Shimano XT M8000 Front And Rear Disc Brake Set
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Shimano XT M8000 Front And Rear Disc Brake Set
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Shimano XT M8000 Front And Rear Disc Brake Set

XT hydraulic Servo Wave front and rear disc brake set. The lever and calliper comes without adapters or rotors giving you the freedom to customise to suite your bike

XT M8000 brakes have a short stroke Servo-Wave mechanism for quick pad engagement and more power for aggressive riding. Oversized 22mm twin phenolic pistons are optimized for heat insulation, lightweight and stiffness.

Ice Tech sintered alloy pads improve performance by dispersing heat quicker and a lightweight forged calliper design increases rigidity and reduces weight.



  • Forged alloy brake lever for optimum strength and reliability.
  • Uses non-corrosive mineral oil brake fluid.
  • Shim-less mounting system allows for quick setting up.
  • Brake lever reach and free stroke adjustment.
  • Hinged clamp for quick installation
  • I-spec-II compatible
  • Sintered Brake pads (Non Finned)
  • Hose length 900 mm Front - 1700 mm Rear
Andy Mo They're shimano brakes, they work brilliantly, reliably. Really good deal from Merlin too.
Mr Doughty Brilliant quality brakes delivered fast, and very easy to fit.
Tyrel Replacing my avids that broke. More solid feel and control. Great price and Great service
Mr Bevaart great brakes! didn't come in manufactures box but for the price I don't care cause they are fantastic brakes came with everything needed to install and rear hose was disconnected already for internal frame routing!
Chuckl1956 Great set of calipers and levers from older Shimano stock. Can't beat the price and they will work fine on my upgraded MTB.
Mr Barber Brilliant brakes, really improved the feel and performance of my bike under braking, do note however that the brakes whilst supplied bled will require re bleeding once installed as the levers are not setup on the correct side for UK riders. Apart from that they are a doddle to fit!
Mr Miller The Shimano XT M8000 brake set that i received was exactly what i was after. The brake lines were set up as rear caliper was on the right lever and the front caliper was on the left lever. My original assumption was they were the other way around since it was bought from the UK but it was an easy fix. 100% would buy these brakes again
Jim Best upgrade I've made on my bike, being over 15st my standard brakes would boil the fluid and be useless for a good 5min after a long descent. These XTs don't fade when under heavy sustained braking at all. Run these with Ice-Tech rotors and they're an excellent combo, they dont even squeal when wet. Highly recommended!
Phil B These are excellent brakes and great value. I ordered this from the United States and they were here within a week! Highly recommend based on product and service. 10/10 will be a continued customer.
Mr Carballo Awesome
Mr Harris XT Brakes are the most reliable brakes I`ve used.
Mr Ballard These brakes have been great. I bought these to replace a set of guide r brakes that were terrible. Installation was easy. The right/rear brake (USA) came with the lever assembley off and an extra Barb and olive for shortening the brake line. I needed to buy a barb and olive to shorten the front line however. After several rides on these brakes I'm impressed how solid they feel even on the steeper descents. Plenty of stopping power with just the two pistons. I am running a 203mm up front and a 180 rear so thats a big part of the stopping power.
Mr Johnson Great stopping power, easy to set up and bleed.
Mr C 3rd pair of XTs, absolutely can't go wrong with Shimano brakes!
Matt JMc Not set them up yet but on initial perusal this is a quality product - on a par with Hope and better quality than Avid and SRAM. A steal at the price.
Mr Mackenzie Ordered brakes, Shimano XT M8000 front and rear as I originally was going to service my old brakes, and saw these at a price too good to miss so ordered them instead. Also Merlin Cycles do not appear to penalise you if you live in the Highlands, other companies ramp up delivery costs for no other reason than they can, I don`t buy from them. Delivery was very prompt four days from ordering, very good. The brakes are as you would expect from Shimano, very good and stopping power exellent for my needs, had to bleed twice my fault due to midges. Tip, don`t do anything when midges come out you will be distracted to say the least. Anyway good brakes good service will buy from again when needing replacement parts etc
A Lots of power, easy to service and great value
batmick Fantastic brakes and an equally fantastic deal. My commuter bike came stock with Tektro Gemini brakes that are OK but have limitations. I have had the previous generation Deore XT (785s) on another bike and wanted that type of performance again. These do not disappoint. Very easy to set up and power and modulation are just perfect for my purpose. And the price here at Merlin is great. Shipping to California was fast and easy to track. Definitely recommend both the brakes and the retailer.
