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SiDi Avast Rain Road Cycling Shoe


The Sidi Avast Rain road cycling shoes have been specifically designed to keep your feet warm and protected from wind and rain during winter cycling. Featuring a durable water-repellent synthetic upper the Avast shoes have a weatherproof Rain membrane to keep your feet warm and dry, whilst the reinforced heel helps to keep your foot in optimum position at all times. A Sidi Micro Caliper buckle allows you to make simple adjustments to fit while you ride and two High Security Velcro straps compliment the caliper buckle enhancing fit and keeping the front of your foot firmly planted in the shoe. 

A Sidi Millennium 4 sole, constructed from injected carbon fibre in a nylon matrix provides a super-stiff platform and a seamless interface with your road pedals allowing you transfer all of your power through to the back wheel. A replaceable non-slip polyurethane heel pad means that when you’re off the bike you’ll be able to walk with ease and a standard three-hole drilling system accommodates a wide range of pedal systems.



  • Durable synthetic upper
  • Weatherproof Rain membrane to keep your feet warm and dry
  • Reinforced heel keeps the foot in optimum position
  • 3 Velcro straps
  • Adjustable caliper buckle
  • Sidi Millennium 4 sole
  • Three-hole drilling system for compatibility with a wide range of pedal systems
  • Replaceable, non-slip polyurethane heel pad
Great purchase! I've been a fan of Sidi for 25 years: love the fit, the quality and the look! Merlin Cycles delivered promptly and as an added bonus---- shipping was free to Canada! Am now a fan of Merlin! Thank you.
Haven't worn them in anger yet but this boot offers a nice, snug fit and looks like it will keep my feet warm during the winter. Typical Sidi quality and classy look. The uppers and sole are well-constructed and robust enough to keep out water.
The "normal" prefect SIDI-fit. Nice to have a winter shoe that are slim enough to fit. (A bit roomier than Sidi summer shoes, can wear woollen socks in my normal Sidi size.) Feels like a normal cycling shoe. Not tested in really wet conditions. Warm in dry conditions - kept me warm when wearing very thin socks in 0 centigrades.
These have to be the best winter purchase I've made. They are a little roomier than regular Sidi road shoes to allow for thicker socks. I can vouch for their waterproofness as I have ridden through flooded roads in these and my feet have stayed dry. I do use them with overshoes to stop water entering via the ankle of the shoe. My feet have stayed dry and warm during some pretty foul weather while wearing these.
Fed up trying to get overboots off with frozen fingers, I decided to get these Sidi rain boots. Great looking, comfortable, much easier and usual Sidi good quality and a decent price from Merlin, waterproofing not tested fully yet, very smart. Quick postage