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SiDi Genius 6.6 Carbon Vernice Road Cycling Shoes is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
SiDi Genius 6.6 Carbon Vernice Road Cycling Shoes
SiDi Genius 6.6 Carbon Vernice Road Cycling Shoes

This item was discontinued 15th September 2015.

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Code: SIDI-GEN6.6
Expertly developed to suit the needs of the world's best cyclists, the SiDi Genius 6.6 Carbon Vernice Cycling Shoe  is lightweight and supportive for the ultimate in comfort and durability. With a range of innovative features, these high-performance cycling shoes boast a simple, aerodynamic design. 
Carbon Lite Sole:
Wear resistant, this 'structural expanse core' has been handmade using a mix of layered composite materials which maximise the stress resistance whilst making the sole lighter. Ideal for high-mileage cyclists, the sole gives slight flex in the toe, whilst retaining stiffness throughout the rest of the shoe, without compromising blood circulation.
With an anti-slip insert at the toe and a replaceable polyurethane heel pad, the shoes also provide excellent walkability and are compatible with the best pedals. Finished with a 10mm horizontal and vertical cleat alignment scale that's moulded into the sole for easy cleat replacement, the shoes also feature the Look Memory Eyelet. 
Soft Instep 2 Closure System:
Serviceable and replaceable, this wide, padded strap has been coupled to soft, thermo-formed material which improves comfort and performance. Adjustable from both sides for perfect cantering, it evenly distributes pressure over the arch area, eliminating the need for the High Step Extender.
Caliper Buckle:
A micrometric closure, it's regulated by lifting the central buckle. To open completely, lift both side buckles together, while to loosen the closure, the central clip must be lifted.
Velcro Security System:
With integrated locking polymer teeth, this feature allows for a more secure closure by making the Velcro unmovable.
Heel Cup System (HCS):
This patented mechanism tightens the top of the heel cup, making it ideal for cyclists with thin ankles. Your ankles won't slip during climbs or sprints, whilst the thermoplastic construction can easily be replaced or removed. 
Replaceable Heel Cup:
This spare part helps to prolong the life of your shoes. 
Features of the SiDi Genius 6.6 Carbon Vernice Road Cycling Shoes:
  • Carbon Lite Sole
  • Soft Instep 2 Closure System
  • Caliper Buckle
  • Velcro Security System
  • Heel Cup System (HCS)
  • Replaceable Heel Cup
  • Lightweight
  • Designed for the world's best cyclists
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Typically wonderful Sidi quality in a shiny package. With the low sale price that Merlin offered, I decided to upgrade from my Sidi Genius 5 that I have been riding for well over ten years (different pairs, obviously). The fit and finish is top-notch. In back-to-back rides, the 6.6 carbon sole is definitely stiffer than on the Genius 5, power transfer seems stronger, yet there is still a bit of flex up in the toe box to keep my feet from falling asleep. The adjustable heel cup feature offers a tiny bit of adjustability for the shoe's grip around your ankle - but from maximum setting to minimum, it is a barely notable difference in width. The gloss patent leather finish definitely has some flash factor. However, I have to say that looking down at them while riding is a pleasant view and after 40 years of black cycling shoes, I got used to the color almost instantly. I just hope that I'm as fast as my shoes say I am!
These SiDi shoes are incredible. They're lightweight in incredibly stiff. The size guide provided by Merlin was perfect. I hope I can keep these babies clean until race season!
I have ridden Sidi shoes in the past and have been pleased but these exceed anything I have previously experienced. The shoes are stiff, well-ventilated, and incredibly adjustable. The details of the shoes are what sets them apart. The shoes do run a bit narrow so a wide for may have accommodation issues. Aside from that, a great show at a great price.
Super light and fit well. They're maybe a bit too shiny for my taste, but for me, that's not too big of a deal.
When I ordered this shoe, I knew exactly what I was getting, I have the same thing but 3years older. I really like the heel retention because I have a narrow achilles heel. The price was fantastic and the delivery was even better, less than 1 week to the US! I have waited longer for some deliveries from the west coast in the USA!
Very good looking shoes, excellent craftsmanship, feels great when first put on, and carries me through comfortably for long ride.