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Shimano WH-RS11 Clincher Road Wheelset is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 19th November 2019.

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Code: WHRS11
Shimano RS11 Road Wheels, Shimano technology at an affordable price. 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed compatible.
If you're looking for a reliable and well-built set of clincher wheels consider the Shimano WH-RS11 Wheelset. The rims are optimised for accepting 23mm to 32mm road tyres. With a depth of 24mm, these wheel are perfect for all types of riding.
  • RS11 clincher wheel, offering all the technology of Shimano wheels at an economical price
  • 24 mm high profile aluminium rim for improved aero dynamics
  • 20 rear and 16 front stainless steel bladed straight pull spokes improve lateral and torsional (power transmission) rigidity
  • Elbow-less spokes make for a strong yet compliant wheel
  • High lateral rigidity is produced with a 3 mm offset rear asymmetric rim and wide flange spacing
  • The hub uses angular contact bearings designed to cradle the balls giving both radial and lateral support for superior strength and durability in real world riding conditions. They also offer precision bearing adjustment and easy maintenance
  • Labyrinth and contact sealing - low-friction seals effectively shut out water, mud and dirt without affecting rotational smoothness
  • Rim: Aluminium, Clincher
  • Profile: 24mm
  • Brake Surface: Aluminium
  • Axle: Quick Release
  • Freehub: Shimano 10/11
  • Bearings: Cup and Cone
  • Spokes: Straight Pull
  • Count: 16 Front / 20 Rear
  • Includes: Skewers, Rim Tape
  • Weight: 1903g
Mr Russell My bike was supplied with tubeless ready rims that are a nightmare to fit a standard tyre/tube set up on so I decided to replace them. The Shimano RS11 wheels provided everything I needed so it was an easy purchase decision. On the road they have given my bike an entirely more lively feel whilst retaining the comfort level of the 'sloppy' OE set. Personally I can feel no difference in grip levels despite their old school narrow rim width. Build quality is excellent and I expect a good few years service from these.
Paul D Purchased these as commuting wheels . For just over £100 for the set, these are superb value . They were true out of the box and run really well; highly recommend if you are on a tight budget for a wheelset. As usual fantastic service & prompt delivery from Merlin.
Mark Great wheels for for autumn and winter training. Like the rest of the Shimano wheel range, these wheels are very robust, taking the bumps and hollows in our UK roads without getting bent out of shape unlike other branded wheels in the same price range.
Stuart Lovely wheelset, nice and quiet, feel nice and rigid when riding. Good price and excellent service as usual from Merlin
Mr Klingenstein Excellent wheels - outstanding value for money. Swift delivery, keenly priced and just a great product. Can't say anything about longevity, but certainly runs very smoothly.
Mr Hodgetts These wheels have been on just days, but I can review them on the basis that the construction seems to be pretty much the same as the RS10s and the RS30s, both of which I have owned and did 10000 and 12000 miles each respectively, through all weathers. I had to replace a bearing race and a dust seal on the RS30s after 9000 miles after some grit got in and ruined it, but other than that they were spot on. Only once did I have to true each set, and both times was a very minor adjustment. The bearings sit on top of a cone at an angle, and can be removed individually if needed, unlike many (more expensive) wheels which use bearing cartridges, which I have found in the past to be less reliable in terms of longevity. The shimano's have always stood up to the rigours of riding dreadful london roads week in and week out. I like the fact that the freehub is much quieter than some other manufacturers. I have also yet to have a freehub fail in any way. They are of course slightly heavier than more expensive wheels, but quite honestly, to us "mere mortals", any difference you think you notice is probably psychological. Other than that they do what they say on the tin. They are round. They rotate. And they continue to do both for 10k miles plus. Buy yourself a set. They won't make you go any faster, but you still won't be disappointed.
Dawson Bought as a Winter Wheelset. I have had the RS10s before. Both are robust durable wheels that will stand up to Winter rigours without wearing, bending or problems. Excellent for the money and not unduly heavy. I am 15+ stones and they cope with me
Mr acland Excellent budget wheels, Lightweight for the price and bombproof.
Mr Burniston Great wheel set at a great price! They feel nice on the road and are great for a new rider on a budget.
carlos Arrived well packed and run true. Considering the low spoke count, they appear very solid and soak up the rough roads. The rear bearings were way too tight though so a slight adjustment was required. I'm using these on my winter bike much to my brother in laws disgust as he has them on his best summer bike.
Graham First up, these were the cheapest I could find on-line and they arrived expertly packaged in super quick time. I'm relatively new to road riding & didn't want to spend a fortune on fancy fragile wheels on my Kinesis Racelight bought to try & get fit again! They certainly look the part. They seem well built and roll well enough. I'm sure there are better upgrade/winter wheels out there but for this price & think these must be hard to beat - love 'em!
Mr Oxlee Was looking for some winter wheels. Have previously used R500 and R501 but needed 11 speed. They were on offer at the time and to be honest they are great. OK they are not the lightest but I have already bettered KOM on the Strava.