Mr LIVANIOS Very strong brakes!
Seneb These powerful stoppers are excellent for XC race bikes and 160 rotors, on up to trail bikes with 203 rotors. They're reliable, powerful, and easy to set up and maintain. One thing to note is that the set I received was set up as right front and left rear, which is opposite for me here in the USA. Thankfully, they're easy to swap and it allowed me to shorten the hoses for a proper fit.
Maique Replaced my Sram Level brakes with these XT. They are amazing and have an outstanding bite power! Working great with G2CS rotors that came with the bike. I'm using Deore brakes on my other bike and never had any issues with them, so I hope to have the same luck with those XT.
Mr Lewis Excellent brakes that always seem to work as expected. I replace some SRAM Guides brakes that keep having warranty issues. I've always found XT to be reliable and good value. Worth noting that my set didn't come with the finned brake pads, but the standard metallic pads.
Mr Prince Upgraded from some well used SLX versions. Huge difference and at the right price. Excellent service.
Daniel What can I say... these are top spec brakes at a top spec price. I had to swap the hoses (being from a right hand front, left hand rear country!) but all the parts there included and it was as easy as can be! Couldn't be happier.
Jonny Harrison Great brakes, solid feel very powerful and great modulation. Only thing to note is that these came as left hand front and right hand rear (I was doing internal cabling anyway so it wasn`t a big deal to swap them over). Very fast delivery, less than a week to Australia
Mr austin Fantastic brakes, work so well, amazing upgrade!
Mr McDougall Was looking for an upgrade to my stock wheels. These look and feel so much smoother and although they have not been on my bike long they still look to run straight which could not be said about the wheels that came on my canondale after a few weeks.
Mr Macapagal Best bang for buck brakes. These are my 2nd xt brakes and they were perfect. Great modulation and stopping power.
Paul Good set of brakes for the cost (sub 150 due to Merlin discounts) They don't have the same level of feeling as the Hope M4's they replaced as in the braking is a more binary affair on/off. Easy install and very swift setup. Cables were a bit long for my bike but I've left them as I don't want the faff of trimming them and going through bleeding them again. These brakes are not as good as the Hopes but they are considerably cheaper so better pound to performance rating. I haven't taken them on any trails yet but am hoping they will do very well.
Craig Fantastic stopping power with one finger braking and great adjustability. Well worth the upgrade.
benjamin Changed over to these from previous model m785 and so far very impressed. A lot more lever feel and very much the same power without the on/off switch feel the older ones were known for. Can't beat it for all mountain/enduro riding at this price point
Mr JONES Great price for XT brakeset. Upgrade from Elixir 3 brakes. Quite easy to setup although had to get the setup instructions online.
Mr MacAulay Amazed by how powerful these are even with short short levers, and much cleaner looking than my old (very old) XT brakes.
Fat Lad at the back Awesome brakes superb stopping power even for a big lad like me. Easy to fit but you may need to cut the hose down a little. Fantastic service from Merlin
Mr To Very good product for a very good price. Typical Shimano. Brakes are light and reactive. Switched to these from Guides because the Guides failed. Good modulation but not as good as Guides. Better lever feel. Needed reliability and nothing beats Shimano. Brakes to save my life not end it. Very good stopping power and predictable
greenwood Awesome do it all brakes, perfect for xc, trail and most enduro riding. Highly recommend
Mr Hunt Excellent brakes. Easy to fit, short bedding period, and very powerful
Mr Maxey Very nice. Plenty of length on the brake lines. Most people will need to trim them. I would recommend picking up a Shimano bleed kit if you don't have one already.
Wayne These are great new brakes. Nice modulation and good slim clamp on the bars. Best price online. Fast shipping for quality new Shimano gear. Thanks.
Mr Renzoni Incredible stopping performance! Highly recommend it. It needed to be bled and trimmed.
Mr Kenney It was like this: I've been riding XTR brakes for years. Bought a new bike where the frame was top but the components were somewhere below SLX. Found those lacking to say the least so I switched to SLX in short order. Nice brakes SLX's but a bit of a lag and the power was not what I was used too. Decided to upgrade to the XT's out of a whim and switched the SLX to an old bike. Went out riding for the first time, what a difference! the lack of power is NOT an issue, I can modulate with ease and they're quiet (to be fair that's a metallic vs resin issue). Where I was really happy with the XTR's, happy with the SLX, I'm back to really happy with these XT's, it's like coming home!