Shimano WH-RS81 C35 Carbon Laminate Clincher Road Wheelset
Shimano WH-RS81 C35 Carbon Laminate Clincher Road WheelsetShimano RS81 C35 Carbon Laminate Wheels - PairShimano RS81 C35 Carbon Laminate Wheels - Pair
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Shimano RS81 C35 Carbon Laminate Wheels, new 35mm deep section wheels. Supplied as a front & rear set.
  • New Shimano RS81 wheels, replacing the ever poplular RS80 wheels
  • Now 11 speed compatable, but will still work with the 10 speed systems
  • This latest model has a new 35mm deep carbon laminate rim, a combination of Alloy and Carbon construction
  • These wheels can be used with any normal 700c tyre with tubes
  • The wheels feature wide flange hub and offset rim to keep things stiff and efficient, plus the 2:1 ratio spokes use twice as many spoke son the driveside to keep the wheels nice and responsive.
  • Weight 756g front & 993g rear (1689 pair) alll weights approx.
  • Spokes 16 front radial, 21 rear X2. Butted 2.0 - 1.8 - 2.0
  • Includes: Q/R skewers, 1.85mm spacer (for 10 speed use), spoke key, valve extensions & rim tapes




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Very good quality wheelset. Look much better in the flesh than any photo. Smooth ride quality but stiff for climbing. Would buy again
It is awesome wheelset, I was thinking to buy a Mavic wheel set, but this one is much better, super light and very good acceleration. I am very happy with them.
Brilliant wheels. Excellent performance and value for dollar. Awesome for training and a great choice for criterium races
A big upgrade from my stock wheels, Mavic CXP22. I'm no fitter than two years ago but now faster thanks to this upgrade.
These are great wheels. Upgraded from a set of stock wheels and the difference was huge. Stiff, responsive, fast spin up, noticeibly more power on climbs, more comfortable ride. There was noticeable improvement in every area. Great value.
These wheels are top notch for the price! I have done a few rides on them outside already and they are noticeably better than my previous RS80 C50 wheels. They are probably not as aerodynamic but I was not going for that. I was going for a lighter wheel I can race in crits and train on and these will be perfect. They are very responsive and stiff in a sprint.
These are exceptionally nice wheels, smooth running light and fast. Good service from Merlin
Bought these to replace a pair of Mavic Cozmics. I've got to say that ride quality is far better. They feel a lot stiffer and faster on the up hill. I was looking at the C50's but because of the weight difference I went for the C35's, no regrets what so ever. Absolutely love them. I've never known such a change a piece of kit has made to the bike (Tarmac). Like an whole new machine. Highly recommended.
Excellent quality at a great price. I upgraded from Fulcrum Racing 3 and am not disappointed. Everything about the RS81 C35 looks like quality. The wheels are absolutely true out of the box. The brake track machining is superb - braking is smooth and strong. There is no flex or brake rub, so the brakes can be adjusted much more closely than with the old wheels. They do feel smoother and faster. The overall look and finish is classy. So far, I've only done 150kms on them, but my first impressions are very very good!
Very good wheels! Good upgrade compared to my fulcrum S5. No need to true wheels!
It is a high cost-performance wheel! Light, smooth rotation and inexpensive.
Light enough for climbing and aero enough for flats. I love this wheelset!
Replaced my ultra light wheels with these. These are very stiff and carry speed very well. Same rim as the Dura Ace C35, and if they are not I can't tell the difference, except for the price. I enjoy working on my bike myself. These hubs are great and very easy to service. The shipping to the United States was very fast. Buy these wheels if you want Dura Ace quality at a very reasonable price.
I ordered these wheels to replace the cheap and heavy ones that came with my new bike. They arrived in reasonable time and in perfect condition and in true. I installed them right away. What a difference, especially on long flat runs and on tight turns. The wheels' stiffness and aero quality compensates admirably for the few grams they weigh over super-light wheels. My riding group noticed the performance difference as much as I did. Carbon aero wheels, with alloy braking. Ideal all-purpose wheels for most riders.
Great addition to my bike. Upgraded from the stock wheels. These are a bit lighter, much stiffer and really carry well at speed.
Great set of wheels at a seriously phenomenal shipping rate and speed. For $50 I received the wheels in 3 days, from the UK to California. The RS81 hubs and rims are at least as comfortable as the RS80's with the benefit of 11 speed compatibility, and the wider rim profile delivers noticeably improved cornering and descending. All in all, very pleased with this purchase!
Seem good so far. Stiff, but quite lightweight so they spin up more easily than my old Racing 7s. The 35mm deep rims haven't given me any cause for concern in crosswinds yet, and it has been pretty windy recently. The only thing I don't like about them is the quiet freewheel. My Racing 7s have a really aggressive sounding freewheel and I miss the noise when I stop pedalling!