh Hybrid that a had good Shimano Parrallax hub but nasty single wall rims that were getting well scored after thousands of miles. First though, tried them on my cheapo road bike with some light Michelin Pro 4 slicks. Again so much better than the vile single wall pointlessy aero, heavy rims they replaced. These wheels run true, are smooth and importantly, have a quiet freewheel which I like about Shimano stuff. Excellent wheels for the money and complete with smooth rim tapes in place and skewers to boot. Can't fault the next day service or the packaging. These are not fantasy dream wheels. They just do a great job for the price and with quality tyres will serve any rider well who has to ride on mixed terrain like me in the real world.
Mr Weeks I needed a pair of wheels to see me through until I could afford a new bike, I opted for these as the price was right. I am blown away with how good they are, they are lighter by a few grams than the factory set the bike came with which were deore hubs and alex rims. They are straight and true and run oh so well. It has transformed my bike to what she was, I'm now up grading the drive train and sticking with the old girl. They may make good winter wheels for the super fit out there but for mr average joe like me they are brill, I have put 300 miles on them in two weeks and they just get better and better, I am really pleased with my purchase.
Mr Davies Brilliant set of wheels would recomend
Mr Donaghy Nice wheels not to heavy put on old bike for commuting and turbo training
biguke Was on the fence with buying these, but even after shipping to Canada the price was still incredible! So, customer satisfaction with Merlin is 5 stars... you guys were great and the shipment came fast. The wheels... I've been riding for a week now. I'm a big guy, 6'5", 290 lbs but I ride a LOT. They were true out of the box and the spokes seemed properly tensioned. While not as light as my previous wheels, they aren't "heavy" by my standards. So far very comfortable! -shipped with rim tape -new skewers -nice big box Highly recommended! Thanks Merlin!
Mr Marsland Fantastic wheelset at the price offered and delivered next day. Brilliant. Only did a couple of hundred miles thus far but they feel good and look great. Highly recommend for that leisure cyclist/commuter on a budget but wishing that sporty recer look : )
Mr Hughes Very impressed so far! Got these for a friends hybrid bike - a big improvement in weight and appearance!
Braderz These wheels are excellent, they came with rim tape installed and 2 quick release skewers. An excellent upgrade for my low end road bike and probably better than the stock wheels that come on most bikes
Mr Thomas Good Factory wheels, perfect for winter spares, particularly at this price
Mr Kearney Very fast service and better than chain reaction who r only one mile from my work. Would most definitely use you guys again and would recommend you guys to other cyclists .
Mr M. Great set of wheels at the price.
Mr Jenkins Very impressed with these wheels, meet the quoted weight and look far more expensive than they are,,, in fact ridiculously cheap! especially at Merlin prices. I have never found Merlin to be beaten on wheels and that is accompanied with fantastic service. Thank you
Mr Kelly Amazing value, good looking and robust wheels. Standard spokes so spares easily sourced if ever required. Excellent!
Mr Bending Cheap reasonably light and good value wheelset. I bought them to replace a similar set on my commuter bike. Over about 3 years the rims had worn down past the wear indicators. The hubs were still good but it's cheaper to buy a complete new set than have the wheels rebuilt with new rims.
Welgita They seem to be nice and round (like the French ones). More seriously. I bought these as winter wheels to save my Ultegra wheels from the crud (also bought from Merlin). The 501 are very well made, seem solid and have a good quality feel to them. Heavier than the Ultegras but feel great when riding and look very good. Seem to be excellent value.
Martin Steele was asked by a friend at work to service his wifes bike , however when I got it home I realised the wheels were completly beyond repair , found these on your site as a supposedly "cheap fix" however when they turned up these wheels were actually brilliant !! looked as though they cost a lot more and were free running and true . Would have made great winter or training wheels , or as they turned out a brilliant upgrade for an old bike . One happy Wife , what more can I say . Buy them
Mr M Tough, good lookin', bargain wheels. Thanks! Excellent.
Mr Perry awesome
Mr HORSWELL Nearly brought these wheels on the chain reaction website ,but thank god they were out of stock as merlin cycles were cheaper and delivered the next day. Amazing customer service and amazing wheels for the price,big WHOOP WHOOP for Merlin Cycles,ill be back :)
Mr Stacey Simply superb
Mr whymark Lighter and smoother than the stock wheels i had and coupled with the new Tiagra groupset installed gave me the confidence to jump from 25 milers and felling knackered to a 52 miler and feeling great at the end. Great value wheels and look good as well.
DocHart Bought these wheels to replace a set which had more replaced spokes than original ones- they looked like Pringles they were so buckled! The shimano wheelset is cheep and cheerful. From a distance, they manage to give the illusion of a much more upmarket wheel. I have them on my commuter (an old Scott CR1) and have only put about 150miles on them so far. They are still true, even though I hang a heavy D lock off both of them when I lock the bike at work.
Himazin Straight performance 4/5 Acceleration performance 3/5 Durability 5/5 Weight 3/5 Cost performance 5/5 As a good product, highly recommended to not care about breaking
Mr Heyns excellent wheels, at a great price
Mr Delves Wheels arrived well packaged and quicker than I expected - a good price too - well done Merlin!
Mr simmons Good quality all round wheels. Okay so they're not the lightest but for the money they are very good quality. I used them on my Hybrid to do a spot of touring fully loaded with panniers so they took a bit of a bashing and performed without fault. I am thinking about getting another set to use as a year round training set for my road bike. I would recommend them.
Mr McArdle Great value