Mr Thurston Since I couldn't mount an 11-speed cassette on my bike's stock wheels, I looked for 11-speed compatible wheelsets to see if it made sense to replace the wheels rather than the freehub on the existing wheel. When I found this set of clinchers I was sold. They are solidly built and reasonably light, and to top it off they look great on my black and white Giant Defy 5. Merlin's price was incredibly low, too!
Merriman This is an excellently constructed starter road wheel set. Shimano builds good wheels and typically, they trickle down technology to the lower end products. No exception here. An example is angular contact bearings...similar to Dura Ace. Note that the rear wheel has 20 count straight pull bladed spokes, laced 2X, and the front is 16 count bladed spokes, radially laced. This wheel set is likely not appropriate for heavier riders or bad roads.) The wheels arrived true and appear to be properly tensioned. The hubs are very smooth. Interesting that they use a larger nipple dimension; I didn't have a spoke wrench that fit them.
Mr atkinson Great looking set of wheels at a bargain price. Top quality too, if not the lightest. An excellent wheelset for winter riding.
Mr Gauntlett Bought these as winter training wheels and I am very happy. I have 2 other sets of expensive 'best' wheels and to honest, I hardly notice the difference between them and these budget Shimano wheels. Great value bargain and bonus is they look smart too.
troy A great set of training wheels. A much better choice than Aksiums. Far more robust.
David Taylor Bought as a replacement for the OEM wheels on my road bike, so far so good, much lighter than the old wheels and look a lot smarter too. They also seem to be more flexible than the old wheels which means they soak up the bumps a lot better, the only downside is that when putting power down on hills they tend to rub against the front brake pads slightly ... although this may also be down to fact that I'm a bit overweight so I'm not going to penalise Shimano for this!
Mr Fulgencio I am delighted to have this wheelset it serves me well in my everyday commute. I strongly reccomended try these wheels, they are brilliant...5 star
Chris Good value and an excellent upgrade to the wheels that came standard with my 2010 allez (8 speed). Great service from Merlin with regard to delivery and fast responses to questions. The wheels come with a spacer making them 8 speed compatible.
Mr Pratt Fantastic finish and surprisingly light.
Mark Lineham Cheap, strong and good performing training wheels from Shimano. Good looking with modern technology and easy to service bearings.
Mr Holmes First impressions are of a good product. The rear wheel does have offset spokes and does appear a little odd, but I have no problems with this feature during the limited use I have made of them. Both wheels were true and spoke tension did appear to be uniform. There were no problems adding the cassette - a 9-speed - and a shim is supplied for 10- and 11-speed cassettes. Packaging was very sturdy and the wheels arrived in good time. Overall a nice product.
Mr Bromley Came well packed and at a great price these wheels are ideal as a second wheelset or a winter wheel which I bought them for. The performance difference isn't massive to my main wheelset either with weight being the main difference. I am less than 11 stone so can't comment on stiffness but can't fault them for me.
Mr leighton Great set of wheels. Much lighter than originals and have made a considerable difference to the performance of the bike. Great service from merlin cycles too!
Mr MATLOCK I purchased these wheels as a direct replacement for my original wheels and have been very pleased with them .The build quality is very good they run very smoothly. They are lighter than my originals and at this price are a real bargain. I would recommend them to any one looking to replace there tired originals with some good quality and good looking replacements.
Brodie Lovely wheels, with low rolling resistance and a huge step up from the terrible ones I had on before. Great service from Merlin.
Dr Whitehead Great build quality. Sturdy yet pretty light and good value for rough countryroad commuting.
Mr Rankin Great value for money, very smooth running, they are not the lightest wheels but they are robust and are perfect for my winter bike.
Ms Thompson After 3 rides and close to 200 kilometers later of snow, ice, gravel, and wet tarmac. These so far are almost bomb proof. Excellent up grade or winter training rims.
Mr G As usual, Merlin had these to my door very quickly and I was picking them up 2 days after placing the order! Considering I ordered on a Sunday evening, I thought this was great! Wheels came straight and smooth! A massive improvement over cheap OEM wheels - the bladed spokes and radial fitment of the front wheel makes these look like they cost much more than they did. The price on Merlin was a Brucey Bonus, but even at full price would have been worth it! Very recommended for anyone wanting great wheels for a low price!
Mr Almond A good solid set of replacement wheels for my cyclocross bike at fantastic price.
Mr Freer Excellent wheels, came extremely well packaged (and package itself was not bashed around) and delivered the day after I ordered. The wheels themselves, were fitted with no problem, and look just the part on my bike. I ordered these based on them receiving good reviews for this price point wheel, and they certainly didn't seem to be heavyweights compared to others I viewed online.
Andrew Bicknell Great Wheels, super smooth running and very pretty to look at. Service by Merlin was fantastic, very fast delivery and great price.
Mr FLOREA Good wheels,they look good , very good quality. Perfect for training and long sportives. It is the perfect balance price/ weight. At the weight of 1700g there is no better deal.
Ms Goodbody Ordering was easy it was delivered quickly very happy with that process. The actual product is brilliant, looks good on the bike feels smooth while riding been trying it on some steep gradient hills and the wheels feel very responsive.
Mr topp The value/ performance ratio on these wheels is impeccable. Shimano seem to get this stuff right and they are excellent.